Ashtar: Storm Update; Quantum Systems

Just left this comment on Ezra Levant’s video: “Maybe they haven’t sold out to China, but all newspapers are globalist owned and run. They are ALL propaganda. I am suspicious you’re paid opposition. Going forward more transparency is required. Your best bet now is the alternative news, however there has to be a better system of determining who is on whose side, taking the viewer away from just your say so to indicate whose side your on.”

Right now, anyone can report on the news and that’s part of the problem with this world.

This comment refers to newspapers in Canada. Levant is saying that China is buying large swaths of our national newspapers and then positioning itself as the good guy in the articles. However, if China positions itself as the good guy, then who are the bad guys? Of course. Anyone who opposes what it’s doing.

Anyone can say anything they want to and these guys do. They make a habit of lying to us.

The reason I believe Levant is paid opposition is that he seems to think that Canadian newspapers are some kind of viable source of information. As I pointed out, they’re all owned by globalists and all are already propaganda.

I see the comments and some people are believing him.

Don’t take anyone at their word, folks. The patriot narrative right now is the system has to die: government, healthcare, banking, business and the media. Anyone who supports the media as being truthful right now is lying. So I believe Levant is a liar.

Michael Jaco has been discussing paid opposition with his followers and it was pointed out, as Ivo had done a long time ago I might add, that they are ninety percent accurate on their talking points – this is to get you to trust them. The ten percent they are lying about aligns with the true propaganda they want you to believe.

So an example of that might be they’re good on all of the things about Biden, the Chinese, etc. but when it comes to discussing the jabb, they won’t go there or they even outright support it.

I believe that the Patriot narrative is the narrative to follow: the whole system has to die and in doing so, you will see new arise from the ashes of the old system. The system has to go. How can we go into a fifth dimensional world still using a toxic third dimensional system? It doesn’t make sense and that’s why it has to die.

The other way to determine who is paid opposition is to see who never gets youtube strikes or has to deal with censorship. If they’re discussing current events, they will be censored. Why do some people smoothly sail these waters when others, like me, have to switch platforms or worry about being deplatformed due to content? Why do some have to use the disclaimer, “It’s just my opinion,” rather than claiming their content to be the truth? Look at these things to see who is paid opposition and who isn’t.

We do need a new system of transparency. For those people who are not telepathic what will this look like? What kind of system do we have to have in place that even the most trusting of us will be exposed to the truth?

Ashtar: It has to do with 5D, Sharon.

Me: How’s that?

Ashtar: All has to run on the quantum 5D system. All has to be run from these centralized computers that vibrate to a fifth dimensional frequency. That way anything lower in frequency will not be allowed.

Me: Are we close to just flicking a switch and then having this all fall into place? I doubt it.

Ashtar: Your ability to perceive the truth from lies right now is being tested. On a global level. Those who believe the lies either need to stop believing lies in order to vibrate higher or they stay as they are on the artificial timelines. So right now, we need the lies in order to help evolve earth’s humanity.

Me: Yes, I thought so. I see General Flynn caught everyone out a few months ago. Maybe poor Doug Billings is still interviewing him. Flynn has been exposed in the Patriot community as paid opposition and his past track record bears that out. I never could listen to anything he said. I watched him once for an hour, that was the most I could do. Every time I saw he was speaking I just passed it over. That’s my intuition saying, “Don’t listen to him.” I know if I like somebody then they’re probably okay. If I don’t then I don’t. Sometimes I just guess I have no reason to hear what they have to say but as it turns out, people are still being exposed.

Ashtar: One of their tactics is infiltration, Sharon. They infiltrate any movement and now the Patriot and starseed movements are their biggest threats so they infiltrate them.

Yes, the other thing they’ve done is create outlets, such as social media outlets in order to trap large numbers of patriots and starseeds into listening to their messages.

Me: I always was a lone wolf. I travelled alone, not in packs. And for obvious reasons. I’ve had many people approach me, wanting to work with me or to partner with me and I won’t do it. Obviously I’m already partnered with you and Ivo, but the other reason is I just don’t fully trust anyone on earth. Especially with my track record of being attacked by earthlings over and over again, and I believe this has to do with the dark attacking me through others. If you can’t hold your light around me, you will attack me. And frankly, I’m fed up of it. The other reason is for your sake that I don’t partner with you – you will be compromised if you’re not already in order to make my life a living hell.

Ashtar: We taught you well.

Me: Life taught me well as well. I still find all of this pretty incredible but I have to go with what I know.

Ashtar: Right now the person you’re learning to trust is yourself. Everyone is learning to do this. And I recommend using your intuition as much as possible in order to accomplish this.

Sharon: we have information on our website about how to learn to hear your intuition – how to tell your intuition apart from your ego, and that’s basically most of what Ivo and I have been teaching.

Ashtar: The new system of transparency will come into play when there are enough people who are discerning enough to navigate themselves around the lies. When there are enough people beholden to the truth. There’s no point in installing technology that replaces your innate capabilities, Sharon. And that’s what has been done on earth. You’ve replaced your innate abilities with technology and thusly crippled yourselves. You don’t know how to bi-locate because you drive cars, fly in airplanes and use boats. You aren’t telepathic but you have telephones to use. We will not give you any technology that will inhibit your learning to use your own innate capabilities.

Me: So humans on earth are starting from scratch?

Ashtar: We have some problems that require resolving now and this technology will be given to you. Once the earthling has its shackles removed and is capable of evolving again, then the technology can be given to you in order to assist you, but not to replace your innate capabilities.

Me: We have a lot of learning to do.

Ashtar: Indeed, you do. You are now learning how to be discerning of who is truthful and who is trying to deceive you. You are looking for your own people – those of unity consciousness because truth is unifying for a human – and looking to go forward together.

Me: Sounds good.

Ashtar: It is. This will happen quickly but attention must be paid to issues. Ignoring issues only undermines growth.

Me: Thanks Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


10 Replies to “Ashtar: Storm Update; Quantum Systems”

  1. Holistic mind

    We need to use our own powers of discretion and intelligent analysis. We don’t need channels who use questionable sources to know what and how to think. I have had it with false know -it -alls who have bigger egos and less intelligence than their human counterparts. This posting sounds like a poor thinker!

  2. Malissa Liburdi

    Humanities Imprisonment was ALLOWED, therefore WE HUMANS

    must come together in MASS UNITY WORLD WIDE COLLECTIVE.




  3. Argent

    What is the definition of a patriot if all the governments are part of the control system!? I am so tired of the language of separation. And like a previous commenter said, aren’t we all one? If the war is over, when will we be free of the relentless psyop manipulation?

  4. Douglas A James

    Remove the implants!!! Remove the mental control by archons.. disclose the truth galactics on all the media.. this didn’t need to be this damn drawn out.. the dark ones had years and years to install tech literally inside us to keep us from Awakening.. then outside us too… We have not had a level playing field at all..enough remove the dark actors and awaken the collective now…do it. we mass meditated we hit critical mass for the 3rd or 4th time and all I hear is we must do it .. but wait aren’t we all 1????

    1. ricksaubs

      Amen brother. Over Been saying this for years. It’s not fair, and especially feels like manipulation when you’ve had an implantation you were tricked into under the guise of helping a dying out race
      Unbeknownst its was a half truth the dying out race is apparently the old earth. Us whom will be entering into a new earth vs, the old tricked or by choice staying on the old timelines.
      Hang in there brother of light