Council of Overseers: Ascension Transition Through Harmony

We are with you to help all of you that have entered a challenging aspect of your own ASCENSION process. Harmony has always been the way through the heart. AS THIS is the uniting force within, with the eternal. We live throughout the eternal. No birth, no death. Only now. We are The Divine Council of Overseers, we are present with Sanut Kumara and The Queen of Light.

HARMONY is a vibration. Not many understand harmony what harmony is.

The state of perfect harmony is unison within, with the above, eternal self (that which you are attempting to unify with) and experienced only through the vibration of your heart being fully activated and the YOU that you know yourself to BE ~ functioning through it.

This is the only way to live moment to moment. The only way through ASCENSION. We say through as it is something you will go through. It doesn’t happen to you it GOES THROUGH YOU.

Your response reaction (frequency) to the going through it, is what takes you through it or not.

Disharmony within or lack of harmony (lack of agreement within) will tell you what harmony isn’t. When the emotional body, physical body, mental body and spiritual body are not in agreement; not in perfect unison, we have disharmony. Negative thoughts, negative emotions, OPPOSING unison, is what disharmony is that we are activating you through now. A deeper letting go now is present now for you.

Fears are the main DISRUPTOR held as energetic memories; fight or flight reactions within the subconscious mind, that act as blocks. These may be perceived as conditioning factors. Yet, energetic memories and fears, carry over lifetime to lifetime till they are resolved within, THROUGH THE HEART. SO THAT perfect harmony may take place within. As you complete your EARTH Experience and training.

So that perfect UNISON (harmony) with your HIGHER Cosmic God Self may take place; that is YOUR ASCENSION.

With the intense frequencies of the pole shift and the weakening of the magnetic fields, we are experiencing and will continue to experience INTENSE FACTORS, such as intense sunlight and heat (as an example) that will act as a catapulting force into the ASCENSION for those that are in harmony. THIS is the KEY and the ONLY WAY.

Harmony is living through the heart, seeing through the heart and BEING free from past reactions, attachments to outcome and resistance to what is now. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THROUGH.

Harmony is the living in the now. Is living through the heart.

ONLY your perfect harmony will UNITE your being on EARTH through your Heart into totally knowing yourself as the only ONE ETERNAL you that you know. This is your cosmic God Self and we are activating you through this now.

Never on Earth before has it been so paramount for you to enter this total phase of perfect unison NOW.

LIVING, SEEING, breathing, through your heart; your eternal self.

This is the only way.

Breathe deeply, feel, open your heart. Release your attachments to time.

Time based realities of hoping for a future outcome is disharmony. As it is not now and it is not the HEART.

THE ETERNAL Knows no time.

You have always been. The eternal you has never been born and never dies.

The Heart and harmony is the only true portal to this, THAT WHICH IS ALREADY NOW.

WE bless you in this. We activate you.

We are present through this, before Earth and time, before this Universe.

In this the only one true love, we activate you, beyond time and now. Feel and receive as the Golden rays of the Central Sun, descend upon your awareness, uniting more and more of the true you, with NOW.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian