From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Egregores Part 1

We live in energy space and experience the influence of various fields that fill the surrounding world.

Our thoughts have an energy expression. They introduce waves absorbed by various Subtle structures or energy-informational forms in the ambiance.

Our feelings generate vibrations of different frequencies. They are low-freqs if they carry aggression, envy, anger, violence, etc. High-frequency ones, on the contrary, bring kindness, Love, compassion, respect, and encourage us to positive behavior.

All our vibes come into resonance with similar energy formations in the nearby environment.

The resonance effect is achieved due to the intensity of desire and confidence in achieving the desired. These interactions at the energy level allow us to create favorable conditions around us for the fulfillment of our plans.

The most powerful influence on the general psycho-energetic space is exerted by our worldview, our attitude to ourselves and others, our actions and deeds.

The energy itself has no sign. We give the functionality of the generated energy by our thought forms and thought images.

Connecting into one whole, penetrating each other on the Subtle Plane, merging, individual Souls generate an energetic being, a psychic individuality that begins to run and control us.

This psychic being or energy-informational formation, created by us and uniting us by frequency response, is an egregore filled with our states, mood, desires, and aspirations.

Egregore originates from men, it needs their mandatory presence. Any such subtle essence depends on people’s energy, and vice versa, people’s behavior is influenced by the egregore’s idea, worldview, and energies direction.

Egregores always consciously or unconsciously use traditions, customs, rituals, holidays, phenomena, miracles, and other similar things. The more carefully they are developed and observed, the more magical power they have, the more they affect us.

Parades, demonstrations, cross processions, sects’ bonfires, torchlight crocodiles, cannon salute firings, fireworks – all these are massive, of varying strength, magical actions of certain egregores.

From the physics’ point of view, this field form is a soliton – wave packet or resonator. If in some group up to 4% of employees intensively support the same idea, then their collective consciousness begins to work as a resonator and influence other people to support this idea.

The energy-informational field can be created not only by an idea, a common goal but also by our qualities and vices.

When we get sick, we connect to the egregore of this disease, and the exchange between us and its field begins. We feed this wave being with the energies of our sickliness and sufferings, and the egregore fuels the disease in us.

Negative moments appear in the actions of the egregore when it begins to level, suppress us, and adjust us to certain ideas, to a single worldview. In this case, we lose our individuality, become part of this field monster, the executor of its will.

Any collective has its psycho-energetic space: a family, various organizations, a nation, a State, the mankind as a whole. And everywhere, from the family to humanity, the same principles work.

Relationships in our family create an energy-informational field in which children are born, their upbringing is underway, certain events occur. This field is also called the space of Love if it is built on Love.

The common field is created by all members of our family and everyone is responsible for everything in it.

Therefore, we need to know the laws of this space that allows us to create it correctly.

The similar applies to society. The general attitude of all its members creates a space of appropriate quality, in which certain leaders appear, according to the saying: “Every nation is worthy of its rulers.”

Therefore, when assessing the situation in the family, the collective, the State, it is necessary, first of all, to evaluate the human material.

Elements, natural formations, and phenomena also have egregores’ properties. Mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, plants, trees create their energy-informational space, exerting a powerful influence on men’s behavior and health.

In the building of human field structures, the main factor is the qualitative composition of the participants in the process.

Some have a highly developed consciousness and can come into contact with various energy formations, for example, with the consciousness of the planets, Stars, the Universe, the Absolute, and the Source.

Hence our significant influence on the events in the world and the huge responsibility that we create this world with our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

An individual can also be an egregore. Particularly now that there are a lot of different blogs, websites, spiritual schools, whose leaders and initiators create their egregores.

Consciously and unconsciously, by various methods, they collect the energy of interested persons, concentrate these energies, and then use them for various purposes.

Through contactees, many field entities establish a communication, presenting themselves as “teachers”, “saints”, “angels”, etc.

Everything depends on our consciousness. What kind of our understanding we put in, the similar answer we get out. Only those who are harmonious themselves the way to harmony can be shown.

Many of us are happy to enter under any egregore, accept its worldview because it frees us from the need to think for ourselves, choose for ourselves, outline our goals and objectives ourselves, solve them ourselves, and take responsibility for these decisions.

But every choice, every independent step is creativity, that is freedom, and that is a Man.

Often, a program of self-destruction is laid in a person who has come under the egregore’s power, in case of getting out of its influence. This is what egregores of alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, pedophiles, Satanists, prostitutes, sectarians, dictators, etc. do with their prey.

It is in conflict, quarrels, and collision that the egregore finds nourishment in the form of our negative energy splashes. If we are inharmonious, looking for freedom outside of us, then we become the material from which these field monsters are built.

Our life depends on our inner state. Slave psychology forces us to shelter in an egregore or create one.

The difference between positive and negative egregores lies in our attitude to the future.

Negative egregore accumulates and carries dissatisfaction with today and fear of tomorrow. Our self-chastise arises from inner disharmony. Knowledge, Faith, and Love save us from submission to this field monster.

The more dissatisfied we are with ourselves, the more we want to imitate others. Imitation also grows with increasing self-doubt.

Imitating, we strive to be like someone else, disguise ourselves, and hide. In this case, we don’t want to take responsibility.

Being under the influence of the egregore, we imitate even more than when we were outside of it. It levels our personality and kills our individuality.

The growth of spirituality allows us to escape from the egregore’s influence. Even the simplest good deeds and acts transform the space, and manifestations of Love dramatically increase the effectiveness of our transformation.

The interaction of egregores with us occurs by our inner state, with the disclosure of Love in us, with the presence of knowledge, in alignment with our worldview.

When difficulties and problems are accumulated in the family between a man and a woman, Love leaves the first position, and a psycho-energy mediator appears – the couple’s egregore which begins to acquire toxic features.

They gave birth to it themselves and feed it with their conflicts and quarrels, splashing out negativity. The worse is the relationship in a couple, the more powerful the mediator. And now it goes on the offensive, provoking the spouses to appropriate actions, thoughts, and words.

Everything is in our consciousness. Wisdom is a mind filled with Love, and in such a mind there is no place for the evil egregore.

Only one obstacle exists on the way to a happy life – our laziness. Today, more than ever, we need spiritual literacy at the most modern level.

First of all, we have to understand that all the events in our life do not roll over us, but we get into them. Often, it’s better not to force a situation, it will always resolve itself. Love is the best defense against trouble.

Faced with Evil, we usually get upset, that is, we dissolve the Evil’s vibes in us. But this is what the Evil wanted, and we, having poisoned ourselves, come home and poison our home and loved ones.

If we loved our enemy, the vibration of Evil would be reflected from us, and with terrible force like boomerang would hit the one who sent the negative impulse.

All our actions are accumulated in the energy-informational field because they are forms of energy. It is stored there and, at a certain moment, it comes back to us.

As much as we have a lot of negative thought forms and deeds, so often they will be showered on us. Most of us do not want to understand, for example, that it is not age that brings diseases but our way of thinking and feeling.

Happiness and unhappiness is the state of our Intelligence. The need exists only in our minds. It is the mind that is the main illusionist.

For most of us, the mind constantly lives in the state of “I want!” And therefore is excited because of the multitude of “I want”. And this “I want” already takes possession of us and begins to run, command, and control every our thought and move.

In the endless pursuit of this or that need, we lose ourselves. The best remedy for it is giving back. We should always give as much as we want to receive.

And what can we give infinitely much to get as much? Of course – Love, and this resource should be used.

It is also necessary to remember that when a critical mass is reached, money acquires consciousness.

Men, who got a lot of money, interact with the consciousness of its egregore that changes theirs. They begin to behave arrogantly, do not notice old friends and relatives, and treat people as mud.

The energy of suffering is pumped up by the general egregore of Evil. Especially valuable for it is a force flow caused by the distress during artificially created crisis, pandemics, hunger, wars, panic fear. Or when we begin to be jealous, envious, are under the influence of greed, lust, hatred.

The most important thing is that the process of suffering takes place. The low-frequency egregore does not require any kind of energy but a creative and constructive one.

This wave entity is filled with the force of our suffering. It doesn’t matter whether they are physical or mental, when they become excessive, they squeeze all the strength out of us and, first of all, our creative potential.

The no-fail technology of creating human anguishes has always been and remains the disorientation of society, its total deception. The aim of a lie is one – to keep us from the truth.

The globally imposed desire for consumption to please the body deprives our life of the highest meaning of being.

On Earth, despite millennia of Darks’ total power, the potential of Spirituality has been preserved. Developing it, we accelerate the transformation of us and our planet, and it will rightfully become the Spiritual Heart of the entire Local Universe.

**By Lev


3 Replies to “From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Egregores Part 1”

  1. Wanderer

    Here is another truth:

    This world is full of evil creatures in different outward appearances, and if one poses a severe threat to our life, we should bear two statements in mind:

    1st: If it bleeds, we can kill it.
    2nd: Evil can never be dead enough.

    “Oh, no”, shouts the priest while stepping into harm’s way. “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute and mistreat you!”
    As soon as he speaks the last word, he becomes the prey of the ruthless beast he tried to save.

    End of message.

    1. Bruce

      Everything is an energetic exchange. You must not consent. We do not pray for what should not exist. If it exists, one consented. Undo what was once done through conscious awareness of the morphogenetic field that bared witness and brought it into BE/ING. The act of killing is consent through engagement. Your actions. Your deeds. Finality. All ILLUSION. There is no DEATH only TRANSFORMATION (for most- without conscious awareness). Release it from all consent, past and present, which manifested it into BE/ING, placing it into the void of NOW from whence ALL springs to rise anew without identity. Without preconceived notion of past or present the egregore has no shape. Without shape, a clean slate. A new beginning. The identification of EVIL, as such, has condemned the circle of its return to you for you did not UNDO what must be UNDONE. The EVIL is YOU for there is NO SEPARATION.

    2. Tess

      I’d say if you have the spiritual strength you can stand down any so-called evil. However, you really need your personal field to have more light than the so-call opposition and you actually need to Love the evil into submission – it is not the opposition spiritual action that wins. It is the Love that Wins whereas the evil either 1) embraces love or 2) is boomeranged by its own intentions in the face of pure love which deflects its intentions. So, yes, we can so-called “fight” evil and if we aren’t quite up to the task – some often unseen condition not readily discernible from the outside – it is possible to be harmed in the short term. However, we are immortal, and so Love always wins going forward and we carry more and more Light with each incarnation as a result of our Efforts.