The Greatest Tragedy: Not Saving Your Own Soul


The evolution of the worlds is a natural process. All is according to the plans of the Creator. Absolutely nothing goes away, even if it’s the smallest details. He would never leave the humanity that inhabits each of these Worlds helpless.

In this particular case of our World, Planet Earth, in addition to having always been a School of Proof and Atonement, there was the aggravation of the Arconte invasion about 350 thousand years ago. This made this school even harder, but no less interesting. It has increased the degree of difficulty, however, that will make the souls of Earth even stronger and recognized by the Universe outside, as great winners.

The dark entities here remained for so many millennials, because so the Divine Plan allowed it. In this period, many fallen entities, made their return to the Father’s house. Through the loving human feeling, natural in each being belonging to earthly humanity, such dark entities were touched in their fog and thus, activated the key of the return. It is sure that most of these entities did not take advantage of such opportunities.

Permission to remain on Earth has ended for such hardened races. Planetary Transition requires a change in frequency around here, and they do not possess such a vibration. Nothing and no one can stop a Global Transition as it is part of the evolution of the worlds.

Earth’s humanity would make its learning in duality without the presence of such races. It would be so much easier and simpler. However, with the Arconte invasion, the difficulty has increased dusk, since the dark have taken over the Planet and enslaved the native population. We hold them hostage for all those millions. We fought for survival as they exploited us through fear and work slavery.

Owners of reverse technologies, they have mastered everything that could help human souls. They created dependencies that never existed before. Out of fear, hunger and control, total obedience was obtained. They modified genetics in order to create hybrids that would represent them among the command classes within the powers constituted by society.

Knowers that their time is running out quickly, they intend to leave a literal ground scene. Causing the greatest possible damage to the Planet and its humanity. Still remembering that they buy themselves in human suffering. Out of emotions, the only pleasant feeling is to demonstrate your unlimited power.

In all known tragedies, there has always been the participation of the Cabal, the organization of the top command among the incarnated. Such a commando never changes its owner, because he always belonged to the reptilian hybrids that were created for such a purpose. When one leaves the scene, there’s always a substitute at height. And so they passed millions after millions.

The Earth’s climate has also been changed through reverse technologies within a project called HAARP. Such mechanisms can intensify the Low Atmospheric Pressure centers and those of High Pressure too. With this modification, you can control the entire planet’s climate. Changing the climate, creating an ideal scenario for food control and abundance. Through hunger and fear, it was the easiest way to control all humanity.

Now, they desperately try to stay in charge. Threaten humanity in every way possible. They believe they can still reverse the planetary transition situation. Wish to stay here. Even if nothing will change the fate of Earth, tragedies are still part of a widely used narrative. Announcing the possibility of horrors and bad news is the indisputable priority within the Media that serves them. No need to say here because any of you can attest to this in your daily life.

Any media, out of 10 news, 9 are tragedies. Real tragedies, even though they were provoked by Cabal-controlled mechanisms. But there are also the catastrophic forecasts, created only with the intuition to dissolve fear and worries. Always remember that fear is the best way to control a people.

We have written here many times, that no prophecy made before 2012, will be confirmed. The Earth’s Timeline was changed in 2010. This way, the Global Transition will be as smooth as possible. Yes, there will still be natural events as usual, as the Earth now needs to adjust.

As the HAARP system modified the entire Earth’s natural mechanism, now that it is disabled, Gaia’s consciousness needs to re-adjust its frequency. This will still cause some extreme events, but then everything will be in perfect harmony as it always should have been. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a New Era!

Don’t fear tragedies for they will come to an end! The greatest tragedy a human being can face is undoubtedly a very personal tragedy: NOT SAVE YOUR OWN SOUL.

This will be fatal because we are in the last incarnation within duality. There are only two ways now: either you go to the New Earth, or your destiny will be exile.

Keep your vibration as high as possible. It is your frequency that will determine which of these paths your soul will follow. Nobody can change your destiny but yourself. Your choices will determine. This year 2022 will be the demarcator that will present itself in front of you as a crusader. You decide which direction you will follow. No one can do it for you! Forget the tragedies that play so much on humanity. Everyone will go through what they need to go through. Each one will be where they should be. But don’t forget that the greatest tragedy would be not to save a soul.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


**By Vital Frosi


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  1. Mogex

    > TFW had a gut feeling as a child that it would be a ‘too late’ scenario
    > Finally discovers solution and musters the courage to save soul & personal happiness
    > Trying to do so with a sense of calm and composure