Council of Overseers: Lightship Presence Activating You Now

For the last several nights, new BEINGS from Light Ships have appeared to me to speak to me and to let me know they are also present. New as in, first communication during this current Earth reality.

Many UFO’s ( I call them Light Ships) have been around me the last few months many more than usual and they always let me know they are present. I have taken photos and short videos of them. To me this is the fun part also connected to my constant communication beyond this world. They also have fun revealing themselves.

The beings inside always speak to me. They are happy to show up and happy to share also.

The Divine Council of Overseers of course approves all monumental things related to this Universe and its transformation and even prior to this Universe being created. They are always present with me along with The Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara and many more beings.

For those of you who have followed my writing and energetic ACTIVATIONS YOU KNOW, The Elohim of creator Gods took part in this current Earth reality, DNA creation. They are what once was thought of the Gods on Earth. The priest Queen’s and Kings of Mu. Over 500 million Earth calendar years ago.

Now as the PLAN evolves into NOW and your body becomes transfigured into being the Divine Ascended Being; Cosmic God Self/ASCENDED SELF and find yourself in the New Earth Reality. We all present now here, ask you to raise your awareness to the larger picture.

You have incarnated many times. All aspects of you coexist now. This larger picture is the you that has existed throughout the universe always as YOU and is merging with the form you think of as YOU with the larger YOU (all the many aspects of you) for this process to be complete in form.

The Elohim creators of form (the design) have included in the plan the PRECISE DNA CODINGS for all on the Earth program, to complete this process. Every single being on Earth has this in their Blueprint.

OF course the full ACTIVATION of the DNA is signalled in the Blueprint through the codes of access through the heart. And although many are not prepared, many are prepared also.

You exist not in time. This is the you I am speaking to NOW and the one YOU I am activating. This is the bigger picture. This YOU knows how to respond and shift the body functions to the higher functioning through the heart. These words will not make sense to those attempting to access through regular thinking means.

So YOU the one I am speaking to, feel your heart beating, feel our Presence with you now. You know us, you feel us and it is this the cellular memory you are now remembering as IN YOUR DNA RE MEMBER ING. This is the alignment process. Through your heart. FOR all of you that really hear now, the increase in activations is taking place. This is the new beginning here and now.

You do not exist in time.

We Activate all those ready to receive now, through also the Golden Light of The Central SUN, throughout this Universe and the Love, from the eternal Multiverse Now.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


One Reply to “Council of Overseers: Lightship Presence Activating You Now”

  1. rht smythe

    Time doesnt exist. I FULLY understand that now =)
    There is ONLY a system of measurement of a full rotation of your planet and the rotation of our planet around our STAR
    QUICK….someone pour 4.5 minutes into a jar for me!
    Someone send me 25 pounds of TIME via FED EX
    Someone get me 3 cups of TIME

    THERE is NO time. It doesnt exist. There is only a system of measurement used by humans