From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Overbank

In February, the cosmic energies coming to Earth will begin to accelerate all the central plots of the year, giving them a new dynamic.

Our priority ideas, projects, and plans, as well as global ideological and political conflicts, unresolved economic and social problems, will accelerate, expand and scale. They will develop in an avalanche-like manner along an unpredictable trajectory.

Our Overbank – The Power Of Jupiter And Uranus

Such a scenario of events will be set by a bunch of powerful energies of Jupiter in Pisces and accelerating Uranus in Taurus. During the whole month, a sextile will be kept between the planets which will become accurate on February 18.

Although this aspect is harmonious, it will enhance the energetic impact of each of the planets in its signs – increase unpredictability to Jupiter’s large-scale functions and spheres of influence and strengthen the desire for change and renewal dictated by Uranus.

Until May 10, Jupiter, the planet of ideas, big goals, long-term strategies, and worldview concepts, is moving along a very complex, multi-layered, contradictory Pisces sign. This is the last 12th sign, in which all the wisdom and karma of the zodiac is accumulated.

In this zodiac, Jupiter is deeply religious, philosophical, and psychological. Its energies help us to plunge into the mysteries of existence, encourage pure creativity and tune into a Spiritual wave, awaken peacefulness, selflessness and compassion, generosity and charity.

At the same time, the vibrations of Jupiter can raise from the bottom of the dark karmic depths of the Pisces the muddiest and dirty energy of deception, betrayal, meanness, addictions, diseases, crime, racial, national, ideological, and religious enmity.

It’s pointing the magnifying glass at them so that we can get a good look at all the ugliness and filth of this world and cure it.

Uranus, the planet of renewal, technological progress, revolutionary changes, acceleration, creative insights, and scientific inventions is located in the material, stable, earthly sign of Taurus.

That position virtualizes the material world with its energies, digitizes and accelerates the updating of familiar established models. And the quadrature of Uranus and Saturn, active in 2021-2022, pushes with its vibrations revolutionary system reforms and technological progress.

As a result, at the global level, we can expect negative options:

– Explosive, avalanche-like, uncontrollable increase in the incidence of COVID around the world on an unprecedented scale and speed of spread. Jupiter is moving to join Neptune which will take place in April and may become the peak of the pandemic in 2022;

– Natural and weather disasters in the form of large-scale and unexpected snowfalls, hurricanes, and floods. There is also a high probability of major accidents and technological accidents on the water, oil spills and toxic substances in reservoirs, accidents at chemical enterprises;

– The expansion and aggravation of the central political and ideological conflict on security issues between NATO, Russia, and Ukraine. This topic will create strong nervousness in society because of the exaggerated danger, as much as possible to heat up and electrify the information field.

– Unexpected political statements and strategic decisions are quite possible, which will be implemented in the diplomatic, legal and legal field, arrange a rally in financial markets and activate the growth of risky assets.

In positive variants:

– Accelerated development of science in general, as well as the emergence of breakthrough inventions, technologies, and materials in the field of medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, biology; innovations for the media industry, audio-visual content production, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, online education; the digital transformation of business and production, especially in the above areas;

– The emergence of large alliances, unions, associations in the field of politics, economics, innovative business, science and technology, charitable and volunteer movements.

In our personal life, the connection of the energies of Jupiter and Uranus in harmonious variants will help us throughout the month to realize our value ideas with progress and technology, and creative inspiration with spiritual insights actively develops projects aimed at the future, and turn plans into reality.

The vibrations of Uranus will stimulate our evolution, prevent us from resting on the laurels of past achievements, and force us to move forward and upward at high speed at a rapid pace.

The energies of Jupiter, in turn, will push us to set the right goals, not to get lost in dreams, and focus on global tasks. It will help to direct all our accumulated experience and knowledge to the constructive renewal of our ideas and concepts of personal development, not allowing Uranus to reset everything, divide, or interrupt on takeoff.

The time is coming for the flourishing of directions at the junction of accurate calculations and intuition, such as psychological astrology and mathematical psychology, as well as neuropsychology, neurobiology, neurophysiology. Doing all of the above will recharge us with additional energy and open up new horizons.

At the same time, until February 18, while the Sun is moving according to the sign of Aquarius, intuitive insights and the speed of development of all processes will prevail. After this date, when the Sun turns into Pisces, the depth, philosophy, and fullness of meanings of everything we do will become more important.

If there are no inspiring ideas and goals in our life, then in February the energies of Jupiter will be wasted on cheap show-offs and aimless spending time, like endless shopping. And the vibrations of Uranus are only a stronger hook on entertainment digital info content.

The energies of these planets can multiply the general nervousness and dispersion. Enhance the feeling of a downed sight and loss of focus of our development. Increase the risks of getting carried away with a false idea or starting a deliberately losing and risky project. Inflate expectations that will not be fulfilled in the end.

During this period, there is a high probability of an increase in senseless aggression, emotional swings, fear-mongering, lies, deception and provocations, new stuffing of difficult-to-diagnose and poorly curable diseases.

The harmonious sextile of Jupiter and Uranus will strengthen energies for resolving the main conflict of the year – the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus. And the February aggravation and acceleration of all processes and unresolved conflicts creates prerequisites for systemic reforms at the global and personal level.

At the same time, the vibes of the fast planets will be in contact with the distant ones – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, giving additional dynamics to the events. The middle of the month can be an important turning point in key stories.

Our Overbank – Inner Stability As A Fulcrum

The new moon in Aquarius on February 1 at 05:47 UTC at 13 degrees is the most important date in the Earth’s energy cycles since this day is associated with Awakening.

It determines the annual lunar program which is responsible for our perception of the world, emotional and psychological attitude, and intuition.

The new moon in Aquarius occurred in conjunction with the main energy conflict of the year – the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus. The Sun and Moon unite on Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius and form a revolutionary-renewing quadrature with Uranus in Taurus.

It opens up a new annual circle for us to implement the most difficult and responsible tasks in an unpredictable and unstable reality. And we have to do this through a radical renewal of our usual way of life and habits.

We can feel a great burden of various restrictions, increased responsibilities, debts, and obligations, and at the same time a strong desire to get rid of this most radically and decisively, as from crushing ballast.

The world can be perceived by us as limiting, hostile, unstable, and unpredictable, where it is difficult to find a stable foothold.

This means that this will be our task in the new lunar year: to work on our inner stability and confidence.

This will be favored by the energies of two bundles of the Moon-Saturn and the Moon-Uranus.

Their vibrations will help us to consciously concentrate on a particular case and its results, improve and update technologies and tools, work successfully in a team of like-minded people based on equality and freedom of expression for everyone.

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn on February 4 at 19:05 UTC at 16 degrees Aquarius begins a new annual cycle of implementation of our most complex and responsible goals, plans, projects, and tasks. To avoid negative blocking scenarios when our intentions run into a wall of intractable problems, it’s important:

First, to have a clear, well-formulated goal related to the future, where we voluntarily take on additional responsibility and burden;

Secondly, to make a plan for the implementation of this goal and implement it, adhering to the regime, discipline, and a clear time frame, while being flexible, adaptive, able to distribute the load, time and separate the main from the secondary;

Thirdly, to get rid of addictions or destructive habits.

It is necessary to pay attention to what information we will receive in the first week after the new moon from February 1 to February 7, what events and situations are just emerging. All this will be actively and dynamically developing throughout the year.

An important motivating factor for setting ambitious goals and making plans will be for us a harmonious sextile of purposeful Mars in Capricorn and dreamy Jupiter in Pisces.

Its exact moment will also take place on February 4 and will help us to be rational, productive, and at the same time creatively active. The time of influence of the aspect is February 1-10.

Mercury also completes its retrograde on February 4 that will draw a line under a long period of uncertainty, searching for new solutions to old problems, correcting mistakes, and mental rebooting.

The Mercury stationarity on February 3-5 will allow us to better focus on the most important thing: on new methods and approaches that have been formed during its retrograde. In February, it’s a good time to start putting them into practice.

Our Overbank – Transformation Of Basic Approaches

Mercury’s retrograde loop will end on February 24. At the same time, February accounts for its last, final phase when the planet on February 4 comes out of retrograde and begins to move straight, again, for the third time passing the section from 25 degrees Capricorn to 11 degrees Aquarius.

In this period, we are already beginning to actively apply those new approaches in business and relationships that we developed or defined for ourselves during the retrograde of the planet. And everything that we will be able to introduce into our lives at this stage will become then an integral part of it.

We will have to make final decisions on issues that we have been dealing with since the end of December 2021 when the loop began. And the volatile situations, suspended state for the last month finally will be resolved or will move from the dead point, giving us a certainty.

Until February 14, Mercury will continue to move along Capricorn and be in a long-term connection with the modifier, transformer, and cleaner – Pluto (and will turn around in connection with it), and after this date, it will move to Aquarius. Their energies will test us for strength in solving old problems and decisions.

We will need a lot of strong-willed efforts, endurance, perseverance, the ability to hold a blow, cope with conflicts and crises, and simultaneously continue to cleanse our lives of everything obsolete and destructive. Switch from the conservative energies, attitudes, and models of Capricorn to the transformative vibrations of Aquarius which emanates high frequencies of Love and freedom.

In this new stability, Saturn’s energies of order and control will manifest themselves more in the ability to concentrate on the chosen business or key relationships, where we set limits and rules for ourselves, take voluntary responsibility for our choice, gaining freedom in return.

The final, third conjunction of Mercury and Pluto will take place on February 11 at 14:05 UTC at 28 degrees Capricorn when the planet of Hermes will already be moving straight. Since this is the last connection of the planets, it will finally put all the dots over the “and” in our reboots that happened since December 29, 2021, when the connection of the planets occurred for the first time.

And everything that comes to its logical result at this time will become final and irrevocable, and energetically will determine the annual program of our actions until the next conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in February 2023.

In the destructive variant, the final stage of our mental and behavioral models reloading can occur according to a very negative scenario that runs counter to the harmonious energies of the Sun in Aquarius in favor of the conservative vibes of Mercury returned to Capricorn.

In this situation, conflicts run into a wall of insoluble contradictions. Each side stubbornly holds on to its rigid beliefs based on the principles of stability and immutability formed over the years. As a result, instead of friendly ties and agreements, the parties find themselves in irreconcilable confrontation, resolutely and irrevocably burning bridges.

In important, fundamental issues, our life will be divided into “before” and “after”, and scorched earth will remain under our feet and behind our backs on which nothing grows. And in this irreconcilable conflict, a new annual Mercury-Pluto cycle will begin.

On the positive side, the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto will allow us to work deeply on business and financial partnerships, conclude profitable deals, and sign contracts.

With the final connection of these planets, it will also be successful to enter a new job, take office, especially where the running of large companies, collectives, financial flows is required, or where it is necessary to show talents of crisis management.

But it is extremely important to take into account that all of the above is possible only through a great effort of will or over the risk, overcoming, strenuous development when we move from one energy state to another, from one personal (professional, financial) level to the next one.

Pluto is the most powerful planet of its energy impact. If we can’t cope with it (i.e. we do not know how to manage collectives of people and large capital, we cannot mobilize under severe stress and overcome crises, we are not familiar with spiritual practices or power sports), then the vibrations of Pluto may destroy even the best and promising undertakings.

Our Overbank – Laying The Foundation

In February, another important cycle will begin to take shape: a new two-year program of Venus and Mars, which is associated with the purposeful realization of our desires.

The new cycle is closely related to the retrograde of Venus and Mercury, so from November 2021 to March 2022, our entire conceptual scenario and behavioral model are being rebooted.

It sets the program not only for two years but also the development vector for seven years of the great cycle of Venus and Mars which always begins during the retro-Venus period.

In this model:

– The energies of Venus determine our value system, what is valuable and important for us (from the possession of material resources to relationships with other people);

– The energies of Mars give purposefulness to the intentions and efforts that we make to realize these desired values;

– The energies of Mercury influence our actions to get results; they help us find the right information, tools, and people.

The new cycle of Venus and Mars will be formed within 1.5 months from February 4 to March 20, 2022.

All this time the planets will move next to each other and will connect twice: first on February 16 at 17 degrees Capricorn, and then on March 6 at 1 degree Aquarius.

This double energy stellium in different signs indicates the two-stage formation of a new program. And the fact that the planets will go through a connection with Pluto on March 3 suggests that the initial intentions formed in February, during the period of the planets joining in Capricorn, will have to go through the crucible of transformation before the program will be finally assembled to repeat the connection of the planets in Aquarius, and is ready for implementation in the harmonious vibrations of this zodiac.

The first conjunction of Venus and Mars, which will take place on February 16 in Capricorn, falls during the period when Venus is still moving in its retro-loop (it will end on March 2). And although the planet will already be in a straight position, this will mark the final phase of the reset of our system of values and related intentions.

We have to finally part with the past, and at the same time lay the foundation for the future to work out our new transformation program for the second, energetically important connection of the planets in March on the Aquarius principles.

The sign of Capricorn, where the first conjunction of Venus and Mars takes place, indicates that the new cycle sets a vector with its vibrations for long-term intentions related to the realization of basic, fundamental values and desires.

The strength of the position in society and profession, career and business, long-term and stable partnerships depend on this. And the realization of such a program will require from us high responsibility, awareness, organization, patience, and work.

Our Overbank – Through The Thorns To The Dream

In the first decade of February, Venus, and Mars, moving at a minimum distance, form harmonious aspects with Uranus and Jupiter, which form a stable bisextile figure.

Their energies will help us set ambitious, large-scale goals, participate in major creative projects, act quickly and decisively, move at high speed, but at the same time maintain rationality, constructiveness, pragmatism, the ability to plan and predict everything. Especially productive and productive will be the time near the exact trigon of Mars and Uranus on February 8.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars is the culmination, the turning point of the month.

It coincides with the full moon which will occur on the same day on February 16 at 16:57 UTC and will lead to the peak of all situations, plans, and events that originated on the new moon on February 1.

The period of maximum activity of the conjunction of Venus and Mars exactly syncs with the sextile of Jupiter and Uranus which falls on February 18. Thus, the middle of the month, and especially the week from February 13 to February 20, will clarify many important situations that were previously hidden. Having manifested, they will develop rapidly, and we will begin a new important stage in achieving the most important, complex, and responsible goals.

The full moon on February 16 at 16:57 UTC will occur on the zodiac axis Leo-Aquarius and form tense aspects to the lunar nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, closing them to a Large Fixed Cross. Their energies are important for fateful decisions and culminating events during the April-May eclipses.

There will be a lot of intense struggle in these months, the need to maintain our stability and at the same time strive for self-realization. To do this, we need to use the energies of all four signs: strive for a bright, free future, unite with other people, and use a strong-willed resource to realize our creative potential.

The tension of the full moon will strengthen our desire to realize the changes that have occurred and once again deeply rethink what ideas and meanings we put into our aspirations.

On February 18, at 16:43 UTC, the Sun will turn into Pisces, and Venus and Mars, being in close conjunction, will begin to form a harmonious sextile to Neptune. These are the energies of great creative inspiration, striving for a dream, searching for ideas, and active actions aimed at their implementation.

On February 23-24, Venus and Mars will make exact sextiles to Neptune. These are magical aspects for creative, spiritual people living on high vibrations, feeling the Divine beauty and Love of this world, selflessly doing good, compassionate and merciful.

On such days, they can fulfill our most cherished desires. It is also a great time for presentations of creative projects, the opening of exhibitions, art galleries, and performance on stage, business and financial partnerships in the field of chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, and psychology. Best days for a declaration of love, a marriage proposal, the beginning of a life together. It is very successful at this time to go on a romantic trip, to make beautiful gifts.

At the end of February, we will face the tough thorns – the connection of Venus and Mars with Pluto (the exact aspect of March 3), with which the planets will begin to approach from February 23. Their energies will rigidly scan our values and intentions; determine whether a purposeful impulse has formed to successfully pass through the crucible of transformation.

We will again have to decide what is obsolete and sick, limiting us, to leave in the past, and take everything promising into the future and translate into a new Aquarius quality.

Gain new freedom through volitional effort and responsible choice.

The intense aspect of Mercury which forms a quadrature with Uranus on February 25, will help us in our transition to new quality. This is an aspect of cutting off burdensome energies and connections, toxic relationships and contacts, dead-end agreements, and non-working tools.

Unexpected news, information, sudden turns of events will emphasize in a new way and adjust our original intentions and plans.

At the end of February, we will find ourselves on the threshold of a big start in a new life, completing old things, outdated relationships with other people, summing up, reviewing our plans, ideas, desires, and intentions, getting deserved results.

This is the time to prepare for several planetary cycles at once which will coincide in early March. Namely, Mercury is approaching Saturn to connect with it on the new moon on March 2; the Sun is going to connect with Jupiter (March 5); Venus and Mars are coming into contact with Pluto (March 3) and are preparing to reconnect in Aquarius (March 6).

All these multiple connections, coinciding in time, will connect all the septener planets (except Neptune) with common energy and will give a powerful, fast start and development in early March to our most ambitious, daring, creative ideas, plans, and projects.

**By Lev


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