February Energies; Wise Trust


As we build our Inner Power to hold a higher octave of creation, we are called to find the balance of wise trust in the self, first and foremost, then in the broader cycles of life.

This allows universal law to apply more directly and powerfully in your life. It doesn’t negate physical law, it aligns the physical aspect of you and the non-physical, infinite aspect of you to navigate life.

This blended state creates a basepoint resonance that is a higher-frequency, “enlightened” self. This is not a state of pure omniscience. It is a state of elevated human experience that is a progression, not an end state. It is a moment, a state of flux, and yet it becomes part of your human experience.


What occurs through this journey is you develop your discernment skills, your Wise Trust.

Most importantly, you develop your inner authority. This is what supports you to observe with a trust in yourself that allows information to flow without unconscious survival mechanisms being activated and sustained.

It doesn’t guarantee you know everything, or that you never have doubt. Your Wise Trust helps you navigate the unknown, which is what the future always is. Potential.

This reveals the discernment of lies, manipulation, avoidance or unconscious patterns more easily. It helps you to navigate out of polarized contraction to the past (a belief pattern) and into the paradox of a true change-state. This is where opposites connect for new creation.


Your Wise Trust is an internal experience as you allow information to unravel, reveal, revel and repeal.

It unravels the distortions that disperse and dim your focus.

It reveals the positive path of creation, even though that doesn’t mean it is all easy or blissful.

It revels in the journey, not just the outcome that feeds the ego.

It repeals the barriers to new growth because there is an openness to change.

Wise Trust is your acceptance of YOUR ability to co-create with Life. Life has Wise Trust in you. Do you?

**By Jamye Price