Sanat Kumara: Longing for Self Knowledge

Live your life!

How do you develop the longing for self-knowledge?

Beloved human beings,

It is the course of involution that brings you to this point naturally. Neither can you force the longing for God nor the longing for self-knowledge. It happens when the time is right and when you are ready for it.

Nevertheless, you can do something for it to come closer and closer to this point in your development!

Live your life! Pay attention to the inner impulses and follow your conscience – from conscience to knowledge to certainty. Follow your inner voice and live your life! Each incarnation as a human being serves you for acquiring new abilities and becoming more perfect inwardly.

You have chosen the subjects you want to work on in a lifetime before life – and you have chosen the adventures you want to experience before life.

To recognize these lessons then, when your soul brings them to the surface, is your task. If you succeed in establishing a deep inner connection with yourself, you will always find the right path and mistakes are rare.

Every human being is born with assignments. What wants to be experienced, should be experienced. This is the only way to find happiness in life.

Only the one who knows that he is in the right life and is occupied with the right things is, no matter what he does, happy and at peace with himself.

Life by life you master your tasks until everything is mastered and you have attained mastery.

Then the real awakening begins, then the longing for self-knowledge rises from your soul and the union with God becomes your only aspiration.

The longing comes to you, it finds you – God is then no longer a stranger.

Live your life courageously! Find and master your tasks! Follow the call of your soul – until your longing for God awakens!

I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by