Encouraging Greater Awareness

We can live in the greatest love and highest joy that we can envision and feel. We can be in any emotional and mental state that we focus our attention on. Thoughts and emotions vibrate in synchronous electromagnetic wave patterns, with thoughts being electrically charged and emotions being magnetically polarized in the same frequencies. We think and feel at the same time. These are expressions of our awareness.

We have learned to react to situations that appear to be outside of our own being. In actuality there is no outside of our awareness, only outside of our body. If we want to enjoy greater awareness, we must drop our attachments to everything and everyone. We must trust in our eternal Being and infinite abilities. We are all the same Being, sharing the same conscious life force and the same universal consciousness. We are created to be creators. We have the ability to change the wave patterns and frequencies in our awareness by our perspective.

We can understand any situation in any way that we want, and it becomes true for us. If we are in fear, anxiety or torment, we are negatively polarized, and we experience this perspective. If we are in a state of love and joy, we are positively polarized, and we vibrate with the enhancement of life within our awareness. These states of being can be intentional for us, and we can intend to stay positive, even in challenging situations. If we engage and align with them, they may stimulate great fear. In the present we are always creating the quality of our life experiences by our thoughts and emotions, and by the vibratory level of our words and actions.

By our polarity and vibratory frequency, we create the quality of our experiences. Since we are all within the One consciousness, the circumstances of our experiences arrange themselves to accommodate our state of being, which we express as our energy signature, in every moment. We can even move beyond karma in our awareness and resulting life experiences. To do this we must resolve all limiting beliefs, including those hidden deeply within our subconscious innate being. When we have a strong intention to know the truth about our Being, our intuition guides us through the process of opening to greater awareness. When we need guidance, we can learn to be aware of the first feeling/thought that we receive in every moment. We can focus our attention on the best, most life-enhancing feelings and scenarios that we can imagine in any situation.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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