Ascension Process Escalating

The Ascension process is escalating and is unstoppable, as the new Earth is making herself felt intensely.

Waves upon waves upon waves of Ascension are upon us, as never felt nor experienced before, and indeed, this is lifting us beyond anything known before.

We cannot take the old programs, old paradigms, the old systems, the old Belief systems, the false programming, the forgetfulness, the old way of thinking, feeling and indeed living life into the new. All will not work.

The pioneering spirit is now required. The quest to explore the new and to be creative and inventive and indeed to be guided by the deep heart-felt knowing, the intuitive voice within, so that we, in deepest harmony, peace and unity within ourselves, co-create this outside ourselves, as we radiate forth, illumined from deep within.

This is the New Golden Age of Love, in the New Earth where unity consciousness reigns and All is ONE.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

You are not the same as before. You can never be the same as before. You are evolving. You are reborn. You are now changing, morphing, growing into the truth of who and what you in truth are, and stepping into the fullness of your soul Mastery.

All which has ever been before – even the past lives – is no more.

We have been freed from all karma as the New Earth was fully born.

If you still are playing out the old stories, the old personas, the old acting roles, then it is time to wake up, and realize the stage you thought you played on, the acting roles are redundant. The stage is no longer there. The Old Earth has ceased to be. You are merely playing out the holographic images you have in your mind and old redundant programming!

It is time to claim your greatness with unconditional love and loving service in the highest possible way, for the highest and best and higher good of ALL. Your playing small and that victim role serves you no more. No one is a victim of anyone of anything. All were but lessons in soul mastery, and with this huge ascension process we are slaves no more, to ourselves nor to others. We are freed!

Yet you need to claim that freedom within yourself by stepping and claiming and living the truth of who and what you are in truth, with great love!

Whatever you resist, will persist, until you finally allow the process of transfiguration to morph you, to purify you, to reinvent you, so that you can fully step into your new Lightbody form and into the New Earth and New Golden Age, with love, in love, and cocreating from the heart and soul of Love.

Let what is said reverberate deeply into the depths of your heart and soul and let is all trigger what needs to be triggered and speak what needs to be heard into the very depths of you!

This is the hour! This is the minute! This is the moment!


**By Judith Kusel