Video: Croatian MP Confronts Macron Over His Vaccine Mandate ‘Death Penalty’

**Kejraj Note: I wish the leaders of Albania and Kosovo would grow some balls and THINK outside the box for once. Or allow me to take charge. haha

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić directly confronted French President Emmanuel Macron during an EU Parliament summit, likening his draconian vaccine mandate to the death penalty.

“President Macron, considering many restrictions of citizens’ rights and freedoms in France during the pandemic, I ask of you only one thing,” Kolakušić told a masked Macron on Wednesday.

“While presiding over the EU, do everything exactly the opposite of what you were doing in France.”

Kolakušić then argued that Macron’s vaccine mandate is no different than the “death penalty”, citing the “tens of thousands” who died from the injection.

“On the other hand, today you said that you are proud there is no death penalty in Europe,” he told Macron.

“Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to vaccine side-effects. Mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and its execution for many citizens.”

“That has to remain a choice for every citizen! Murder is murder,” he added, urging his colleagues to look at the European Health Commission’s data.

Kolakušić’s forceful remarks come just weeks after Macron declared he wanted to “piss off” the unvaccinated in France as part of his “strategy” to fight COVID.

This is just further evidence that the official COVID narrative is collapsing in real time as the elites begin to realize that the public’s trust in them has evaporated.


4 Replies to “Video: Croatian MP Confronts Macron Over His Vaccine Mandate ‘Death Penalty’”

  1. Daedalus

    I can tell you, this guy from my country, hes truly showing a big middle finger both to “ruling” party and “opposition” (basically, one big uniparty, two sides of same coin) in my country. The media avoids him. It clearly shows on whose side are both media and majority of political parties. And also, he shows it to EUrocrats here, too. The ruling party leader and prime minister Plenković is a sleazy guy that likes to asskiss with Macron.

    Hes one of those rare politicans who actually speak for people in many situations like these, and not belonging to same group.

    The COVID lies are imploding … keep putting truths and fighting against all traitors that go against their own populations. Were not far away now from point when tables are completely turned, and in some countries, they already have been…

    But then comes the era of Nuremberg 2.0 shortly afterwards. And I really hope all of those anti-human elements end on such tribunal…

  2. John Robbins

    Well done to that Croatian MP for his Maceroning of Macron. About bleeding time. Now who’s peed off?