James Gilliland: Division in the UFO Community

Speaking at several major UFO conferences in the early 90”s I was told people either loved or hated me, there was no in between. After speaking to standing room only crowds and having the highest rush for the dvds after the talk according to the onsite sales I thought everything went great. Although the demand was there, I was not invited back? Being Naïve at the time I took it personally.

I did not understand why anyone would hate me for telling the truth about my experiences. Bringing a spiritual message into the UFO community, a multidimensional message that tied all the levels together was well received with standing ovations. Especially considering the fact I had all the evidence, photos, videos, eyewitnesses from every walk of life to back up the fact contact is happening. I gave redundantly the time and location the ships would appear, they appeared yet this was not enough. I was on the Art Bell show and Art asked me why does the UFO community eat their young. I really didn’t have an answer at the time yet experience gave me the answer. I stepped out of the controlled narrative.

When I went to Contact in The Desert I was met with the same adversity and asked the same question. Why do people either love or hate you? I told them because they either love or hate themselves, are wounded and are projecting all of this on to me rather than taking personal responsibility. This is not a cop out; it is founded in spiritual law. The more light you generate the greater the mirror, you reflect back and amplify everything people love and hate about themselves. The wounds and traumas come to the surface and guess who they project them on?  I have heard all the contradictory unfounded rumors yet the fact of the matter was I was so busy building ECETI and keeping the gardens going, writing the books, doing shows etc. I really did not have the time to participate in all the adventures I was accused of. Despite the fact they were easily dispelled, the nonsense continued.  I even made the T shirt, I am not you Father, Your Mother, or your X Lover I am Just Sitting here. I have never professed to be perfect, have always been heart centered in service and my truth has always been consistent though flexible to new knowledge. I always listen to others’ truth, see how it feels, run everything through the heart in meditation back to source.

Having two near death experiences and over 36 years of intensive training with Masters, Elders of every faith and culture along with extensive process-oriented training created the foundation to keep me somewhat sane and centered. It allowed me to shake off the constant attacks and projections. I found in my research you cannot remove higher dimensional beings and their vehicles from science, religion, culture, history, or archeology, it is replete in all the ancient wisdom and sciences if you do the research. Despite this rather than looking for similarities there is so much in house fighting on who is right, “in what is in truth a multiple-choice question” the correct answer being all the above. It is like having a piece of pie and demanding everyone acknowledge it is the whole pie when obviously it is not. We also cannot dismiss the planned opposition, shills, and inflated egos seeking fame and fortune over truth. The UFO community has always been infiltrated by all the above, not just seen but also unseen negative influences. Regenerate species like Reptilians, Greys, hybrids and AI have always interfered in disclosure. Very few are aware of it and even fewer know how to clear it. Just an observation.

People keep asking me who is right, who is wrong, which side are you on. I tell them I am on the side of Truth, I am on the side of healing, I am on the side of whatever best serves humanity and the Earth. I am not on the side of attacking another’s truth or character self-righteously or not and calling it spiritual. I am not on the side of claiming the masters or spiritually advanced ETs are also engaging in this. They are not. It takes all I can muster not to engage in defending someone who is under attack having always defended the underdog or those being attacked. I do not side with their truth, I look at the action being done against them. It is said a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Those attacking have to ask themselves why is this person such a threat. Sit with it, follow the emotions, what does this person represent to me and has it happened before? How can I depersonalize this, reframe it, use self-mastery to process it, get beyond it back to my own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection? Back to my own unique soul purpose without distractions. It takes a very wise soul and absence of ego to take this path. The need to be right usually wins in most cases.

Divide and conquer has always been the modus operandi of the dark hearts. We all have a little darkness inside of us that lets them in. The way to avoid this is to own our own darkness, do not participate in divisive actions or character assassinations. It will always come back on you and in this day and age almost instantaneously. Having been in the spiritual and UFO community for quite some time I am seeing people living in glass houses throwing the most stones. Might want to keep them to shore up your own foundation. Their houses crumble  repeatedly and they cannot understand why? Unfortunately, some never had a foundation grounded in spirituality 101 thinking they can climb the ladder of success and fame or make a comeback on the backs of others. How has that worked out in the past? In the past we used the what see I am I or the understanding that when one finger is pointing forward three are pointing back to help us see what patterns pulled us into these dramas. I am by no means saying evil does not exist. What I am saying is how can we be absolutely sure what we accuse others of is what we ourselves are doing or happening to us?

I know no matter what I say this behavior will continue. It is so deeply ingrained in social consciousness and supported by the masses now it has become acceptable or what some call normal. It is not normal or acceptable and not who we are at our heart of hearts.  My desire is that people do not get caught up in all the division and distraction. Contact comes from within, we cannot maintain that contact while engaging in the divisions and distractions. Love has always been the most powerful position, the ultimate power in the universe.  Just as each individual has to make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection it is the same with contacting Spiritually and Technologically advanced or multidimensional beings. Always clear, create sacred space beforehand, focus on love, joy and bliss, set your intention, qualify the contact. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect. This is the path to success in contacting Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders, Higher Dimensional Beings as well as Ascended Masters. We have to rise to the occasion.

Imagine if everyone cleared, created sacred space and held that vibration? What if it was done in mass and this message was passed far and wide? Enough of what ifs. Just do it!

Energy healing technique here.

**By James Gilliland


3 Replies to “James Gilliland: Division in the UFO Community”

  1. Mina

    James, I concur with azanazoo. I have just had the realization that I was projecting my negative energies onto my husband and life in general. What an eye opener to have it first pointed out to me by my sister, then confirmed by you. My gratitude is infinite!! Blessings to you and everyone who are guiding us through this process! 🙏🙏🙏

  2. azanazoo

    Thank you for that deep reminder to own our own darkness and stop projectiong nto ogthers what we have not owned and healed within ourselves . That is a marvellous reminder . Thank you again .