Transforming Our Limitations

We are fractals of the limitless Creator Consciousness, and we are also personal holograms, in the sense that each of our atoms and subatomic particles contains our entire body in its design and in its mass, on a fractalized scale. We are also fractals and holograms of the entire cosmos, as is each of our atoms and sub-atomic particles. All energetic patterns in the quantum field are fractals and holograms that we can observe and make manifest by our recognition.

We are Beings of light. Each cell of our body constantly emits photons. These are conscious beings of light. Their presence is only pure electromagnetic waves that are self-luminous. Each photon is a hologram and a luminous fractal of our entire being. In our essence, we are luminous beings.

In order to be able to have an authentic human experience, we have limited ourselves to a realm of low-vibration, negatively-polarized energy. All of our empirical, human experience is enclosed within the range of frequencies of conscious life on this planet. This is a small, limited, mostly negative, fear-based resonant energy. There is much more that we are capable of experiencing. To find out what that is, we can intentionally change our polarity to positive, with positive, high-vibration thoughts and feelings. This expands our awareness into a higher, more refined range of experiences.

As we mostly focus upon the kinds of experiences that we love and welcome into our lives, they become real for us. It works the same way in the opposite direction. What energy patterns we focus upon is our constant free-will choice. We have allowed our choices to be limited, but there’s no cosmic requirement to continue to do so. We can orient ourselves to living with life-enhancing thoughts and feelings for ourselves and all conscious beings (which is everyone and everything). The essence of everything, from the most minute, to the exponentially greatest, is a conscious being. All conscious beings constantly receive the light of the Creator and emit photons. We regulate this flow with our thoughts and emotions. The more life-enhancing light we can open ourselves to receive, the greater our luminous radiance flowing into our lives’ expressions.

We can become brighter, the more we align with our natural energetics. This is the pattern of life that is the essence of our Being and is constantly flowing to us as our conscious stream of life. We direct this stream of light with our focused awareness. Opening our awareness is an intentional act that can transform our traditional, limiting beliefs. We can realize intuitively how we can consciously extend our awareness beyond our physical world, just as we do in our dreams.

If we choose to be aware of the high-quality energy that we naturally can hold in our essence in every moment, we can intentionally transform ourselves by becoming transparent mentally and emotionally, knowing intuitively how to master every circumstance in life-enhancing ways.

**By Kenneth Schmitt