Corrupt Matrix

The Matrix which we’re clawing our way out of has been put into overdrive mode. The evil controllers are trying to counteract this human Awakening that’s currently going on. The agenda of these predators is to lock in as many humans as possible into a time loop, a frequency prison before the opportunity closes during this time of transition. Humanity is being ushered into a new way of being. These are challenging times but exciting as well and many of us came here for this re-evolution as we start to remember our true identity. When you investigate the endless conspiracies that are currently being revealed, the deeper you go, the closer you get to the core of betrayal of the human race.

This Matrix that we live in which is causing the systemic failure of Earth’s bio-systems in every way only establishes a slave environment on a prison planet which the only outcome is destruction. In order to enslave a race you take away its past. You’ve read previous posts of mine which I talk about taking away a culture’s identity, ancestry and memories which is so detrimental. Embrace your race, your color and its ancestry. Don’t let your culture die. This anti-human agenda has downgraded our human blueprint by instigating an artificial program using chemical, electromagnetic, political and religious manipulation. This manipulation raises pathological, obedient slaves.

We are trapped in a corrupt Matrix generated by our own mutated genetic programs and the frequency feedback by our chemically altered brain waves. It’s a total lose-lose situation. The only outcome is destruction. For humanity to be free we need to understand the identity of those who are manipulating our reality but we must resurrect the original human blueprint prior to our genetic modification/downgrade. We must get our DNA back online.

In that blueprint there is a template that will initiate the electromagnetic disassociation from this synthetic Matrix. Meaning, our Awakening. I believe this is what’s happening currently to many. There are flaws in the manipulation of humanity by this negative agenda and these desperate acts are being reflected in our current reality which are becoming more and more apparent and predictable. Same patterns under different guises. All of you that are Awakening at this time are starting to identify the unseen, the invisible thread that weaves through all of these events which seem to be unrelated on a surface level but all point to the same goal which is global enslavement, a body/mind split through distraction and artificial intelligence. Also, through GMOs, EMF radiation, *va*ccin*atio*ns etc. all which are environmental factors which collude with genetic experimentation by predators from beyond the stars in order to disconnect us from our original DNA blueprint.

This is an artificial program of hybridization that is priming humanity’s transformation into shell vessels for hyperdimensional possession. I apologize when I go on these rants but so many don’t understand the extreme danger the human race is in. But, there is a movement unlike anything the human race has known happening right now and we are beginning to question the official narrative of everything that we have been taught and told by so called official gatekeepers. I’m sure many of you have said to yourself how can these people be so blind, in my opinion, there will be people that will fight this higher frequency, align and stay within the negative/service to self agenda. There are 7 billion people on this planet at different levels of consciousness and everything in between some will not be ready.

We’re experiencing a time split and many of you are noticing it with relationships with family, friends to lifestyle locations etc. Examples are some of you are not resonating with dense urban populations anymore or a career you’ve had for many years to the foods you can no longer handle etc. The key here is frequency vibration plain and simple. This alteration will cause internal conflict no doubt about it. But, if it’s meant to happen it will. Don’t let this upset you because that reactive behavior will only be counter productive and creates a frequency that this Matrix feeds off of. But, believe me it’s easier said than done be easy on yourself. These parasites want you to be reactive which will only pull in negative situations. Meaning, the frequency you emit will be matched coming back.

**By Teri Wade


4 Replies to “Corrupt Matrix”

  1. Logan5

    Yet another article from someone living in fear, not understanding that the dark ultimatley serves the light. These people are not evil, theyre providing your soul with experiences you wont find anywhere else in the universe. Stop searching conspiracies and start learning about the spiritual. It will help foster youre understanding.

    1. Susan

      Logan! Thank you! I agree. Everything happens FOR me, not TO me. And you have to be a vibrational match to draw anything into your reality. The “evil” is just playing a part so we can work on the mastery of seeing it without judging, reacting, thus giving it our energy, power and getting entangled, dragging down our frequency.