Drastic Changes

We are the midst of drastic changes, within and without, as we leave the Old Earth and old embodiment. This means that all the old stuff within ourselves and the world, we never dealt with will come up to be worked through and released as well as all we are still attached to.

The physical body too is transforming into the new lightbofy, amplified by the immensely powerful light pouring in from the 7th Central Sun and thus physical miladies will surface, so that the underlying emotional charges and patternings of pain and suffering can be released, especially as our DNA and cellular structures have been replaced, and our pineal and pitiutary glands are activated to the highest, with the thymus gland, the heart center.

Instead of resisting change and all which is being churned up, within and without, go deeply into your own soul, and ask yourself:

“How is this serving me?”

“How is this awakening me in the highest levels?”

‘What am I still clinging onto, and what or whom am I still attached to in the old world,?”

“Where have I not forgiven?”

“Where am I still judging and in duality?”

The deeper we go, the more we release, the freer we become and lighter, Brighter illumined within.
We are filled with Love.

We are in harmony and unity within.

Peace reigns within.

There is nothing to fear – Only a totally new life to live As One within and without.

The New Earth rises within you.

Your own heart and soul so that you can live in your new Lightbody as a master on her and cocreate the New Golden Age with love.

**By Judith Kusel


6 Replies to “Drastic Changes”

  1. Diamond Black

    mmm hmmm but ya know, the vaccine madness is still alive and enforced by tyranny that STILL rules over humanity, so where is the help? We have been abandoned in Hel, the help P’d off.
    Doesn’t matter about the SCOTUS ruling of the vaccine being unconstitutional – all the corporations are enforcing it.
    So who is going to deal with the Mega Trillion corporation entitiy ? Pleb humans are hostage to it.

    1. Jacques Vincent

      He , diamond why to be so negative … Everything is going find and in the end
      we will all be OK for those who think positive…

    2. flazak

      Omicron is killing Covid, the whole thing has gone to bits. The new fear thing is war rumours. You can only do your bit, concentrate on yourself and your close friends/family, try not to carry the worries of a city or nation on your shoulders because you’ll get bogged down fast. Many millions or even billions doing this simple thing will be of huge assistance to those able to speak for the people in the various forums and institutions of the world. It’s not you vs the evil corporations, there are many millions with you. Have faith 🙂

  2. Lori Jo

    I always read my Era of Light articles first thing in the morning. This was the first one I read today. I am a very vivid dreamer. Sometimes I wake up exhausted from a very active dream. Last night I dreamt I was back in college. I had just graduated and move out day was tomorrow. I amd my 2 roommates had not even begun to pack up our 4 years of accumulated “stuff” and I was freaking out because we had so much to do in so little time. I started by getting a large trash bag and filling it with stuff I no longer needed or wanted. I filled that bag within minutes! I grabbed another trash bag and filled that right away, too. There was very little I wanted or needed to take with me! I began to laugh and it became like a game to my roommates and I. Why had we held on to all this stuff we never needed and didn’t need to keep?? I woke up before I could get to the “end” of my dream. But after reading this article first thing this morning, it was clear what my dream meant….it was clear that I needed to stop clinging to those things, people, places, situations that I no longer needed in this new world.