Council of Overseers: Accessing Your Golden DNA

We are blessed to be present now with you.

As you read this know your transformation is unfolding perfectly. The Golden Light bathes you now and as your DNA responds, release consciously all of your old ways of being.

Let go of the old you, the one you thought was you.

That was not you.

When you look in the mirror; those transforming through the heart will soon not recognize the new you.

The one you have become and again will be new once more.

The eternal web of being, the quantum realm of the harmony Heart space, is the field you are operating through.

The harmony through the heart is the eternal DNA key we have activated you through many times.

Although this is new again; as each moment is, this is also something held in the Earth DNA quantum grid, held within this Universe, for your access, on the harmony board of New Earth life.

As each moments expands upon itself and the Cosmic DNA explodes with resonance within your heart and cells, know that, what is to be, you have already been fully trained for. That is; for those who know in their heart what this is saying.

Feel even the transformation of your cellular response, through your heart, to this the heart response to your eternal truth.

No more are the unconscious non caring thought responses to life. No more are the judgments and the survival of self as the grand importance of a short lived world. When you have shed this old world within, you will know all is more than well. Then you will find yourself joyfully at the doorway to your New Earth.

Those in the old ways that have not yet shattered the old world belief systems of survival, will be offered the grand monumental releasing, as only those knowing what is ~ what is, will be able to see the doorway.

We know many of you know this.

Shed completely the old way, as it will not suffice to enter the New Earth. You must be new yourself before access to he New Earth.

This is not an external thing. This takes place within, then the body adjusts through the DNA.

Do not be fooled, you cannot fool The New Earth.

Monitor your harmony. Fake harmony will not do.

Blessing all of you now through this. As nothing happens to you, it only goes through you. We Are The Divine Council of Overseers, with Azoora, The Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara. In eternity and its forever love, now.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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