Swift Shift

Greetings friends of the New Earth! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

The reset button for the swift shift in consciousness has been pushed. You are to experience a quickening of the process, dissolution of the old energy patterns, simultaneously with the 5D light matrix emerging.

The activation of your light body enters a new phase. The merging of your physical, astral, emotional, and mental bodies is occurring, as the Soul takes its place in the driver’s seat.

You come into full alignment with the Divine wholeness that you are by allowing the Soul to be anchored into your now reality, and guide you.

One way of easing this process is by freeing yourself from the illusion of separation. Such as losing loved ones, lack of resources, and other old programs which may have lead to suffering. It is time for you to remember your essence; oneness, love, abundance, joy.

As you remember this more and more, you trigger within you the light codes which activate higher levels of consciousness. Pulling you up, uplifting your being into the next dimension, and stage of evolution.

I am Kejraj!


6 Replies to “Swift Shift”

  1. Douglas A James

    Love you posts KejRaj..so swift shift.. where do you get your information? Rem Trump election was to be overturned.. will we see Q posts come true 11.3? Will ebs happen …3 x 8hr movies ran to inform the people of our real history and what has occurred?
    Timeframe…months years .. ? There is no time so galactics can wait it seems ..there is time to us in 3D ..and how is there no time for them..they have a past too.. they were involved in ours.. reaching a pt of show me the money.. show me action no more words ..talk is cheap now.. end.the movie..I am divine being…I want a abundance for me and all sentient beings of the light in this now. No more words

  2. Diamond Black

    Of ALL these messages explaining what’s to come, none of it happened.

    I did my own, all last year i warned in forums to anyone in bitcoin to get out.
    Hope they listened.
    How did i know? Well, it’s a giant ponzi scheme unlike any ordinary ponzi scheme – it has an elaborate weave with certain talking heads.

  3. lightshower777

    As in the Blue Star article below, should we prepare for ice age?
    I’m curious about what you think, Kejraj.
    thank you !!

  4. lightshower777

    hi Kejraj ! thank you <3
    I have a question here.
    As in the Blue Star article below,
    should we prepare for ice age?
    I'm curious about what you think!