Yeshua: Speaking Truth

As we sat on the porch, a beautiful rainbow appeared to circle the sun. It seemed like a miracle and a blessing to receive this message at the same time.

Message from Yeshua

It is a pleasure to sit with you on the front porch with the sun in our faces. And yes, I can feel the warmth and the light of the great orb. Even though I do not have a physical form, I do feel the sensation that humans do when it comes to enjoying the simple pleasure of relaxing in the sun, whether on the beach, in the mountains, or anywhere the light shines out bringing its energizing vibrations for healing and health.

You, my friend, and others who find it hard to sit and do nothing at this time of year can be envied by those in the colder regions. Of course they are enjoying the snow and skiing.

Today’s message is one of finding gratitude in whatever it is you are doing – working at home, on the job, playing at home or at the park with the children, creating a beautiful project, or learning something new. It all adds up to being in the presence of yourself and your talents.

Speaking your truth to your friends, family, and strangers can bring great joy into your life, whether they believe your truth or not. It is their choice. But remember, my friend, it is your choice to find your truth and to share it whenever you can. Whoever hears may not be accepting but they have heard you and someday may remember your words at a time when your truth rings true to them.

We never know when our words may be what saves one person from a devastating event or a life changing move. Truth carries light. Whenever you speak your truth your words touch those who seek the light. Not only do the ears hear, but the light falls on the skin and is absorbed by the essence of the being. Truth lies in the beauty of your creations, love of your heart, and the light of your being.

May you be blessed this day with a beautiful rainbow sun, a grateful heart and a loving God to guide your light.

**Channel: Jeri Castronova