Ireland To Drop Almost All COVID Restrictions That Have Been In Place For 2 Years

Majority of measures that have been in place for almost two years will be lifted on Saturday, prime minister says.

Ireland is to scrap almost all its COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday… Prime Minister Micheal Martin has said. (…)

The country has been one of the most cautious in the European Union on the risks of COVID-19, putting in place some of the longest-running restrictions on travel and hospitality.

But following advice from public health officials, the government decided that bars and restaurants will no longer need to close at 8pm … or to ask customers for proof of vax.

Capacity in indoor and outdoor venues is also set to return to full capacity, paving the way for full crowds for next month’s Six Nations rugby championship.

Some measures, such as the need to wear a mask on public transport and in shops, will remain in place until the end of February, Martin said.


4 Replies to “Ireland To Drop Almost All COVID Restrictions That Have Been In Place For 2 Years”

  1. David Bailey

    The countries most following the cabal agenda are the countries that had the worst treatment of indigenous people over the last 150 years – Canada, Australia, NZ and USA.

    It seems as though those countries were run by people that committed genocide on the native people relatively recently and maybe they are therefore still run with an ideology that thinks it is ok to kill off and oppress the people of the country.

    Other countries do not seem to be as bad and some are lifting restrictions while Canada, NZ, Australia and USA appear to be increasing them.

    To be clear I am drawing a corroboration between past genocide of Indians and Aborigines and the treatment of people in those countries today.

  2. John Sutter

    Unfortunately it’s too late for the majority of Ireland as it is one of the most heavily vaxxed nations. They’re will be a lot less Irish in a few years.