Sananda: Know Your Obstacles

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

Once again it is with great joy that I am here. It is with great joy that I bring all my love, all my energy to each inhabitant of this planet. The changes are strong. If you wonder when it will all happen, I answer, it is already happening. The transmutation of energies, the balancing of energies is happening.

All the transformation of this planet is the physical way of generating the energy needed to fight what needs to be fought. Then many of you may think, “What do you mean, Gaia making so many children suffer, so many lose their homes, so many lose everything; is this a positive way of transmuting the negative energy?” I will answer you, that you need to stop putting yourselves always as eternal sufferers.

As has been said here and repeated countless times, everyone is where they need to be. Before you judge Father/Mother God, judge Gaia, or judge anyone, I ask you one question: Does each one of you know each one of the souls that is there? Does each one of you know the history of that soul, what she has planted and is now harvesting? No, you don’t know. You just think that everything that happens is for evil, that everything that happens is to generate suffering, as a punishment. But it is not so, I can tell you that every great suffering corresponds to a great lesson. Nothing is in vain, nothing is a punishment.

So if those souls who are there in that spot, where nature has become austere and violent, are not poor souls going through all that, they are getting the harvest of what they planted. But since you don’t see anything, you just judge, “Nature is being merciless and evil.” So I can say to you, learn to live with it, because the process will not begin, the process has already begun. And the balancing of the energies needed by the planet is already happening.

Many can say that you caused all this. The climate change of the planet is a result of all that you have caused. I will say that this is not entirely untrue. A big part of what you are experiencing, all this imbalance, yes, you are the ones who caused it, but another part is not. Understand this: You have created huge and powerful grids for a long time, for eons on this planet, it will not be a simple rain that will destroy those grids. It takes a force, a counter energy of the same size or greater, to destroy each of these grids. And I can tell you, the egregors that are being destroyed are very small. Understand it as you will.

We never said here that the process would be easy to live through, on the contrary, lately we have been repeating over and over, that difficult times will come; and you prefer not to believe, you prefer not to understand, you prefer not to accept. I only say that each one of you will reap what is proportional to what you need to learn, nothing more, nothing less. The obstacles that appear in your journeys are not punishments, they are points of attention, points for reflection, so that you don’t repeat the mistakes of a past, recent or not.

Don’t see the obstacles and problems as insurmountable rocks; see each of them as lessons, showing you: Look here is a lesson you cannot repeat! And the moment you stop and listen to your heart, ask yourself: What lesson should I learn? What did I do to generate this obstacle? What did I do to generate this huge stone that I can’t get out of the way? And if you ask with your heart, you will hear the answer. And then you will be able to make the necessary decision in that case: to simply sit and stare at that insurmountable rock and die there, or to hire someone who can come and get it out of your way, metaphorically speaking.

Don’t be scared of the obstacles, don’t be scared of the lessons, they will no longer be lasting. You will not have another incarnation on this planet to dissolve the lessons, they are coming fast, they are showing themselves fully, and you just have to look them in the face, face the problems, face the obstacles, and ask with your heart what to do to get out of them. That’s all. You don’t have to wait long, unless you want to sit on the side of the road and wait for a miracle. It may even come, but it will take you to plant for the miracle to come.

So the time is not to wait for what is to come, the time is to live the present, to live the moment, to live whatever comes your way and that you realize that there is a point to be overcome. Great, then it is time to sit down and ask your heart how to overcome that obstacle. When I say listen to your heart, you can listen to your Higher Self, you can listen to us, you can listen to whoever you want. Just sit in your heart and ask the question. And I assure you, it may not come as an immediate answer, but it will come, crystal clear. Because there is no more time for us to play guessing games with you, showing you symbols, showing you shapes, so that you understand the answer.

We also have to be very quick in the answers we give you, so that you can take this obstacle and overcome it, so that new obstacles will come, and in this way, you can learn more and more lessons and evolve. There is no time for games, no time for guesswork, no time for you to spend time and time and time trying to figure out where the problem is. And I assure you, we will be quick, we will be extremely quick in answering you what that obstacle is.

Now, what you will do with it, that’s your choice, that’s your truth, that’s your consciousness, that’s your evolution that will say, “I get it, I’m going to make a decision.” Great, don’t expect us to make the decision for you, the decision will always be yours, because the choices are always yours. But for sure, you will know exactly what the problem is, so that you can treat it properly, so that you can treat it with urgency and effectively solve it. And then we will once again talk about whether you will listen to us or not.

This subject is already getting boring and quite repetitive, and many of you can’t stand to hear it anymore. We don’t have much of a problem with that, we will be as annoying as necessary, so that you understand, so that you actually come to us. Anyone who gets tired of it and doesn’t want to hear it anymore, just don’t listen. To those of you who are bothering us by repeating this over and over again, maybe there is a serious point of your attention that you are not willing to give the importance it deserves. We don’t care about pleasing you, we have to show you the way.

And this has been a path that you are not willing to take, because you have tried so many times and got nowhere. So I tell you: As long as you don’t empower yourselves, you don’t think you deserve it, you don’t think you are ready to hear our answer, you will hear nothing, you will perceive nothing. I guarantee you this, those who have never given up, may not hear us speak, but their hearts speak. And there is not one of you who does not listen to his own heart, because it is part of you, it is not outside.

Insistence and trust gets you what you want. The problem is that you are so tired of so many things said and not seen, that you don’t believe in anything anymore. It’s a shame, because those who believe in what they don’t see, are moving forward, are growing, are evolving. And you who doubt, who don’t think you are ready, and who don’t make the slightest effort to be ready, will reap what you sow. Nothing more than that. Don’t expect that every day things will get easier, on the contrary, every day they will get harder, because now will be the time for you to apply everything you have learned. It will be the time to live the way you have been taught. Whoever acts in these two ways will pass through everything standing up, even if the world around him falls down, he will pass through it standing up. Now if you can’t live what you have been taught, then it will really be quite difficult for you to walk.

The earth is transforming, and this transformation is necessary to eliminate the egregores that you have created. So the trend will never be for improvement. Now those of you who follow the correct path that we guide, will not go through any of that, because you will deserve, at some point in your journey, to leave for the Fifth Dimension. And those who are still here, still wondering whether to believe or not, will live what has to be lived; nobody is free from anything.

And I would really like each one of you, just to have in your consciousness, that everything, everything you are going through or will go through is the result of your soul walk. There is no escaping it. Just learn how to solve the problems and keep walking. Sitting around and crying will certainly not get you anywhere.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Sananda: Know Your Obstacles”

  1. Mike Ohira

    I don’t know how many souls really understood this message from Sananda, but my guess is very few. What is happening in the Pacific in the islands of Tonga is a natural phenomenon and it is a precursor to what will be happening all over earth within a few years.

    For those that are not aware, I can assure you when the earth physical changes eventually start to occur, you will be SHOCKED!

    “The transmutation of energies, the balancing of energies is happening. All the transformation of this planet is the physical way of generating the energy…”

    Sananda’s message won’t get thru to unawakened souls. There is a good Japanese proverb that best describe the situation: 馬の耳に念仏 It means “praying into the ears of a horse”.

  2. Odhran

    Yep this prick “jesus” sounds so loving here you fucking luciferian scumbags fuck jesus fuck god hail Satan 666