Master Kuthumi: The Power of the Heart

Kuthumi: Greetings. One of the things that I want to talk about in this session is the arrangement of the chakra system and how, at the Fall of Consciousness and in third dimension, the chakra system was divided between the upper chakras and the lower chakras. I would also like to discuss how we can begin to merge that system more efficiently and the part the Heart chakra plays in that. The Heart can help you to create the bridgework between that divided chakra system. It also is very important in creating a view of the Soul outside of third dimension. That third dimension has a limited perspective of self such as templates of unworthiness, separation and polarized views of yourself as a creative being.

As you are able to open the Heart it bridges the gap that was created to sustain the third dimension. The more that the energetics of the Heart are used efficiently, the more that bridging can take place. And the first part of that is to develop self-appreciation, self-worthiness, and self-love. Then, of course, that translates into the ability to love others in various relationships.

The Heart is a very, very important chakra. From an energetic perspective it is much more massive than previously thought. It serves many purposes. It is key in the functioning of the first Triad which has a relationship to the Universal Mind and the unlimited world of Creation. It also enables one to begin to see themselves as that unlimited Universal Creator. It enables you to create the Unified Field which is very instrumental in maintaining higher frequencies of Light that then enable the individual to be a multidimensional being.

Another part of that massive Heart energy provides the bridgework between the unseen and the physical worlds. It is key in your ability to step out of third dimension, negotiate fourth dimension, and be well seated in fifth dimension. Do you have questions?

Jim: You refer to both the Heart chakra and the muscle of the heart. I’ve heard you say it’s all one, combined vibrational field. The muscle actually has something to do with this whole process in the fourth chakra. Would that be accurate?

Kuthumi: Yes and there is much more to that. There is the physical heart that provides many services to the physicality itself. The pumping of the blood, circulation, vitality, etc. There is also an energetic component that is tied to the functioning of the heart that is much greater than the physical heart itself. That is why I am saying it is such a massive vehicle of expression of both the non-physical and the physical realms. The heart provides the impetus to create certain realities within form.

Jim: Yes. That was my impression. I just thought I would ask it out loud.

Kuthumi: Yes. All of this is needed to be expressed so that the students begin to understand that the heart itself and the entire Heart chakra center have complexities and serve many different purposes. It is a massive unit of energy and by using all aspects of it you are able to unify your entire system, both physically and non-physically. And you are able to create the energetic formats that are needed to negotiate multiple dimensions simultaneously and bring those energetics and concepts into the physical realm for use and expression.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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