One Who Serves and Shoshanna: Spark of Life

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here, we believe. And we are ready to continue to rock and roll here. To continue to move on with the progression that you are all in here. The progression that is taking you further and further within yourselves to realize, as St. Germain has said, more and more truly who you are. And that is what this expression, each and every Sunday when we come together, is. To help you to continue to realize who you are in the very moment that you are being that.

We are ready for your questions if you have them. You can unmute your phones now and ask your question. Would there be questions here?

Guest: Hello, can you hear me?

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Yes we hear you.

Guest: I wanted a little more understanding. I asked last week about the clones. We got to understand that they are more like dolls, or more like stuffed animals. I think it would be helpful for us to understand how they actually operate, such that they look like their human, they look like they are actually autonomous and having a soul. Can you tell us anything about the way that they are able to do that?

OWS: You have just said it. They look that way. They resembled the one that they are cloned from. They are a part of that one in terms of their memories, in terms of much of their programming is there within them. But they are missing the spark. They are missing the spark of life that you all have. And that is largely the difference here, as the Shoshanna gave that last time here, as we find it. They resemble a doll or a stuffed animal. In terms of they are not fully with that spark of life here. Or, what you might call a soul here.

A soul is the record of your life. Please hold here… Yes, we will just say that. We will just stay with that: it is the record of who you have been your entire existence, all that holds one together here in terms of their full connection to their Higher God Self and all of their Higher Selves, and all of their Higher Beings here. So they are missing that. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have something to add?

Shoshanna: We wish to share here, Dear Sister. May we share?

Guest: Yes, definitely.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we would ask, if we may, we would ask a question: why does this concern you? What part of this beingness concerns you?

Guest: Not so much concerns me. I just think it would provide for us to separate from seeing them as a human, I guess, for lack of a better word, with the understanding like is it a puppet behind them? Is it a program that’s running in them? Many of us saw the movie, ‘Bladerunner,’ I think it was, where this computerized person starts to become like human, if you will. I understand that this is a doll, or whatever. But if I can understand the mechanism of it, then it’s easier to separate, I guess, from that.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we ask another question?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: Do you personally have difficulty separating yourself?

Guest: Um, it may be difficult to let go of compassion for another life form, if you will.

Shoshanna: We will say, Dear Sister, that the compassion that you wish to have for this must be directed at those that create these dolls, these beings that are soulless. The compassion must be directed at those that have gone astray, those that do not understand that they are the I AM Presence themselves. So we would just say to redirect that and wish for the nature that comes with this planet to resume its roll. Namaste.

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Now and then I have a premonition. Mostly it has to do with driving my car. I have had good premonitions; you know, beautiful things that are going to come in my life. First of all, the premonition that I saw once was driving a car. I was sitting there, and all of a sudden, in my mind’s eye, I’m sitting in my car, and this blue car comes from the left and hits me. I was sitting in my living room, and I thought, “okay, the reason I got that premonition is so I can watch out.” That’s what I was thinking. About six months later it happened. I guess it’s kind of like a personal prophesy. But prophesy is never for sure. That’s one reason we don’t do prophesies so much on this call because everybody has free will, and things can be different. Are there things that I can do to change to make it so that that premonition doesn’t happen?

OWS: It is not so much that the premonition doesn’t happen, but you can enhance the process here in terms of you are already aware of this. The more that you become aware of this potential and the possibility of being able to become aware of those probabilities in your future, we will say. Not in terms of prediction directly, but probabilities that this could occur. When you do this more and more, then it will increase. And you will gain more and more control over this.

For this is something, as we find it, that you have deep within your background in terms of your past life patterns here that you now have brought into this, or now have become aware more of this as a pattern within your life. Something that you had previously and that you are redeveloping or remembering here in terms of how to process this particular gift of spirit here. And if you look at it as a gift rather than as something to avoid, it will become more and more just that for you—a gift. Something that you can utilize throughout your current lifetime here. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We will share here. May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Absolutely.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, when a soul incarnates, it has an entire map of the life that it wishes to live and to learn from. The challenge is that the being in which the soul incarnates on this planet has been given the freedom of choice. The free will experiment. However, the map is still adhered to in some way or another, as the Higher Self will coax the being into a direction that fulfills its destiny, you see. So a premonition is a way that a being can glimpse the map, that can glimpse the destiny that it has been given through the soul record that has bee established when the being incarnates, you see. This is a gift.

Now, to avoid destiny is just to put it off a little, as destiny will find you. Whatever is in that map will come to fruition ultimately.

Now a premonition is just a glimpse, a warning, as you said, so that you can be aware. But it cannot be changed. It can only be softened by your awareness, you see. It can be transmuted by awareness. It can be softened. But it cannot be changed if it is part of your soul record and if it is part of the map that you were given before you incarnated. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you.

Another Guest: I have a question. I don’t know if you can even answer this, but I’m going to ask anyway, because sometimes potential timelines are changing, and need to be remained as a mystery. You know the Deep State has lost, but they are still planning some false flags like they did in the Boulder fire. It was brought to our attention by one of our members that they may be planning a deep freeze snow event in Texas coming up in a week or so because there are some big events gathering there. I am asking, because I was planning to go there. And even though I don’t let potential events stop me, I also don’t want to be foolish. Can you shed some light on this?

OWS: We cannot directly tell you what is going to happen, but we can say with certainty that more of these things are going to develop here in the short time ahead here, as we find it. Because those of the dark forces are losing the battle. They know they have lost the battle, or lost the war, actually here, not even the battle. They have lost the war. And they are fully aware of this. But they are very stubborn as well. And they tend to want to continue to hold on as long as they can. And they are doing things now which are seemingly, what you would call ‘ridiculous’ in many respects. That the truth is coming forward, even though they do not want it to, they know that it must happen, and they cannot hold it back. Because they are doing everything they can to attempt to hold onto what they have had, their plans, all of this. But it is all for naught, as we find it here. Shoshanna, can you add more here?

Shoshanna: We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Of course.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the cabals of your world are relentless. And to meet that relentlessness, the Light must be relentless, you see. So when those that find that they are pushing forward for the freedom of all, and they here that the cabal wishes to stop this, well that is the same story each time, you see. The key is to be relentless to overcome these ideas. They do not wish for you to do that, you see. They wish for you to stop so that they can have their way. So we will say that if you wish to continue to march for freedom, to uplift humanity, to move forward for all, you must be relentless. That is all we can say on this. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Would there be any other questions here before we release channel?

Guest: I have a question, please?

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I have a cat that seems like to be is almost human. Because when I play the piano, that cat starts meowing wherever she is, through the hallway, jumps up on the piano bench, and sits next to me and listens and listens, and then she’ll rub on my left side. And it seems like that song she likes. I get a great amusement out of this, because she never did this before. She is seventeen years old.

So then I got a harp for a gift, so I could play the harp, transposing from the piano. And the first time she heard it, she came from somewhere, jumped up on the bed where I was playing, and she would meow like she’s singing. Now she’ll turn around, like going around and meowing like she’s dancing and singing. Now I know that these animals are evolving. But more, I wonder what’s in my cat! Is that really my cat? Or is somebody in there, an energy doing that?

OWS: We would not say that there is a possession, which you are referring to here in this one. But there is certainly a higher vibrational frequency connection here, that this one feels that energy, that is coming from your musical instrument, and is able to connect with it, we will say here. Perhaps Shoshanna has more to add.

Shoshanna: We can share here. May we share, Dear sister?

Guest: Please do.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the dogs and the cats of your world, and all the animals, are fifth-dimensional beings. If they have come as companions to you, they are guiding us to the fifth dimension, you see. And what do you think this one, that you call your cat, feels when they listen to the love and the vibration of your music? What do you think they connect to?

Guest: I want to say they are connecting to the love. Because that’s all there is. Usually, including me, I play with happiness all the time. I enjoy playing, you know. So I think the cat possibly does relate to that. I know this over the years that my cat has related more to me. When I got her, she was abused very much, very badly, and it took her a long time to even trust me. But I think it’s love that she feels.

Shoshanna: This one is connecting back to the music of the spheres, to the fifth-dimension. The music that you produce here on this planet is a version of fifth-dimensional music when it is imbued with love, and compassion, and happiness, and joy, etc. So this one is vibrationally connecting to its home, to where it came from, you see.

And we will tell you that this one, JoAnna, her pets, her dogs also do the same thing. They will encroach upon the musical instruments and lay right beside the piano bench to listen, you see.

This is not an unusual thing, as these beings wish for fifth-dimensional consciousness to imbue the planet so that they can feel at home once again, you see. And that is part of it. That is part of their longing for their home and connecting back to their dimension. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. That is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. Thank you both. Bye for now.

OWS: Very good. And we take one more question if there is one.

Guest: Greetings.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I wanted to learn more about what is called the ‘Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States.’ I came across a very interesting YouTube video I would like your perspective. Thank you.

OWS: We need you to please say more about what this is that you have found here.

Guest: It has to be about the ‘Office of the Guardian,’ and what is called the ‘ Global Peace and Restoration Consortium.’

OWS: What we can tell you here is that there are many things that are being brought forward now in terms of more and more connection to higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness. Higher consciousness here, that are being brought forth. We cannot tell you directly about this one that you speak of, but there are many of these types of things now that are coming forward here, because you are coming closer and closer to those moments where vibrational frequency shall rise dramatically here at various points. And it already happening, and it is going to happen more and more here. So that is the only connection we can give directly. Perhaps Shoshanna has more here.

Shoshanna: We can share here. May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, what do you wish to know?

Guest: Well, it was an amazing news update. It was an amazing Galactic update. But I’ve never heard of this particular consortium or this office. I just wanted your perspective to make sure that it was true.

Shoshanna: And we find that perhaps you wish to know if it is legitimate.

Guest: Indeed. If you have any comments.

Shoshanna: We will say this, that there are many organizations driven by the Light that are participating in higher dimensional frequencies, participating at a different level than the third dimension participates, that wish to bring these ideas and this light forth to the planet to uplift humanity, and to change the vibration of this dimension to assimilate the divine characteristics of their dimension, you see.

So we will say that we do not know if this is legitimate. What must be found here is the intention behind this organization, you see. So you must use your heart to discern the intention of this organization that you speak of. So when you hear their message, and when you feel their message, does it ring for you? Because if it does, if it feels connected, if it rings for you, this is for you. If it does not, then it is not, you see.

It is all a matter of the heart. You must discern, you must listen, and you must connect and learn the tools of your Higher Self to make that decision you see, we cannot. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Then we are ready to release channel. Shoshanna, do you have parting message?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Then we just say here, as we gave to The James earlier for your topic for discussion, to hang in there. To hold on to who you are throughout this process. And continue to remember that you are on the path. You are on the path to reach, not the end here, but to reach forward into the continued higher vibrations and higher frequencies of the higher dimensions. You are on your way.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

**Channel: James McConnell and JoAnna McConnell