Our Vibes Part 3; From 3D To 4D And 5D

The hype and hysteria in the media are through the roof. From all the TV, zappers, fridges, and irons we are bombarded with a powerful stream of horrors from the world of politics, finance, weather reports, etc.

The world trembles, it is rocked to its maximum destructive amplitudes intensely and purposefully. Incredible efforts are spent to fill the entire Earth space with scare, hatred, and despair.

Many of us find it more and more difficult to keep inner equilibrium.

We need more Light to dissolve personal hurts, fears, and worries. We learn to live again, forgetting old wounds, and wrong behavior.

We erase these moments from our memory.

And the Higher Light Forces try hard in helping us to forget and not to traumatize ourselves with memories.

Now they often repeat the same advice: watch your frequency if you can’t control the situation.

It will give you back your strength and harmony.

Stress comes from trying to control what we can’t, or trying to push ourselves in a direction we don’t want to go:

• We can’t control a virus, a policy, the FED’s rate, bitcone, or the fact that some people like us and others don’t.

• We cannot control magnetic storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, floods, or the actions of billions of people on this planet.

Giving up trying to change what we can’t, or people who don’t want to change at the moment is tantamount to giving in to our Soul’s desire for peace, happiness, and greater harmony in our personal lives.

To refuse to try to please everyone is to yield to our inner compass so that we can know what we have come to know and create what we have come to create.

It brings peace, harmony, and a greater flow of Light into our life.

When we become conduits of Light, when we don’t waste our time and energy on MSM hype, drama, judgment, fears, or anger about what others can, should, or shouldn’t do, we can focus on offering Love at the moment.

We can hear our intuition safely. We will be protected by our Light.

When we see something happening in the world, or our lives that we don’t like, and we can’t control it, take a breath, feel calm, free from the burden of trying to find a solution to a problem that we can’t solve on our own.

Instead, ask yourself, “How can I add more Love at this moment? How can I tune into the vibration of Light?”

We can imagine the desired result. Namely:

• We can enjoy the simple pleasures of life;

• We can offer to help someone if we are inspired;

• We can meditate or turn to the Higher Light Forces, radiate blessing and Love vibrations into the world, refusing to try to change what we cannot, to release our energy.

• We can do what we can really do.

Giving up trying to change things can seem like a failure to our Ego. But it is often a victory for our Soul.

Choosing peace, self-love, and honoring all Souls involved. At first, it seems illogical.

If the person we love is heading toward self-destruction, and we have tried our best to help him and failed, the Guardian Angels remind us that we need to respect his free will, and his right to choose his own path, to learn his lesson on this path

If we can’t do anything about the situation that’s bothering us, we may think it’s adding to our stress.

But if we indeed let go and hand the situation over to a Higher Power, with faith and trust, we will feel deep relief.

When we are upset, it is hard to give up resentment and judgment, but it brings neither comfort nor pleasure.

Let’s remind ourselves, “I care more about feeling good and being in a good mood than I do about being right all the time, in everything and everywhere.”

Then slowly choose one thought at a time that will make us feel better:

• After we refused to change what we can’t;

• And listened to our leadership;

• Shifted our thoughts to a higher level,

We will see quite clearly WHAT we can control.

We can do what we like. The best way to love the world is to let Love flow through us.

We’ll feel great about ourselves. We can do it in all kinds of ways, big and small. And sometimes so quietly that no one will know that we love life.

Not trying to change things or people we cannot change requires a real paradigm shift. It is the quickest way to peace:

– We free our energy;

– We let go the others to their personal growth;

– We exist in higher vibrations that we are attracted to kinder circumstances.

And what is best, in this higher and more loving atmosphere, is that we find that we have more control over our reality and more influence over the world around us than we did with our mighty but ineffective efforts.

Rejection is often just a concession to the Light of Love and the Divine within us.

New energies fill us, and we don’t always understand what they are. Many are deadly tired, desperate, and ask, “Why aren’t we being liberated? Why is it taking so long? Why aren’t we being told anything honestly? How long can we talk about the same things?”

Many people find it difficult to understand that “the same” is the most important thing, but we refuse in advance even to try to get to the bottom of what is happening.

Who can help us if we, by our free will and choice freedom, have chosen a suicidal life?

Our low vibrations we use not to start rationally re-building ourselves, but to enrich us beyond measure, to envy, to hate, and now we despair and live in fear.

It is not possible to return the Light to our Soul quickly. But that’s what everything depends on. Waiting for liberators, Events, Flashes, Portals have simply been excluded.

When we seek knowledge, rather than waiting endlessly and hopelessly, we find several ways out, where everything depends ONLY on each of us.

Co-Creators, Galacom, friendly cosmic helpers look at us and say: “You, guys, for the most part, take a too long time to wake up, become conscious. Calm down, don’t flare up, accept the situation, set an example for those who are not awake, give them a choice and chance. Your incarnation is wonderful; you are the first to pave the way for others in the new world.”

This is the road we are building ourselves. There is no time for endless waiting, disbelief, and apathy, no time for mistakes. It is time to tune our consciousness and Intelligence to high vibrations.

Our internal radio has been deliberately knocked off the broadcast frequency. And when we turn the radio knob and try to catch a high frequency, the System, if not jamming the broadcast, knocks us down and leads us into useless and senseless activities.

Many of us are now experiencing various sensations: pleasant and not. Streams of energy of varying intensity are intensifying: heat, cold, vibrations, tingling, tingling, burning, and more.

All of this is becoming more and more tangible on the physical plane. We all have different degrees of perception of energies, different development, and different vibration levels.

If we can feel the energies on the physical plane, this is already tremendous progress on our spiritual ascent.

It means that our Subtle Bodies have become receptive and flexible.

They are responding to the new quantum energies coming to Earth today. But because our bodies have become so sensitive, they are now beginning to pick up other energies of lower vibration.

Our radio receiver operates on different frequencies. We need to continue to catch the pure energy freqs pouring in from the Source and not be drowned out on the way to us, by lower vibrations.

Many still live in a three-dimensional world, subject to mood swings, sudden emotional outbursts that lower vibes. Interference appears in our receiver, distorting crystal-clear quantum currents.

So how do we learn to distinguish these distorted energies and know that we have strayed from the right frequency?

It’s not easy to do.

The first sign of distorted energies is our unharmonious state of mind.

If we feel the flow of energy in our body but we do not feel joy, happiness, warmth, acceptance, and Love in our Soul, it means we have strayed from the right frequency.

We should always remember that the Divine energies of high vibrations give us the Light and Love which reigns on such a height. And no negative emotions are able, at this moment, to penetrate our Soul.

But it is important to understand that so far it is difficult for us to hold on to this height. To help us to hold on to this height,

• Try to catch the state of Highest Harmony and feel how it resonates in you on the physical plane;

• Feel this particular energy and imprint it into every cell of your body to remember it properly;

• Set forever this frequency in your body, in your Divine radio receiver.

Even if not immediately, we will feel it.

Let’s help others to go through the attunement as soon as possible. So that once they catch the Divine frequency, they will stay on it forever.

**By Lev