A Path To Inner Realization

When we are deeply in love in a relationship with a soulmate, we experience a state of being in joy that we want to stay in forever. This realization happens between two persons, and each of us is experiencing our own feelings, which our counter-part stimulates in us.

We are actually in love with our own Being. Without a physical partner, we can still do this. We just need our imagination and emotions. We can be so in love with our essential Self, that we emanate this energy to everyone and everything around us in the quantum field. It is a high-vibrational energy pattern that can re-magnetize negative energies and enhance positive ones.

With this state of Being, we can transform others in alignment with Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. We can live without fear, because we know we are our eternal present awareness. We can express ourselves through any form we can imagine. Currently we’re being human, but we are not required to limit our awareness to such a small part of our consciousness as the traditional spectrum of humanity.

We can intentionally expand our awareness. Whatever we want to do occurs for us, if we align with its vibrations and believe that it’s real. That’s how we create things. We imagine and feel what we’re looking for, and the energy pattern then appears, first in our realization and then in our experience.

We can be open for anything at any time. We can look beyond our human awareness in our own consciousness. To be able to do this, we need to resolve our beliefs about ourselves that limit our awareness. The most important of these is the belief in our suffering and mortality. This is the root of fear and the spectrum of ego-consciousness. It is a negatively-polarized, low-vitality realm, but people have become comfortable with it for a limited life.

A way to realize being beyond a low-vibratory level is to push our imaginative limits into the deepest true love with a soulmate. The more we can experience the joy and ecstasy of this relationship, the better we realize a greater part of our consciousness. It can be an exercise in expanding ourselves, and we can learn to apply this perspective of love and joy in every moment with everyone and everything. It transforms our lives, as circumstances arrange themselves in alignment with our energetics, and it can be the beginning of higher consciousness.

**Kenneth Schmitt