The Council of Light: Honour It Forward

Beautiful One,

It is with honour that we connect with you now in these times of radical change on Mother Earth. For those who have chosen the way of the light, the way of the sovereign, the way of the Masters, inspired by love, this journey will be miraculous. Those miracles will come in a myriad of small and significant ways, for it is true that there is no measure of miracles. It is important to align with the expectation of miracles, for they are arising from the dust of transformation. It has been a constant process of releasing the old imprisoning energies from a place of deep trust that the new, indeed will arise. And this is beginning to show now; it is just that you are a little weather worn to see it! But trust that as the dust settles and the new sun rises, that you will see – one by one – the profound changes that have taken place. There is no turning back. The awakening continues at levels unique and equal to each soul experiencing it. So, patience, non-judgement and love are all aspects of the living compassion required from you now. Nothing less is accepted in the New Earth. Do not pass go without it.

Many around you will be spinning at the rate they have accomplished until this time. Some will spin up and some will spin out and some will spin down. Yours is not to judge, but to hold compassion for you have been there. They are you. So, loving this spinning out every which way version of yourself to receive what you needed at that time: unconditional love, grace, kindness, reassurance, gentle healing, etc. You have come first in order to assist the others across the bridge to knowing and love. You are the living Master of Compassion that others were for you, either in body or out. There is a great graduation taking place, so as you honour those before you, you learned to honour yourself, and now you assist those around you with the same honouring. Honour it forward, you could say. And so you have graduated too…to be the Earth Angel, the Living Master, the Wise One, the Magician, the Alchemist, the Healer, the Wayshower, the Witch, the Shaman, the Mystic who creates magic in the world and is there to help, to heal, to teach, to create and to inspire others to do the same. It is time. The impediments continue to be removed from your freedom of expression…you will only become more and more free in the time to come. So, begin now. Live free.

Whatever it is that your heart desires, seek. Allow it to expand beyond boundaries. Let your mind follow. Unconditional love has no restriction and it is time to explore this truth. The greatest miracle of all will be the experiencing of all that has been kept from you by deliberate imprisonment, but there is nothing more imprisoning than the bird that cannot fly even when the cage has been opened. Fly and inspire others to fly. It is time!

We are always here to inspire you to be more than you know. With abiding love, we are,

The Council of Light Within.

**Channel: Rebecca Couch


9 Replies to “The Council of Light: Honour It Forward”

  1. KhadaffiDuck

    I will recognize that things are good when no life on Earth eats any other life on Earth, including plants. The transformation needed is so fundamental that the laws of nature need completely torn down. Life feeding on life is one of the fundamental injustices of this world that seeds many other sufferings.

    1. flazak

      What about fruit though. That is grown to be eaten. The plant or tree wants you to eat its fruit.

  2. Lara

    What about those of us who have literally lost everything during this BS time, and are now down to our last dime? You say “Live free” ~ but what about us? How — if you don’t know how much longer you can hang on?

    I used to work as a ballet dancer; later, a wellness journalist. That’s all gone. The only publications left in this country (South Africa) are NWO mouthpieces. Not willing to sell my soul — rejected and abandoned by my entire “family” because I stood up for what I believe in with my whole heart. Lost my health, due to all the stress. Don’t know where the next meal will be coming from. Don’t know how to get up anymore.

    Worked hard all my life — all gone. And for what? Promises of 5D miracles. Don’t think I will live long enough to see those. So many broken-hearted people in this country. I’m only one fo them. And for what.

    1. Daedalus

      Fully understand you, Lara. And its absolutely counter productive if we observe what these sources continue to do – more hopium influences the people, and while we cannot say the outer sources are a complete influence, its still an influence.

      Then it always comes “tommorow”, “soon” and even fixed dates many have seen, that have passed and nothing occured, and many even forgot they have been deceived.

      Yes, I fully realize the old systems are coming to an end, mainly because of their unsustainability and this is not preventable or unavoidable. But hopium peddlers have disheartened many many people.

      I have a feeling like “higher forces” simply do not comprehend how it is to live here on surface of Earth. Were pushed on daily basis and manipulated monetarily. Were given ultimatums and our dreams have been crushed repeatedly.

      Is it hard to understand to any “higher force” that monetary manipulation and misery systems are the main control pillar ? Whats there to do then ? Postphone the transitional systems more ? Postphone the disclosure ? Or maybe … just maybe finally bring the system to its final point – because it doesnt serve any benefits to any benevolent being anymore, it serves only parasites and leeches now. The shock of such rapid transition is less painful than prolonged agony now for many …

      I want you all the best, Lara, to you and similar kindhearted souls – do not give up from yourself … what pushed me personally forward was mainly curiosity and knowing these old systems cannot hold for much longer (as shown with recent global supply, for example).

    2. flazak

      That situation sucks, I am sorry to hear that. I by comparison feel very lucky. I have no suggestions etc. I just hope that tomorrow an opportunity will arise for you that begins to address or solve your problems.

    3. Gala

      Very dear Lara. Your pain is palpable but does not tesonate with what you say are your beliefs and free choices. If you truly know that the dark agenda is a hypnotic spell and hence false, and you really get it at the soul level you will also realize this lineartime agenda is only one aspect of the Great Transformation that will restore the interrupted Divine Plan on earth. This grearer knowledge is part of our inner understanding as we choose to rise above the Dark Narrative under which you are suffering. Please find a helping hand to see you through these last phases. Ask your Higher Self for protection and support. I will hold you in the Light.

    4. John Sutter

      God Lara, I wish you could get out of that country. Even this shit hole the USA would be better, at least we have a highly armed and trained population of men.

      I woke to a woman who purports to be a “psychic” last October. In reality I think she is possessed, but that is neither here nor there, but one thing she said made sense: that this 5D is new age hogwash. It’s a panacea, a false hope always almost here.

      One thing I’m sure of: the SHTF this year here in this open air shopping mall.

      I’m sorry for your troubles. Can you fly to America?

      1. Lara

        Thank you so much ~ Daedalus, flazak, Gala, John ~ for your kind words of encouragement. It helps to be heard and understood; it means a lot.

        Daedalus, I think the problem with the “hopium” is that the hope has been presented as someone from the outside coming to “fix” all of this on our behalf…friendly aliens swooping down, etc. Not saying that could never happen, but what would humanity learn? As they say, WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

        Seems more likely to me that this time now has to play itself out exactly the way it is doing currently, hard though that is for many of us. The masses need to see for themselves; we need to learn to cooperate in building a better world from the ashes….

        I agree with Gala about there being a Divine Plan ~ that’s what’s keeping me going. Many ancient cultures spoke of a coming purification, an unveiling, before the dawning of a new golden age. I think that is what we are living through now. I’ve always been good on “love” and “hope”…but faith? Not so much. That lesson is coming up for me now.

        John: The idea of “5D” has always been difficult for me, the concept of a mass ascension to “somewhere better”, facilitated by Pleiadeans and the like. I see it more as the dawning of a New Earth out of the ashes of the old… As each individual awakens to true kindness/spiritual love/Christ consciousness, we bring “Heaven” down to “Earth”, together…. Gregg Braden once wrote that we only need the square root of 1% to reach critical mass for the awakening of mankind (can’t remember the quantum study/experiment he was referencing). Therein lies my hope.

        Ha! Wish I could fly to America, friend. But they won’t let me in ~ seeing as I’m a member of the great unvaxxed, White, and wouldn’t be crossing your southern border illegally….

        Thank you again, friends. You’ve helped me to keep fighting another day. Onwards and godspeed.

    5. Gabriel Garcia

      Olá, sou médico e trabalho com medicina vibracional e fui atraído a Você. Experimente floral de bach: rescue remedy + agrimony + aspen – 2 frascos pequenos a 20%. Tomar 5 gotas 4 vezes ao dia. Experimente por um mês.