From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Egregores Part 2

Currently, Co-Creators and Galacom are removing 3D energy and plasma and all their formations from Earth, including Dark egregores, tearing their food chains and cutting them off from the people who serve them as their main fodder.

This is an incredibly difficult task, as we continue to pump up the egregores with the vital energy of our thoughts and emotions. It is very hard to dismantle this extremely complex, intertwined, and sophisticated mechanism of feeding Subtle monsters.

How does it work?

Everyone is familiar with the following picture. A colossal stadium. The match of the century is watched by more than a hundred thousand spectators in the stands and billions of TV viewers.

Tempers flared, fans are raging.

Then, one player made an unforgivable mistake which leads to the defeat of the team. The negative energy jet of billions of fans crashed on the unfortunate. They are ready to tear him apart.

From such a monstrous blow, he should have died instantly on the spot. But this is not happening. He is alive and well, although overwhelmed by a sense of guilt.

Where did the global negative tornado directed at the player go?

The egregore took it.

If this were not the case, then the object of the crowd’s hatred would die, and the idol would simply fly into the air.

That is one of the simplest tools for feeding egregores. But they all work much more delicate and sophisticated.

On a Subtle Plane, the egregore looks like a large tree with people tied to it. It is very large and grows in space. The roots are not underground, they can be seen.

A thick trunk and many branches, from large to smaller ones, spread themselves far and wide.

It looks infinitely huge and rests against the sky. There are no leaves on the tree, instead of the crown, there are also roots.

It is not static but, like a living organism, is constantly changing.

This is an egregore’s system of fixation, control, and recharge. A system in which, if necessary, Subtle monster can move people attached to it.

Many of us are linked to this system since birth, not only the current one but also from previous incarnations.

Egregore gives us a sense of security, and stability. At our expense, it supports itself and develops. The crown, similar to the roots, grows. But it does not go upwards but creeps along the border of the invisible ceiling as if resting against something that it cannot come through.

The ceiling is a wall between 3D and 4D/5D. Parallel to this border, twigs like tentacles stretch in different directions where the eye can see. Above the barrier, another energy density does not allow the egregore to grow in height.

It selects any, even the smallest sources of energy (such as abandoned children) for nourishment. Egregore takes little by little, imperceptibly, from the inside, especially in kids: unspoiled, clear energy, pure concentrate. This is not the energy of a specific organ but of a Soul that exudes the most valuable essence inside each of us.

Sometimes, an egregore is not aggressive. When we begin to look closely at it, analyze what is happening, and disconnect some connections, the suction points fall off, decreasing in number.

But the tentacles of the egregore do not disappear. It watches very closely and is always ready to completely capture us back if we give up. This is especially true for the repetition of past unlearned lessons after which the monster has already subdued us. So, when we roll back, a very powerful suction of our energy to the egregore immediately turns on.

In this our incarnation, egregores siphon off not much, it feels a little, but their channels are not static. They can pump out from 10 to 50 percent of vital energy, depending on our inner state, strength, or weakness.

Egregores closely monitor when we are not in the best condition. A real holiday for them is our depression, irritation, anger, mood decline, procrastination, and other similar emotions.

At these moments, it’s like a faucet is opening in us. The egregore sees that there is an opportunity to feed up and takes it to the maximum until the tap is closed.

It takes only the purest and healthiest energy. It ignores sores or unclean emanations. As a result, we get a malfunction in our body; diseases begin to manifest themselves at the physical and psychological (emotional) levels.

Often, vision and the bone-joint apparatus are the first to suffer. Any joint is the place where metabolic processes are going on intensively, where fluids and nutrients are centered. These are the points of tissue concentration, metabolic processes.

Egregore pays attention to these spots first of all. On the Subtle Plane, they look like red spots or pockets of energy. Myopia and joint problems are the results of connecting to the energy drain system.

Unconsciously or consciously, we shelter in different egregores for save and protection. This is what they want to be seen.

We did not show our will, and an unconscious plug-in was made. On an emotional level, it is as if a deal is stroked to which we go under the influence of circumstances.

It’s like how we, small and defenseless, suddenly get from a cold street to a place where it’s cozy, hearty, and warm. And, of course, we subconsciously agree to do anything in exchange for taking care of ourselves.

If we understand the situation and want to break the contract, egregore will not give up so easily. What can it do?

All our life attitudes, which served as hooks for the egregores’ to run us, may become aggravated. So that we put them on again, succumbing to low-frequency emotions and thoughts.

The connections of our relatives or acquaintances may become more acute to return us to the familiar swamp, from where it is easy and convenient to pump our energy, individual and general, lowering our vibes when communicating with one another.

There may be System attacks. For example, a car broke down, unplanned expenses arose, a letter was sent from the tax inspectorate, a bank account was blocked, a loss of job, etc. It means that the egregore is trying to return us to low-freqs through the System using its methods.

Our health or children’s and close relatives’ illness may worsen. And so reanimate our low vibrations.

There may be attacks on us in our sleep. In this case, we dream of aggressive people or animals, limited spaces, broken stairs, labyrinths…

Availing of our sleeping consciousness, egregores can slip our contracts in a dream through relatives, children, or animals, lock us in rooms, in schools, demanding to pass an exam, even if we graduated from school or university a hundred years ago.

They may provoke our Ego. This hook is the most favorite for any plug-in and any egregore. “You’re so cool, awakened, and conscious; you’re going against the System, wow!” or “They don’t put you, enlightened, in anything! Answer them!”

In the first case, flattery is used, in the second – humiliation. There can be many such examples. But our Soul has no ego. Only our consciousness has it and is easy to manipulate.

Each Soul has different levels of education, different experiences, and different perceptions of the world. The feeling of our infallibility and ideality is our most common misconception.

False views, programs, and blocks may be activated. Like: “All men are bastards”, “Big money is not given to honest people”, “In our family all men are alcoholics, so my husband will also be a tippler” …

Plug-ins can be anything that blocks our potential and prevents our realization in life. They can hinder our happiness, income, and any opportunities. More precisely, we block them ourselves. Sometimes, due to our scare of seeing a Subtle Plan, or being deceived, or becoming unloved.

Many are very reluctant to give up wrong attitudes because of their hidden benefits. “I’d rather be alone than building a relationship with someone again,” or “Stability is better at this job than on new venture,” or “Let it be a dipso, I know how to handle such men, but I don’t know how to behave with normal ones.”

Finding hidden personal gain is easy. It is much more difficult to admit it to ourselves, and even more hard to give it up.

Egregores milk enormous volumes of low-frequency emotions from us by MSM, every minute pouring tons of sewage on us from the world of politics, finance, economics, geopol, healthcare, nature monitoring…

Casually, or, on the contrary, under the slogans of transparency and democracy, we are bombarded with footage of tragic events and catastrophes, squeezing out of us the emotions needed by the egregores.

There are many variations. And our awareness is one. To realize that this is provoked from the outside and not our true feelings is already 50% success. It is important not to take these emotions, not to accept them. Return someone else’s to where it came from, and keep our own.

We need to take more care of ourselves, and not of those imposed by others. And do not forget about regular cleaning of all plug-ins. Mental hygiene is as important as brushing our teeth and washing up every day.

**Part 1

**By Lev