Archangel Michael: Make Your Own Decisions, Not Depend on Others

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.

I am here today, formally beginning the return of our messages to you. It is interesting to observe how you live each moment. Many think only of themselves, of what they no longer have, they can’t see the other side, they can’t be grateful for what they already had, they think only of what is good for them at that moment. But I’m not going to start here, wanting to bring up feelings of low vibration in each of you. I would just like to talk about a single point.

You have been prepared for some time now, you already know a lot, you have heard us say a lot, you have learned a lot. But many things you still cannot separate yourselves from. I say this: Everything in your world is the result of what you think and what you emanate. This world that is there, that you live in, was not created by Father/Mother God, in the sense of all this disharmony that exists on your planet, it was all created by you over eons of time. So this is the most important point that I want to emphasize now: What you emanate.

I like to give examples, to put pictures together, because you adapt very well when we put pictures together. So imagine that you are walking in a large group; the size of the group doesn’t matter much; but of course the larger the group, the greater the influence, the greater the energy emanated.

So you are walking across a very large plain, where up ahead you only see the horizon, nothing else. There are those who when they see the horizon line just think, “We are walking into the unknown, but I trust that this is the right path, and that whatever happens, it will be for my learning and for my evolution.” And some who are around this citizen who thinks this way, emanate the same energy, agree with him.

But another group looks at that horizon line and thinks, “No, we are heading for a cliff, there is no way out, we will all die because there is nowhere to go. We need to find a place to take shelter, but up ahead there is a cliff.” And many begin to share that citizen’s feeling of fear and despair.

And then there is another group, which looks at that skyline and doesn’t know what to think. They listen to the first group and agree, and they listen to the second group and they also agree. So it is a group that, as you say, is on the fence, they don’t know what to think. It is that group that goes according to the opinion of others, they don’t have much will of their own, they don’t have much definition in what they think; they go by whoever arrives first and gives a suggestion; they go.

So there are three large groups that are moving towards the horizon line. Then I ask a question: Who is right? That group that thinks that they will get there and that whatever they have to go through will be good for their evolution, for their learning, and they begin to emanate this with such strength, such faith, that they can even see that it is not a cliff, that it is only a small elevation and that further ahead they will have a free path to follow.

But those who think it is a cliff, they see no other way out, they think they are going to reach the edge exhausted, tired, and will simply die of hunger and thirst because there will be nothing to do. And they also emanate this very strongly, with a lot of faith, that there is no way out, there is no way forward. And that third group, they just stop, because they don’t know where to go. One moment they think they will have a way ahead, the next moment they think it will really be a cliff, and they will die of hunger and thirst.

So I ask you: How do you fit this into your world? And I myself answer: That first group is the group that no matter what comes, no matter what appears, no matter what is said, they trust, they have faith, that even if there is a cliff ahead, they will find a place on the mountain to come down. Because they believe and trust that there it will not be the end, it will just be a big obstacle to be overcome, possibly or not. No matter what comes, they believe, they just go with the flow, with faith, with strength, with confidence. No matter what they are asked, no matter what they are given to eat, no matter what they are given to drink, they trust. That they know that that food, that drink, may even be poisoned, but they trust so much in their path, so much in the Beings of Light that are around, that they will eliminate all that bad that has been put into what they are giving them to eat and drink.

And they are sure that they will reach the end of the journey with a lot of faith, with a lot of Light. And they go along, because on this long road, they need to eat, they need to drink. And no matter what they are being given to eat and drink, they trust, they believe, and they know that they need to eat and drink to stay alive, to stay active, to stay walking, because the road is still very long, the horizon line is still very far. You can’t deny that food and drink, even if they are supposedly poisoned. But they trust, they have faith, so they eat and drink. Some even get a little bit sick, but they keep believing. And they get up and keep going, because they trust.

And no matter what obstacle has been put in their way, they trust. And if that drink, that food that was poisoned, did him so much harm that he perished, they are sure that it was the decision of his own soul to do that at that moment. It was not the food, it was not the drink, the food and drink were just the means by which his soul chose to leave. And they move on, fed with plenty of liquid in their bodies and moving on, with much faith and with much Light.

And here comes the second group: that group that doesn’t trust anything. They look at that water, they look at that food, and they don’t eat, because they are afraid of dying, they are afraid of getting poisoned. So they would rather not feed, they would rather not drink the water and starve to death, because they will not reach the horizon line. “And since that horizon line is a cliff, why am I going to get tired and go there, I’ll die right here.” And they don’t eat and they don’t drink. And they effectively die for lack of water and food, because they don’t trust anything, they see only the negative side of everything. That water could be the food for that moment, the protection for that moment. But they don’t believe in anything, they only believe in what half a dozen people say, they don’t believe in the Beings of Light, they don’t believe in anything. So they don’t eat, they don’t drink, and they continue their journey.

And do you know where they will get to? Nowhere, because they won’t get very far without that water and without that food. Because they said the food was poisoned, they said the drink was poisoned, they believed it. So I can tell you, that even if the drink and the food were not poisoned, they would die from the poison of their own belief, their own way of thinking, because that is what they believe. “If I drink, if I eat, from this drink and this food, I will die.” May your will be done, you have just emanated your future.

That water, that drink, that food, might not be poisoned, might be your passport to reach that skyline. But you don’t believe in anything, you don’t have anyone around you, you don’t accept that anyone could be looking out for you. “No, not that. I’d rather believe they’re trying to kill me.” All right, this is your choice. The third group, half eat and drink, half don’t eat and drink, because they are on the fence. Some follow the first group and some follow the second group.

So let’s go; as time went on, what happened to the 3 groups? The first one, some people didn’t make it, why? Because it was the nature of their soul not to get there, that was the moment their soul decided to leave, it was too tired already and decided to leave. In the second group, nobody arrived. Why didn’t anyone arrive? Because nobody trusted, nobody believed, nobody protected himself, nobody fed his body, nobody fed what was necessary, because he believed he was going to die; he made a choice, he really died. And the third group, that group that followed the first group, is getting there in front. And what is the most important thing, when they got to the edge of the horizon line, it wasn’t a cliff, it was just a little drop.

So I want you to think about this story I created. You are and you receive what you emanate. You can eat poison, but if you believe that there are Beings of Light around you, not one, several; and that these same beings are watching your journey, and before you eat that poison, they have already removed everything, everything that that poison could harm you, you can eat and drink anything. Because you trust, because you believe.

Now you emanate fear. You join a minority, who actually wonder what they are getting at, implanting fear, implanting suffering, implanting doubt. And where does all this lead? The fear, the doubt, where does it lead? I think this has already been explained enough. The more doubt, the more fear you emanate, the less Light you have, because fear and doubt do not go with the Light. I’ve said it here many times: Either you trust or you don’t trust. There is no such thing as half-trusting, “Oh, I’m afraid, but I need to go that way.” And you go down the path with fear. What will you attract on that path? First that your heart is already angry, because you were forced to go on that path, and you believe that on that path, everything bad will happen to you. So I can only say to you, you are emanating this, and you will get back what you emanated.

So I just want you to put all of this that I’ve said into every point in your life, into everything that you feel during the day. Not just on one subject, not just on one focus. What you put your attention to, you put your focus on, and then it will be worth what you are emanating. If you emanate trust in the walk, fine, go ahead, believing, in your own way in your own way. “Ah, but the other goes his way in a different way.” Are you the other, are you a puppet who has to do what the other does?

So each of you take your own course, each of you make your own choice, but don’t try to push others along the same path. Each one of you make your own decision, your own way, and keep to yourself, because when you spread doubt, spread fear, spread lack of confidence, a little while later you come complaining that nothing happens. So I ask you: What is the reason to put so much doubt? Why so much fear? Why is there so much discussion about the issues? What is the goal? I answer: to take you out of the focus; to take you out of the focus that is one: the elevation of the Light within you.

Now, the elevation of Light does not go with doubt, does not go with lack of faith, does not go with lack of trust; they are incompatible. So, whoever is preaching something that he thinks is right for himself and for everyone else, is preaching what, the Light? Or are you preaching more doubt, more lack of trust, more fear in those around you? And then I remind you again, that you are helping the other side. And then you explain why nothing happens? Why doesn’t anything happen?

Because you cannot keep the vibration up. You harbor doubt, you harbor fear, you harbor a lack of trust and faith in the Beings of Light around you. We are not sleeping here, we are not rocking in the hammock, we are not dozing, we are working, and working hard, to destroy everything that is there. But you don’t believe it, and you keep on vibrating doubt, vibrating lack of trust, and vibrating all this to the Whole.

Congratulations to you, my congratulations, because you are making the other side roll on the floor laughing so hard. Because that’s what they want, that’s what they put up, that’s what the media put up, and you fall like ducks doing exactly what they want. I will end by saying only one thing: The decision is up to each one of you. Those who want to trust it, trust it. Those who don’t want to trust it, don’t trust it. Now keep your opinion to yourself. You don’t need to spread your opinion, keep it to yourself, make your decision yourself, don’t throw your supposed decision to the other. Because you need to have the support of the other to effectively say, “See, he’s not going to do it either, so I’m not going to do it either!” Puppet; you have to do what the other does, not what your conscience tells you to do.

So no matter what your decision is, it is yours, make it for yourself, not for the other, not for the middle. Each one makes his choice, each one exercises his free will. Now, exercise it alone, don’t influence that third group that doesn’t know what to do. Because there is always someone who is on the fence, waiting for the other’s opinion to become their own. And you there, you only increase the platoon of the third group. And more, you corroborate and emphasize that second one; not to trust anything, to doubt everything, to question.

So you are making a choice. Vibrate that, keep vibrating that. Understand this: We are not the ones who are going to ascend. You want to ascend. So whoever is in that first group, trusting everything, no matter what comes, trusting, I guarantee you, they will leave. Because there will come a point when they will no longer be able to have the frequency to stay here in the Third. Now you who are there fighting, arguing, whether to go to the right or to the left, you will continue there, because doubt reigns in your hearts. And where there is doubt, there is no trust, no faith; where there is doubt there is no Light, there is anything but Light.

So this message is for each one of you to do some self-analysis. Don’t comment to the other. It’s not commenting, “Oh, what did you think of what he said?” Each one will have his own understanding, and I’ll tell you more, many will be angry at what I said here. Very well, everyone will emanate what they want, there is no problem. You have your right to think and act. Make your own decisions. Don’t make them as a group. Stop acting on the opinion of the other, it has to be your opinion. Are you not strong enough to question? Then be strong and brave enough to hold your own opinion independent of the group. It’s over. You have made your decision, it is not the group that will make you keep it or change it. Understand that. The decision is up to each one of you.

Now, if you want to follow as a flock, perfect. Then don’t come to ask us why nothing happens? Because the critical mass that should be raising the Light on this planet is more concerned with discussing whether to eat strawberries or bananas. Instead of simply thinking about feeding themselves. Think a lot about it. You are moving in a way that is dangerous for yourselves. How long will we have to insist that walking is lonely? Not according to the other’s idea, will, or opinion. Until when? Until when will you not be able to make your own decisions? You always have to walk as a herd. Why? I answer: because you don’t trust anyone. And having the other thinking the same way you do is justifiable. “Oh, I did it because he did it!” You were not to blame, you did it because he did it. because you are not brave enough to take your opinion alone, you want to take it together with others, so that you are not to blame; you followed along with them.

Think about it. What are you attracting to your path? You are playing their game. Think about it. If you want to make a decision, make it on your own, and it’s over. Nobody has anything to do with it. Now don’t keep spreading the decision around to get support from the other, so that you don’t feel alone. And each of you make your own choice. Listen very carefully and take a path. And I will insist: whoever doubts, whoever doesn’t trust, whoever questions, is extinguishing the Light that is in his heart.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


3 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Make Your Own Decisions, Not Depend on Others”

  1. Saphire

    First I hear you loud and clear. Observation= does your message mean that the masses don’t know how to listen to their higher self spirit? I ask my spirit when I’m in doubt, my spirit is always right
    It feels right in my gut, there fore I trust it. My spirit always wants what is best for me. “the masses seem to follow-move as a group, that’s why the new testament calls humans sheep”. You might have to remove that cures to get better turn out. Blessings!!!

    1. PS

      I also go ask God when I have a question. I’ve found that God is ALWAYS listening and ALWAYS there to answer. He’s never not there. He’s never busy somewhere else. He’s always there and can be very enthusiastic about the fact that I bothered to ask Him.