The Greatest Life-Enhancing Energy

In our traditional human consciousness, we know the words of unconditional love, but we do not know what it feels like or actually is, because it is beyond the conception of our ego. It is a state of consciousness that is the greatest life-enhancing energetic expression possible. It includes the consciousness of every being in all dimensions. It is the energy that we constantly receive in the flow of conscious life force within universal consciousness. By being in alignment with unconditional love, we become aware of our own awareness and the awareness of others, all the way down to sub-atomic waves/particles and out to the universes. It is all enveloped within One consciousness, which we naturally can participate in. We are of the Consciousness of the Creator of all.

Our bodies are manifestations of our consciousness. To the extent that we have ailments, we have aligned our vibrations with beliefs and personal drama that create anomalies in the flow of life force through our innate consciousness, resulting in life-diminishing developments. Our deepest beliefs and fears have stayed with us through many lifetimes and can be recognized and resolved in this one.

By imagining and feeling, as much as possible, that we are living in a high-vibration life-style of great joy and freedom, we can open ourselves to great improvements in our lives. According to quantum physicists, our entire experience as humans is created, dissolved and recreated trillions of times every second. Because we constantly create the quality of our experiences by our state of consciousness, we can change everything in our experience by intentionally changing our conscious awareness.

Our thoughts are not our own. They are the electromagnetic wave patterns that we recognize in the quantum field of all possible waves and patterns of waves. The patterns that we recognize with our mind and focus upon are our thoughts. We have absolute freedom to think and feel however we choose. In terms of our state of consciousness, it is the polarity and vibratory frequency of the thoughts and feelings that we choose to focus upon that are constantly created in our experiences. We can momentarily create and change the polarity and vibratory level of our awareness. This creates alignment with compatible scenarios for us to experience.

When we have no personal interests or attachments, we can become aware of our eternal presence of awareness. Then we can realize that we have lived as humans in a compartment that is closed-off in our consciousness. Everything that happens in this compartment is designed to distract us from Self-Realization. It is all beginning to fade away, as more of us realize our situation and begin to focus on a higher dimension of energetic vibrations and experiences. We can begin to enter the conscious awareness of the Creator.

**By Kenneth Schmitt