The Telosians: Masquerade

You are bubbling more and more…

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. We are going to tell you something that will perhaps surprise you because your perception of what is happening on Earth is not made to encourage you.

However, despite what you see, hear, despite what your rulers tell you who feel cornered in their last entrenchments, who feel slightly lost in relation to what is happening, that is to say the front created by the humanity in front of them, you are bubbling more and more.

What do we mean by that? Quite simply, humanity, which is really fed up with all this “masquerade” that your rulers put forward for you, is reacting strongly. You are more and more bubbling, that is to say that you are reacting more and more strongly through the filing of complaints for “crimes against humanity. »

It starts to spread in one country then in another etc. Of course, you do not yet see the effects because your governments, trying everything for everything, oppose you with laws that must muzzle you. They do not take into account your requests for freedoms, they do not care whether you are in well-being or not, they do not respond to lawyers who file complaints etc…

Despite this, which will not last, know that everything they are currently doing will necessarily and quickly turn against them and the filing of complaints for “crimes against humanity” will come to light and put them in the face of their reckless actions.

The moment is approaching when humanity will, in one movement, react in such a way as to make all rulers understand that Freedom and Respect need to be experienced by every human being without exception.

Of course, your rulers will still smile at your demands for Freedom; they still feel strong, but very soon a leaden screed will fall on them and crush them. They will then be unable to cope with the peoples who are bubbling and who will apply to their countries their vital need for freedom and respect.

We wanted to speak to you about this, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, because we know that you need comfort. You need to know and understand that we are helping you by offering you Energies of Pure Light which sometimes shake you a little but are really necessary in order to allow you to bring out from you this Divine Force of Love superior to the small earthly power of your rulers.

Realize that all your rulers, whoever they are, wherever they are, are in a state of weakness deep within themselves. This desire for power that drives them to try to weaken you with fear is simply a significant lack of confidence in them. They only feel strong by “mistreating” the people around them and especially the people around them. They feel so weak inside them, and this is unconscious, that they try every malevolent force to enslave you.

When the “lead screed” falls on them, it will be a great disappointment for them and it could lead to suicide or very serious illnesses.

Dear children of the Earth, have confidence in yourselves, do not let fear invade your beings. Some words used by your rulers can make you fear for your future. Don’t be put off, thank you. We are here to support you and love you with the most beautiful love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


6 Replies to “The Telosians: Masquerade”

  1. John Robbins

    We are all heading closer to a shocking “crunch type situation” each passing day the Light grows in leaps and bounds.

    When this “leaden screed” falls heavily on these (cornered) criminals/oppressors, it is going to very suddenly, get much, much clearer for you and i to perceive what’s really been going on.

  2. Linda

    Anyone who disrespects or brings harm to or torments another human being is not worthy of Freedom or Respect. This Earth needs a thorough cleansing of deranged individuals that do these things. They have lost their humanity.

  3. James (Jim) Farmer

    You said “make all rulers understand that Freedom and Respect need to be experienced by every human being without exception.” Does “every human” include the rulers and the satanists who torture children? Some persons who technically are of H. Sapien species are reptilian hybrids or have reptilian souls.

  4. John

    Thank you for your message and for the amplification of light it contains however i have but one question, what is an leaden screed