COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programs Violate Bioethics Principles

Dr. Robert Malone, the celebrated scientist and inventor of mRNA technology, believes mass Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination campaigns are a violation of bioethics principles.

Malone, an expert in bioethics, recently penned a short essay reflecting on the bioethics of the mass vaccination campaigns around the world. He is very concerned about the safety of distributing these experimental and dangerous medications.

Due to the emergence of mass vaccination policies, Malone has recently refreshed his knowledge of the history of modern bioethics – from the Nuremberg Trials to the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Accord, the Belmont Report in the United States and the common rule that exists in the code of federal regulations.

Malone has also brushed up on the already extensive knowledge he has of the legislation and the Food and Drug Administration policies pertaining to the issuance of emergency use authorizations for experimental treatments.

COVID-19 vaccine recipients not given proper informed consent

In his study, Malone concluded that the COVID-19 mass vaccination campaigns violate three core principles of bioethics.

Firstly, the distributors of the vaccines never provided people with full disclosure of their risk of causing adverse events.

The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental medications. This means every single person who accepts a vaccine is a participant in an experimental medical trial. Participants of such trials must be given all the information regarding its potential side effects. Based on this disclosure, people then have the right to decide whether they still want to get vaccinated.

**By Arsenio Toledo