The Collective with Archangel Michael: What Are Light Bringers To Do Now?

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this connection with you today.

Today our writer asks a question of Archangel Michael, who is amongst us here in the Collective:

COR: Greetings, Lord Michael!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Greetings, dear one! How may we be of assistance?

COR: From what I understand, you are on the ground now, working in the physical, along with your Legions of Light, and with those of the Ashtar Command who are Earth-based.


COR: My question is, What is the best thing for Light Bringers to do at this time, as we see plans coming forward now to erode what few freedoms are left to humanity? State and federal governments are pushing the Jab agenda no end. In New York, they don’t want to allow children into public spaces without proof of their having gotten the Jab. There are presences in New York state government also trying to pass state legislation that includes denial of medical care to anyone who refuses to take the injections. This is purely to increase tolerance for lack of freedoms and medical tyranny in a few states here and there—in the name of safety and security—with the longer term plan of rolling out those restrictions and demands in all 50 states, and across the world. In Austria, plans are to require all persons to take the Jab, or face fines or imprisonment, with Germany not far behind. Australia and Canada also taking extreme measures. Meanwhile, people are still becoming ill, whether they’ve gotten the Jab or not, so their rationale is wearing thin. If you were a human on the Earth right now, and seeing these measures happening, what would your response be?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: For one, be aware that you are viewing your position as being one of response, and in some ways, reaction.

We would get the upper hand in this situation very quickly, friends! You are not here purely to respond or to take your cues from an expansive power structure that has claimed influence and control on the planet for so long, that your brain’s neural pathways are set to bow to their determinations and preferences.

What of your own determinations and preferences?

What of the influence of your Light, and the Light of millions of empowered souls on the planet at this time?

And the new brain and new physical construct that humanity is now experiencing!

Set your own program in place, based on higher Love, and your increasing command of energetic co-Creation. Create it as something that bypasses their outmoded methods easily. This is not resistance. It is a higher creation than that.

COR: And so, how on Earth would we do that? Literally—how do you do that while on the Earth, right now?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You begin deciding what kind of Earth life you would most celebrate for yourself. Then extend the invitation to all around you, and all of humanity by extension, to do the same for themselves.

And most assuredly, you are choosing a form of living in which all persons are valued.

All have a voice, and honor their own path, and that of all others.

Now, you will be wondering, must I honor the path our former controllers, whose agendas, as irrelevant as they are now, and whose levers of control and influence, as insipid and ineffective as they are, nevertheless represent on ongoing insult to humanity?

COR: Excellent question!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And we would say, Yes. But not to the point where you feel they decide for you how you will feel about life, how you will respond to these threats of a loss of freedom and choice. Or how you view your own co-Creative power, which is getting stronger by the minute. Why is it, do you suppose, that they are working so hard to pass these measures so quickly, and in so many places around the world? They know their day is done! They have called out to other presences in the Universe to build them up against the continuing building of human soul expression and Ascension, yet this is in vain. All of you connect increasingly now with your soul’s Light, and the higher Light and transformative energies of the Great Central Sun. As they say, there is no stopping you now. Though yes, they feel they must try.

COR: I feel like asking, How close is this going to get, this race? Will it feel like we’re not going to make it some days, those of us wanting to protect ourselves from the nanoparticles and the other adverse effects of the Jab? And the dark agenda overall.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It may feel that way at times. Yet our point is, is that your starting place? Watching the “news” and taking in the propaganda? Believing the emotional effects of the lower energetic transmissions as if they were “gospel truth”? Is that how you start your day, or your energetic signature?

COR: Hopefully, no!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No indeed. You know better than that, all of you.

COR: So we build a sort of mental/emotional and energetic fort around ourselves with positive thought and expectation? With chanting mantras and meditating, and spending time in Nature? And then we greet all this from the co-Creational stance of, “I do not allow this. I AM resonating with the New Earth frequencies, and we are collectively co-Creating human sovereignty on this planet, for all time.”

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: All right. This a beautiful and high intention.

Yet we would change the “I do not allow” to “Humankind now creates our own higher forms of reality.” As you say, “I AM,” say, “Therefore, I AM and WE ARE resonating with only those frequencies of the New Earth,” and so on.

COR: So that we’re not speaking in resistance, or feeling to be in resistance to what is happening.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: There will be some who create resistance to what is happening, and that is their role and their path at present.

Yet we encourage the majority to create from the positive space of holding clear the vision and the inner feeling—the inner reality—of that which they desire Earth life itself to mirror from them.

So in other words, you have for millennia mirrored the energies of that which was injected into you energetically and mentally by the old power structure—actually, a disempower structure, both for themselves and for humanity.

COR: Yes. We sort of printed out into 3D life whatever they typed into our hard drive, you might say.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: And so now—all has shifted.

If you will grasp that you create your own life and own experience—if even only a relatively small percentage of you hold that energy within you—you will bring your planet with you on that journey.

COR: That sounds like a miracle!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: It will feel to be one, in some ways. Yet it is as natural as the leaf sprouting from the tree branch in spring.

This is how your Universe functions, and we heartily encourage all to realize the choices you have by grasping that particular creational law of this Universe.

Why would you ignore such, dear ones?

Why would you give up your chance to create something so beautiful, so empowering, so freeing and celebrational, that you will hardly recognize that world, once you have created it?

COR: Yet I feel like it could take a long time!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: No. It need not. Indeed, it cannot.

COR: Because we don’t have much time?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: You don’t need time! So release all stress that you are fighting the clock’s hands. That too is an illusion.

All time is an illusion. Come out of that now.

The more powerfully you feel your magnetism to that freedom which you so much desire, the more time is immaterial.

Why? Because you are already there, dear ones.

As you grasp your power, you are already there.

COR: A slight side question—what do we do with the suffering martyr paradigm that so many are falling into mentally, due to that pattern having been established in past lives?


Write out whatever you believe or intuitively know happened to you and others in those lives.

Get it out of your system. Then smile at it.

Say, “Thank you” to yourself and others for that experience, which showed you yet another streak of color in the tapestry.

Yet that dark thread is not more important than other, Light experiences.

It need not prevail now, in any way that is determinative in your current life.

COR: Thank you, Archangel! Your words have inspired and assist us, lord! We are full of thanks and great appreciation.

I know you are on the ground, working constantly to assist us.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: With so many millions of others, they could not ever fully be named.

Yet you know their presence; you feel their support. And so—be of good cheer, fellow Light warriors! All is well, and shall be most well.

You know this, having heard it so often—

You are never alone.

COR: Namaste, Lord!

We will see you on the bridge of the New Jerusalem!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Indeed you shall! [Bows deeply] Namaste, friends!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


6 Replies to “The Collective with Archangel Michael: What Are Light Bringers To Do Now?”

  1. human a.i. is evil dracos

    Adding to channel message,I would say……keep truth telling,join or start mutualaid groups,donate $,time,materials to animal shelters or rehabs or to food banks and libraries.Watch out for the vulnerable and neighbors.Be a Beacon of light love calm to the stressed humans.Pray and acknowledge all protections,insights,blessings.Remember your happiest memories and hold them,live that happiness.Sing,laugh,play with pets.Pray for confused oppressed humans to be shown the path.Get extra sleep and heal.solfeggio frequency music 528 is helpful as is Binaural sounds.Breathwork via yoga is helpful.Zero point observer mode is helpful if you tend to be reactionary.Grow flowers indoors.Purifying rituals

  2. Harriet

    Mogex, I’m glad you think you are God, because you are in a sense. All your atoms in your body came from the stars, all the stars and all the universe was created by God Creator, all came from his being, and we have Creator in us in every atom. Yes, we are one of the many aspects of God.

    Eventually we will all meld together and become a Creator in our own right. That’s why we are here at Earth School. We have to learn everything in our thousands of lives on Earth by creating problems and solving them, inventing things, learning to get along, and ascending to a better humanity.

    Our souls decided our paths for every lifetime for our learning. Our souls decided our challenges and successes. Every life is different, most of them are difficult. Our mistakes were made with our Soul’s guidance and encouragement so we can learn from them. Life is difficult at Earth School on purpose, as decided by our souls for every reason, all for lessons to be experienced, learned from and solved for each lifetime. Earth is set up so we will make mistakes. It’s like we are being set up to fail in so many ways, in my unkind way of wording it. None of this is humanity’s fault. None of us are guilty. None of this is your fault, or mine, or anyone else’s. This was all set up by our souls for our learning.

    So stop feeling guilty. Stop crying. Forgive yourself and all others too. Every mistake you made was supposed to happen ! But don’t play the victim role either. When we ascend to the next frequency and become more angel-like, we will be so glad our lives were tough and unbearable, because we learned from all of our mistakes, because our destiny is to go to the stars and help all the planets in the universe with their problems. At the same time we will learn everything we can about our universe and all the universes and some day we will be a Creator.

    It is said we will be rewarded many many times over for our agony living on Earth, and for achieving Ascension while incarnated, which has never been done before in this universe or any other universe, ever.

    Make all your decisions with love for yourself and through your heart.

    1. human a.i. is evil dracos

      Every mistake is Not planned.Freewill or RA, or L/L can clarify.General comments are correct.Grow your patience,love,faith,discernment,gratitude.Tim White video illustrates humanity at it’s best.Suzanne Geisemann videos with Sanaya are illuminating.ascensionglossary.o ascension-research.o Kim goguen

  3. Douglas A James

    Truth must be told to all now.. we can’t ascend if we dont have enough to trigger wave.. so the pt.of all this is to awaken because many don’t want to it appears… EBS now

  4. Mogex

    I am the Messiah, I am the Creator, I am Mother/Father God. This house in which I reside is slowly killing me. Endless verbal abuse from parents. For what I have done I cannot stop crying. I am trying to get out.