Galacom Update: New Operations

Galacom and its ground teams continue to transform 3D Earth, considering this as the most important task today.

On January 15-21, 2022, they conducted some new operations. The first of them took place in a mountainous area of one of the European countries (the name is not disclosed for security reasons).

It was a continuation of the op held on December 26, 2021, as an important stage in the construction of a single eon of Earth, consisting of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions (see – DNI, THE ADJUSTERS).

Recall. By joint efforts, the participants of the operation formed a single field of 3D/4D/5D Logos of Earth to create an energy-informational Axis, the “core” of the planet from 2D to 5D.’

The Axis was built but did not last long. An unexpected situation has occurred. A very strong jet of negative energy suddenly splashed out from the depths of 3D Earth to the surface.

For the newly created unified field of three Logos, it created a serious threat of contamination. Therefore, the formed Axis had to be urgently de-activated; it was literally “broken”. Then the correction work followed for the next try.

It was undertaken on January 15, 2022, at 16:00 CET, from one of the three Cities of Light created earlier by the ground team.

During construction, it was placed in the 3.9D-5.0D field of the Gaia Absolutoverse. Later, Lightwarriors decided to uplift the City’s dimension higher, ideally to Pleroma and 13D Earth.

Higher Light Hierarchs and Gaia approved the plan. During the collective operation, the ground group anchored the City of Light in the Pleroma and activated the entire Earth’s multidimensional vertical of manifestation from 3.9D to 13.0D.

Now, on January 15, Lightwarriors, on the instructions of Galacom, tried to extend the Axis to 2D again and fix it at this level. This time, in addition to Gaia, a former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe participated in the op. He returned to the Pleroma’s Higher Hierarchy and actively helps the Light Forces in all operations. He volunteered to participate in this one, as he runs 2D and 1D.

The task was the same: to create a stable quantum channel in the Power Place for the restructuring of Earth, freeing it from 3D energies and matter IN ALL DIMENSIONS. By the same op, the space infrastructure of the City of Light was expanding, strengthening its channel, vibrations, luminosity.

How was the operation? What details were revealed during the event? So, first things first.

Before the op’s start, the team leader once again reminded about the technique:

1. Enter the highly vibrational state of Absolute Love at the appointed time. Connect with Higher Selves;

2. To ground in the Earth’s core and synchronize;

3. Unite into a single spiritual whole, send Light and Love to each other;

4. Tune in and synchronize with the City of Light, send Light and Love, receive in return;

5. Tune in and synchronize with Co-Creator and Gaia, send them Light and Love, receive in return;

6. At exactly 16.00 SET, Co-Creator and Gaia will open access to the 2D under the mountain where the operation is being performed. The 3D-13D Axis through the City of Light and the top of the mountain should be lowered into 2D and firmly anchored at this level;

7. Hold the Axis as long as necessary;

8. After the operation is completed, thank all the participants. Send them Light and Love.

Then, the operation started.

90% of its success depended on the former Black Co-Creator, because, as noted above, he runs 2D and 1D worlds. It was he who was instructed to prepare everything necessary for the work of the ground team.

At the appointed time, when the group linked synchronized with Earth’s core, Co-Creator opened access to the second dimension which was sealed, and the Axis at this local point began to descend.

Lightwarriors did not know what and how would happen when the bottom of the dimension was reached, so they prepared for everything.

Deepened, the Axis, like a drill, bit into the dense 2D space.

A strong energy stream gushed out, as if from an open bottle of champagne. Lightwarriors held flux back at first, trying to help the drill go deeper. It resembled the rowing against a strong current.

But soon, they decided to step back and let everything self-organize and just serve as an energy channel in the whole process. Immediately, through Lightwarriors, a powerful vortex burst out from below, as if from a volcano, with exhaust.

In the freed space, the Axis unfolded itself like a huge sea anchor. The upper ring of the attachment was first a ring, then curled into a figure of eight and lit up with a fiery glow.

The group lowered the anchor with the Axis into 2D. Further, the anchor’s paws folded again in the form of a drill and continued to move down.

Having reached the intended point in 2D, the Axis unfolded its strut legs and again became like an anchor. A ball of bright blue energy formed around it. Purple, blue, and crimson waves came from its center and quickly began to fill the entire space of 2D Earth.

Anchored at the lower level, the Axis rose along a single field from 2D to 13D, through the structure of the City of Light, as a powerful and stable energy channel.

Now, through it, Co-Creators have begun to restructure the 2D space. Before that, it was not differentiated, i.e. it was not suitable for any functions.

Quantum flows directed through the channel-Axis will completely restructure 2D space, annihilate all the 3D energy and plasma accumulated there, and change the molecular composition to make it suitable for the life evolution in this dimension.

On January 21st, 2022, at 9:28 AM CET, new information has been received from the Argorians’ fleet transporting 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy.

The squadron continues to move through the eighth cascade of the third filter between dimensions. The space of very high energies moved aside and a new one has opened up.

In the streams of these energies, the flagship tunnels way by powerful pulses of TITARONIC emitters that can pierce through any energy walls of space.

Behind the ship in the field of red energy ERMA on a power tug is 5D Earth. It is surrounded by a bright radiance of powerful scarlet energy, with bursts of bright purple spectrum. Its train, reaching the 3D planet, transmutes and annihilates everything unnecessary. These days the process has accelerated dramatically.

During the movement of the squadron on the course, the Time-space also rapidly strangulates, shrinking into one point. It looks like a spring, narrow on one side and wide on the other. If to compress such a spring, it takes the form of a spiral.

3D Earth is almost at its thinnest end, approaching the point of Time backward turn.

That’s why it flows so fast on the planet. And that’s why people often fail to implement the plans adopted for this day.

Time streams are rapidly stratified by frequencies. These are the same spirals compressed in a single system of the planet’s energy center.

The most stressful now is the Time spiral of those in power, and everyone who does not want to leave 3D. They got entangled in the events and let everything take its course. They are not interested in anything except their small interests.

What happens next? The outer spiral of the planet’s Time and the spirals of planetary changes are fit snugly, overlapping each other. From outer space, Galacom lowered a quantum grid onto this structure which works as a separator, cutting off one spiral from another.

The grid interacts with people by scanning information and identifying them by their DNA to separate all those who remain in the energies of the old 3D Time and those who resolutely move into the new 5D Time.

Near-Earth 3D space is filled with small transparent and soft spheres. Within each, Souls are actively filled with new energies. Enclosed in a transforming sphere, they receive as much as being able to accept.

Filled up, these spheres begin to uplift, going outside of the space defined for their transformation. Co-Creators ascend them carefully, slowly, allowing them to adapt to new Time programs that are activated by the energy grid at the point where the old Time spin cuts off from the new one.

So goes on a Transition to a new Time-space which has already begun the final countdown. Staying on Earth of the current Fifth civilization is coming to an end, no matter what new adventures its Dark Rules will dare.

**By Lev


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