Message from Sirius: Living in the Moment

Dearest Ones we are here with you today to encourage you to stay focused on your own journey into a wonderful new future. These recent times have been challenging for you and many of you have had problems and issues which you have had to overcome. You have worked long and hard to bring yourselves and others to this current moment in time, but you can all look forward to a future which will be very different to the past.

As many of you may see, there are glimmers of hope around you which show you that this time of the pandemic is coming to an end, and you will be coming into a state of normality. However, the New World will not be like anything that you have ever known before. Many of the world’s population may think that they will be going back to a world that they knew in the past but as you may know this will not be the case.

As way showers you will be taking the lead in the New World but now is the time for you to sit back, take stock and reflect on how that New World might be. It is time for you to manifest that New World, but it is behoven on you all to make this world a better place than it has been for millennia of your time.

You have all been through a silent but deadly war and you have almost reached the end of that war. It is time for you to relax in the certain knowledge that the war has now been won. Much of your energy has been used on fighting this war so it is time now for you to rest and recuperate. It is time now for you to go within and to heal yourself finally so that you can be the first ones to enter that New Heaven on Earth. Many of you have been so concentrated on fighting, that you are not even thinking how it might be when the battle is over. You are in constant battle mode so to speak. This is why it is so important for you all to rest, go within, to heal, to contemplate and to manifest all that you so desire.

Many of you have been engaged in battle for so long that you may have forgotten what it is that you have been fighting for. However, it is time now to find out. It is time now for you to go within, to call on your higher self to find out what it is that you really desire in this new time that is coming for you all

Some of you may choose to take a lead role in the New Communities that are coming to the fore, others may choose a simpler life. It really is all up to you. There will be much to do and many people to heal as others wake up to what has been going on in recent times. There will be many shocks as those who thought that their lives were on track have to come to terms with what has been happening of which they knew nothing.

Everyone will have to come to terms with what they have done and those of you who have been castigated in the past for your views will finally be exonerated. Those of you who have been working tirelessly for the Light will honoured for your patience and fortitude.

Many of you have been living in a kind of poverty but in truth much of the world’s finances has been stolen from you and in the future, you will be able retrieve these finances and be able to manifest all that you so desire.

And so Dear Ones it is time to think on what it is that you all want or need to be able to live in a perfect world. Money will be no object for you, as you will all have whatever you so desire. It will be as if you are starting all over again.

The New World will be like nothing you have ever known before. Do not restrict yourself, know that all of your health and financial situations can all be healed.

It is time now to go within to connect with your higher self and to find yourself again.

This new future is within your grasp now, but you have to live in the moment to achieve it. Be at one with yourselves in the present to dream your New World into existence.

As always call on us in your dreams and meditations for we have all been where you are now. We welcome you into this New Heaven on Earth that you are all going to enjoy.

We send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius


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