The Group: Popeye’s Voice

Greetings, dear ones. Welcome.

We take you on a journey of life, a journey of light, to show you some of your energies in your own reflections. This is a very magical time to celebrate, for you’re going through new energies and seasons. More importantly, you’re coming to the crest of a wave, an energetic wave where changes can easily be made. But that’s really where much of the challenge comes from, even though some of you already understand the more important aspects and how to engage with this energy in a new way.

Begin the Connection

We have mentioned before that your space has been reserved on this planet. Yes, that seat that you’re sitting in has had your name on it for eons of time. These are critical moments of time-space that you brought in. And through your many contracts, you brought everything you need in with you. Welcome Home, everyone. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the new light. So take a breath, everyone, and let’s go a little deeper.

We’re going to ask you all to reach out your energetic hands. If there are people in the room with you, you are certainly welcome to take their hands. But if not, still hold out your hands, we will take them for you and connect you all around the globe. Take a deep breath, then simply stretch it out. Allow that to happen right now. Ah, well done. Now take three deep breaths in and out, in through the nose and very slowly releasing. You are stimulating the Vagus nerve, releasing all tensions and inflammation in the body, letting it all go with every exhale. Fill with light on the inhale, then release the tensions on your exhale.

Earth will be getting a lot of help in the days ahead. And, dear ones, you will be getting energy from the other side of the veil in many forms and channels. Not only from the master healers that have gathered en masse to bring this energy through, but also from a variety of other sources throughout the Universe. It is for this reason that people are not willing to return to old jobs and positions. They experienced a freedom they are not willing to give up. It is being termed “the great resignation,” but it is not just in the area of work or career. Reality has changed very quickly with this virus. Yes, it’s also taken way too many people Home. Now there are enough master healers gathered on this side of the veil, to help all of humanity move up to this next level of life.

Envision yourself looking back at the times when this virus changed the planet. Take a deep breath again and stretch out your hands. Feel the energy moving through your heart. As it comes through one hand and out the other, now speed it up to make it go even faster. It’s now traveling through your heart with little pulses. You feel them going through, but they’re traveling at 300,000 km per second, or 186,000 miles per second. That’s the speed of light, seven times around the Earth, in one second through your heart. Can you feel it? Good. Hold it. Emulate it and spread it, let it revive you. Breathe light into you as you take an energy imprint and hold that piece right here, right now. Excellent, well done, dear ones. Bravo! And now what we’re going to do is to bring together a final piece.

You’re entering a new time, for a brand new era is beginning. It’s a grand time where people take new directions. They decide we’re not going to make these mistakes anymore. What a fascinating time that energy throughout all the planet is gathering. This creates opportunities for people to move in many directions, and for your own spirit to emerge even further into your being. But it can’t just happen alone, that’s a strange part about this. Yes, there have been many times when healers and grand masters have incarnated on the Earth. They walked around showing people what was possible, but so many end up praying to them rather than emulating them. Often they ended up honoring the person more than their message.

Healing Circle

We now ask you to bring whatever you have to this healing circle right now. And again, we’ll put it in the big pot and bring all the energy of the entire planet through your whole system. This time we’ll ask you to bring it in through your right hand, then send it out through your left hand.

Feel the gentle rhythms of love as they circulate in through the right and out through the left, bringing through the entire circle of the planet. Now harmonize this flow with your breathing. Feel the natural ebb and flow. And if you have someone, especially if they’ve given you permission to work with them in the healing circle, just bring them to your thoughts. Bring them to mind, but you don’t need to worry about how they’re going to heal or what they’re going to do. Just bring them into this healing circle, then let this energy do the rest. And if you have something you are ready to release, set your intention to do so.

So, take a breath and just release your energy for a moment. Allow it to spread out without restriction, and to find its normal shape. See your thoughts of the day, your intents and projects, spread out into the world. And once again, hold that and this time bring it through your right hand. Let it circle through your heart, then out your left hand and around the globe. Take a deep breath and let it all flow through right now. As you release the breath slowly, feel your energy change. Excellent. And now the healing circle has formed globally. Watch as those difficulties start to dissipate and pixelate, flying off into space. It is almost as if a rock is turning into dust in the wind. Perfect. Take a breath, dear ones, and return to your body suit.

You are the magicians of the game board. Many things are taking place right now for you to shift to the next level. All it takes is a willingness to make that next step forward, and to be the person you’ve always been. Dear ones, you are magicians, each and every one of you. We walk alongside you and above you, we walk in your pace. We walk with you to help clear the path, because you carry the hopes of so many on our side of the veil. Take a deep breath and own it. Know that you are in the perfect place at the right time. And with that, take a deep breath and blow it out forcefully. As you bring this energy into the universe, the magic have begun. Welcome Home, everyone. It’s a grand time to be here.

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. We’re so proud of you dear ones, well done. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having the courage to incarnate, to be in that physical body the way that you are right now, vulnerable. Well, not really, because we’ve got you and are holding you tight. We ask you to simply treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


The group

Greetings from Home, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you at such a beautiful time on your planet. Things have started to move in new ways, and you are behind all of it. Spirits are aligning and it is beautiful from our perspective. You’re in the perfect place at just the right time. Not that you carry all the answers, because those have been distributed throughout many who are playing this beautiful game of hide and seek well, but you’re uncovering the next level of the game. Yes, to do that you had to go through some difficulties and experience challenges that would promote resetting your energy. You’re doing that now, as your whole world has changed.

Well, what if you were to look at this seven years from now, thinking what a wonderful thing has happened? What if you were able to see some of the most incredible achievements you reached as a result of the difficulties and challenges that you’re going through now? Most people only want things to return to normal, but there is no normal. There really never was. What happens is that people grow. Humans evolve to certain levels, and then they reach a comfort zone. You’ll be very comfortable when you come Home; you deserve to be comfortable and happy on your planet. And yet, do not fear the challenges. Know that after a short time you will emerge a much better person, no matter what difficulties you’re going through. But now as you step into 2022, a new year and a new opportunity, we’d like you to bring your highest dreams forward for just a minute.

Mastering the Popeye Voice

Oh, yes, we call it that little ‘Popeye voice.’ Popeye was a cartoon character that used to gain strength from eating spinach and then beating up his enemies, while muttering his thoughts under his breath. Well, each and every one of you has that skeptical little Popeye voice in the back of your head. And you’ll say, “Oh, it’s a beautiful day!” But then the Popeye voice will pop up and say, “Oh yes, but something’s bad coming.” That’s a natural balancing mechanism, and this is a perfect time to tame that voice. Hear it, listen to it, but do not react. Don’t try to block it out, just hear it. Understand it, then move on.

It’s really quite challenging for most humans at this time, but you’re closer than you think. The reality is that your world is starting to shift and open up in different ways. And yes, these are difficult times, but they are also times of transition and mastery. Everything is coming up for you, to assist in finding out what you want to master and take to the next level, as well as what you’re ready to leave behind.
Trail of Light

Take a breath and release it slowly. Feel that beauty coming into your being. Feel the connection of the light as it comes through you, and makes its way out of your eyes in your voice. Every movement of your body carries that beautiful spirit. You came to leave a trail of light behind you, although at times you may only feel the wind in your face and the resistance of the world around you. We tell you, look behind you. You’ll see the trail of light that is clearly there. Most of you have left the trail, and sometimes you’ll get assistance with that. But other times you’ll have to move away from the wind to find the path of least resistance. The year ahead is still a year of change. And yes, there will not be any normal years, for you’re in motion. You’re in the times of transition, the times of love, and the times of mastery. Welcome Home, dear ones. It’s with the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect of the highest nature because you are looking in the eyes of God. Nurture one another and open those doors at every opportunity and play well together as you enter a whole new world, welcome Home.

I am Observer and I love you dearly.

And I also like watch.


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