Our Upgrading; From 3D To 4D And 5D

January 2022 is an ideal time for a deep revision and a thorough reset of our fundamental values, concepts, and mental attitudes. Of everything, we used to rely on when making decisions about our long-term goals and personal life.

This will be actively backed by the retrograde energies of two planets at once – Venus and Mercury. They will move backward against the harsh background of the acute conflict between Saturn and Uranus, prompting us to reform our usual life principles most radically.

Aggravating Struggle Of The Old And New Order

Throughout January, the struggle of the energies of the two antagonistic planets Saturn and Uranus (see – The Leap, DNI, December 31, 2021) will continue, the exact aspect of which was formed on December 24, 2021.

In 2022, the struggle between the old and the new world order, the familiar and established way of life with the new challenges will become even more severe. In January, it will enter the next acute phase.

It will be strengthened by an important astrological event which will charge the events with a crisis explosive energy, pushing for radical transformations in the coming year.

It’s about Lunar Nodes that determine evolutionary trends for 1.5 years ahead.

On January 18, 2022, they will change signs and switch to the new zodiac axis Taurus-Scorpio.

At the same time, the Northern Lunar Node that sets the society development vector will move into Taurus and will enter a single energy space with the innovator, zeroing, and revolutionary Uranus.

The energies of this planet force us to rapidly dismantle the ossified system and boldly introduce free, progressive creative ideas, concepts, and principles into our lives, relationships and activities.

It will provoke a sharp, unexpected turn in the already formed plots, where we will radically change the established habits. Aggravate conflicts of freedom and control. Create crises in the financial system (the realm of Taurus) and security (the sphere of Scorpio).

Crisis Of Sustainability

The Nodes’ transition to the new zodiac axis coincides with the important Full Moon on January 17 on the Cancer-Capricorn axis (the Sun connects with Pluto on January 16 at 14:51 UTC at 27 degrees Capricorn).

January 10-22, due to the impact of this super hard Full Moon, will be one of the most stressful periods of the month. It will manifest itself in sharp conflicts on the world stage, in public life, and in the corporate environment, where the struggle for business spheres and finances will escalate.

At our level, the energies of the crisis will test us for strength, stability, professionalism, ability to cope with challenges and difficulties, adapt to changing circumstances.

The Full Moon days will lay open all the shortcomings of our life. If its balance is poorly built, then serious problems and conflicts are possible. Either we will receive blows of fate because of our lack of discipline and irresponsibility, or caused by our excessive desire to control everything and subordinate everyone to our rules.

Problems can be in the professional sphere, or family life, or ignite a crisis both here and there.

At the Full Moon, a new annual Sun-Pluto cycle begins. It means that a program for our further transformation is being laid.

We must learn to build the right life balance and make a qualitative leap to a new level of our development.

Otherwise, we will get a new round of tough conflicts with other people and the world around us.

Transforming Foundations

There will be no obvious and easy way out of the new crisis in which we may find ourselves in January. An insufficiently clear picture of what is happening will prevent us from making the right decisions and acting confidently.

The true meaning will be hidden by deception or self-deception, and will not be revealed until March 2022. Or events will “hang” without development, forcing us to painfully search for the right solution.

The uncertainty will be amplified by the energies of several stelliums at once.

FIRSTLY, the retrograde of Venus, which began on December 19, 2021, continues until January 29, 2022. Because of this, our usual guidelines and relationships will stop working.

The vibrations of retro Venus will shake up our value system, pushing us to new goals in professional activity and personal development for the next 1.5 years.

The most difficult period is the conjunction of Venus and the Sun (until January 14), when we will have to think especially deeply about what is important and valuable for us, comparing it with what we possess.

This is the time of the “burnt” Venus when old values will “burn down”, and new ones will be born and determine our guidelines for 1.5 years ahead.

SECONDLY, the energies of retrograde Mercury are superimposed on the retrograde of Venus. On January 14, it will turn back at 11 degrees Aquarius and will move backward until February 4 to 25 degrees Capricorn.

This means that along with the values of Venus that have become irrelevant, our habitual interaction with other people and the world will also stop working.

The simultaneous retrograde of Venus and Mercury from January 14 to January 29 will put us in front of the need not only to deeply transform our priorities and habitual actions but also to radically change the latter.

The turning point of Mercury’s retrograde will be its lower connection with the Sun on January 23 (the time of influence on January 19-29), which will occur on Pluto (the connection of Mercury and Pluto – January 29). Their energy will ultimately expose all the flaws of our mentality and behavior.

Non-viable programs that interfere with the implementation of plans should be completed (voluntarily or forcibly), and potentially successful ones should be rebooted and transferred to a new quality.

Mercury connects two signs with its loop – Capricorn and Aquarius. It is in Aquarius that a new 3-month cycle of Mercury and the Sun will begin which determines our interaction with the outside world. To do this, we will have to abandon the conservative approaches dictated by Capricorn and replace them with an airy and mobile Aquarius attitude.

Its principles are based on freedom, progress, experiments, the search for new opportunities, creative realization, equality in relationships, working in a team of like-minded people. They will determine our actions in the next 3 months.

THIRDLY, in the first half of January, Mars forms a tense quadrature with the great hoaxer Neptune (the exact aspect of January 11, the time of influence until January 18).

The complex and contradictory effects of this stellium’s energies against the background of retrograde Venus and Mercury can greatly complicate the right choice of goals, interfere in constructive, purposeful actions, and hinder the desired result.

Due to the general chaotic vibrations of these planets, the uncertainty and fuzziness of prospects they increase, we can experience the lack of strength, bouts of laziness, depression.

On such days it is easy to make mistakes, to be deceived, to go in the wrong direction, to make a bad decision, to become a victim of fraudsters and unfavorable circumstances.

The less inspiration, creativity, and Spirituality are in our life, the more likely the negative impact of the energies of this stellium will be on us.

On the other hand, the complex vibes mix of these planets encourages creative and spiritual people to explore the karmic causes of their fate more deeply, to search for a new meaning of life, to thoroughly revise ideas, to finish inspiring projects, to direct energy to creative and spiritual searches.

Moreover, the quadrature of Mars and Neptune will be opened by a harmonious sextile with the Sun (the exact aspect – on January 11). It will help us see the light at the end of the tunnel or follow the guiding star of our dreams, ideas, creative concepts.

This is the final quadrature of Mars and Neptune in their 2-year cycle. It will bring results to those inspiring creative goals that were initiated two years ago at the conjunction of the planets during the Lunar Eclipse on June 5, 2020. Or it will end the complex conflicts and internal contradictions that arose at that time.

Until the next conjunction of Mars and Neptune in May 2022, we will finish what we started two years ago: either bring our creative ideas and projects to mind or solve negative situations.

FOURTH, at the end of January-beginning of February, a new annual Sun-Saturn cycle will begin to form.

It will determine our most complex and responsible strategic goals and objectives of the year.

The exact connection of the planets will take place on February 4 (the impact period is January 31 – February 9).

But before it happens, the Sun forms a very tense quadrature with the revolutionary Uranus (the exact aspect is on January 30, the time of influence is January 25-February 5).

Thus, before starting a new annual cycle of solving the most important tasks, we have to finally get rid of the ballast of habits and models that prevent us from moving on.

The aspect will take shape during the conjunction of Mercury with Pluto (January 29) and the reversal of Venus into direct motion (January 29). Their energies can provoke another round of events aggravation, sharp breaks in relations, termination of contracts, another crisis, and chaos.

The combination of these vibrations significantly increases the accident rate, conflict, and crime. Our main task during this period is to get rid of all things that are not viable. Anything that is no longer relevant should be decisively discarded, and everything that has the potential for growth and development should be transferred to a new quality.

Difficulties And Limitations

Throughout January, the above factors can slow down business and financial deals, as well as important relationships with other people. Meetings and dates can be canceled or postponed. Transactions – be postponed or disrupted. Promising contracts could be torn up, and unstable ones rigidly and dramatically terminated due to jealousy and infidelity, claims or aggressiveness of partners.

Due to the extremely intense planets’ energies replacing each other, one difficult situation may superimpose on another, and this string of problems will not end but worsen incrementally.

Therefore, in January, it’s better not to plan important acquaintances, meetings, negotiations, transactions, signing documents, moving to a new job, taking office.

All of the above will have a complex scenario, require constant reworking and revision of the original agreements, or will end before it has begun.

Negative events in January may also occur due to prolonged depreciation of ourselves and blocked and unfulfilled goals and desires.

Conflicts, criminal histories, and violence, accidents, and equipment breakdowns will signal our dead-end, outdated mental attitudes and behavioral patterns that require urgent and thorough change.

In any case, the events of January will bring us a very important experience that changes our habitual behavior and value system.

Opportunities And Prospects

To finish this month constructively and without losses, we should not rush things and set goals where we need to quickly achieve results.

It’s wiser to focus on changes and refinement of existing cases, projects, and relationships. Be ready to adapt to constantly changing conditions and circumstances.

It is also important to constantly check with your inner compass, asking yourself the questions”, “do I indeed want to do what I do”,” “does my life (my work, my relationships) comply with my value criteria and meanings” and “how do I change what I am not satisfied with”.

The harmonious aspects of January will help us if we do not hide our heads in the sand from problems but actively engage in clearing and restarting our lives.

Until January 16, thanks to the conjunction of Venus and the Sun, which forms a harmonious sextile to Neptune (the next exact aspect is on January 11) we could see new opportunities to break the deadlock. Especially if we continue STRICTLY PERSONAL Spiritual practices, meditations and activate our creative potential.

It’s important at this time to make an informed choice, tune in for the long term, take personal responsibility for the relationship, and interact more deeply with partners.

On January 21-25, after the transition of the Sun to Aquarius (January 21) and its connection with Mercury, which forms an air trigon to the Moon in Libra, we will feel great lightness, contact, mobility, despite the general tension of events.

This is a great time to interact with trusted partners in joint projects.

We can return to long-planned tasks, training, review previous plans and agreements to make constructive changes.

On January 24 – 27, the Moon forms a harmonious trigon with Jupiter and Neptune.

Their combined energies will help us find the right solutions in difficult situations if we are focused on distant horizons, are open to new opportunities, optimistic about the future, treat everything philosophically and perceive everything that is happening as a valuable experience.

Against this harmonious background, Mars will turn into a resolute Capricorn (January 25), helping us to act consciously and constructively, rationally plan our activity. The more we are disciplined and consistent, responsible and punctual, the higher our performance will be.

Mars will stay in Capricorn until March 6 and will spend most of this time in conjunction with Venus (the exact aspects on February 16 and March 6), forming a new two-year cycle of implementation of our plans. Let’s wish ourselves a productive reboot and upgrading!

**By Lev