Uriel: Are You Ready for Equality?

To all the brothers of this beautiful blue planet! I am Uriel!

I come to bring you hope, balance, and the certainty of a better future. Equality will reign on this planet. There will be no more hunger, no more misery, no more pain, there will be no higher and lower, everyone will be equal, everyone will have the right to everything, everyone will have access to everything.

Each one of you needs to look inside yourself, to look at the other, not as the one who usurps what is yours, not as the one who takes from you to him, not as the one who prevents you from having something. Anyone who stands in front of you is a child of Father/Mother God just like you. It is not for each of you to judge what the other deserves or doesn’t deserve, because right now you put yourself on a pedestal, intuiting that you deserve everything, without caring about everything that is in your soul walk, and the other deserves nothing, in your eyes.

Your planet will change; it will change in concept, in form, in the way each of you accesses things. Of course we do not expect, and we know it will not be, an easy and smooth transition. Imbalance will reign for a long time, because those who have never had access to anything will get lost in the midst of so much abundance, they will not know how to control themselves, they will not know how to live as educated beings, as you say. This will bring much disharmony, much anger, much discord.

So I say to each one of you: You are in a desert, dying of thirst, of hunger. And suddenly you see in front of you a big oasis, with lots of fruit, lots of water. What would you do? Would you be extremely polite and calmly take some water, just take some fruit, because you are extremely polite; or would you let your body get sick of it until it could not take it anymore? You have to have a lot of common sense, so that there is no judgment. They will fill up for a long time, until that first moment is over and they are satiated. And ba

lance reigns again in their bodies, in their lives. So who are you to tell them, to be restrained, to have the supposed education that you hold so dear?So let’s go to the opposite side. Those who have always ruled this planet, only lining their pockets, accumulating more and more wealth at the expense of the planet’s hunger and misery, will lose everything. Because not only for being who they are, but for continuing to perpetuate the same movement as their ancestors, without changing a comma. How will they accept all this? Easily, meekly, without complaining? Who will be more desperate, the one who has always lived in arrogance, or the one who never had anything and suddenly finds it? Who will be more unbalanced?

If we could divide between groups, I would say that there are only two: Those who have never had anything are at the extreme of one end, those who have always had everything are at the extreme of the other end. And those who are closer to the center are those who never cared about having, they cared only about living, about helping others; material possessions were never a concern for these people.

So there are not three groups, there are only two, where as these groups get closer to the center, the balance happens. The further away from the center, the greater the imbalance. Which group are you in? You think you are very deserving of all that you have built so far, and I agree, if it was built with sweat, with toil, with love, you deserved it. Now, everything that has been achieved in unlawful ways, what will happen? There is no judgment on our part, we will not be stamping which side you are on, nor will we be placing each one of you on one side or the other. You will be at the product point of your journey. That is all.

Then those who have the merit will come closer and closer to the middle, to the point of equilibrium, not caring about material possessions. There is something you have not yet understood, nothing belongs to anyone, this is a concept that was brought from the rulers of your planet: possession, ownership. Now, does anyone take something when they lose their physical clothing? Then nothing is yours; if it were, you would take it along, it is property. Your soul takes only what it has lived, what it has caused, what it has received. What is matter, stays. It stays for the descendants, it stays for the others. And with this argument, those who are powerful think they have the right to dominate the whole planet, not caring if on the other end there is someone who is starving.

Don’t judge everyone by the same weight. If you are born in a hostile environment, where there are no jobs, where there is nothing to eat, is the one who is living there guilty of something? Or is it a lesson of your own soul to go through all that? And as a consequence, it is a lesson in the solidarity of the other brothers. The great goal should be for everyone to be on the same level. If someone is hungry, no matter the reason for that hunger, I will give him something to eat.

It doesn’t matter if he became poor because he lost everything in a poorly planned action, it doesn’t matter, it was part of his journey to get that deep. And so you judge him and don’t help him? “No, he needs to learn!” So starving is something that has to be learned? Father/Mother God did not create human beings to go hungry.́Of course the journey of some leads to that, but it is up to others to give that brother what to eat. Whether he will be grateful or not is not for you to judge. It is up to you to just be supportive. That’s all.

There is a fragile point on your planet: the energy of money. And that is what will make all the change, that is what will bring about the New World, because everything is based on this energy that has been misused for so long. But soon, this will all be over, and a new financial system will come, ending inequalities. Each one will receive the merit of his or her walk, and each one will lose what is the product of his or her walk. There will be no collusion, no deals, no double-dealing… it’s all over. And it’s no use trying to hide, it’s no use trying to protect yourselves, because everything will change.

Are you ready for this change? Are you ready to live in a world where equality will reign? Are you ready to live in a world where you will be superior to no one in any respect? Because everyone will have the right to everything. Are you ready to sit at the table with the one you now call unequal? Are you ready? Put your egos aside and stop worrying about what you will lose, because it reverberates too.

What is the feeling that is being put into this change? The joy of knowing that no one else on the planet will go hungry, or the worry of what will be lost? And there is another point, or the greed of what will be gained? How do you place yourself in this process? In what way do you understand equality?

Each of you will have the product of your soul walk, not of this life, of your soul. And it may be, for sure, surprising to many.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


3 Replies to “Uriel: Are You Ready for Equality?”

  1. Susla

    Equality sounds beautiful, but isn’t it one of the buzz words from Deep State?
    Vania often do dark channelings.

  2. Daedalus

    “… right now you put yourself on a pedestal, intuiting that you deserve everything, without caring about everything that is in your soul walk, and the other deserves nothing, in your eyes.”

    And thats where I stopped reading. So, by the above “logic”, everyone is a plain clone without any individuality and everyone puts themselves on a pedestal ? From billions of people, everyone puts themselves on a pedestal ?

    The “higher forces” and various “channelings” do realize that this whole reality is one experimental test in extremes ? Those thinking and behaving purely parasitical, theyre simply incompatible with word “equality”. But define what is “equal” … can you split a bread perfectly in two halves ? On atomic level … its impossible to split it perfectly. And by that logic the one half of it will always be larger than the other one. This same logic is applicable to any definition of “equality” – youll never have that “perfect equality”, and thats the only equality there is.

    But you can have far more balance, and modesty, and simplicity within ones lives. Only the ones parasitic and greedy ones would see some small variations as getting less or getting more … so humans with non-parasitic mentality would always in any moment have more than sufficient.

    So, the key is in people changing from within. Because if you throw millions of dollars on some right now… even that wouldnt be enough for them. They need to change themselves, if they can …