What If Every Human Opened Their Third Eye?

It’s important to articulate bold visions for our world, and here’s one I haven’t dared until now, but that I realize is dearly held by me… and maybe you, too.

I’m using here the “What if…” tool that my friend Renee Stephens taught me, a way of turning any fear or worry into its most positive, wild imagining. It’s truly a magical way of using words that I’ve found has real results. And I was inspired in this by a conversation with my friend David Nicol, co-director of EarthRising, who’s been writing a series of important articles on “Navigating the Storm of Global Change” on his Geistic Musings blog on Substack Here goes:

What if every single person on planet earth opened their Third Eye? I mean, now, within the next year?

And what does the opening of the Third Eye mean? It means the expansion of perception to see other domains of reality, the inner realms. Yes, what if every single person on Gaia were suddenly able to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there were other dimensions, hidden histories, beings we don’t see in 3D?

This shift would mark the consciousness evolution of an entire planet. Imagine a mass planetary awakening, an initiation. It would be nothing less than this that would mark the full ascension of the planet into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth.

No new thinking alone will mark this shift. It is one that will have to be deeply experienced.

I realize I’ve been longing for this mass IN-scension into inner sight basically my whole life, but especially since I had my own awakening of this nature in 1999, when I began working with sacred medicines to open my own doors of perception.

There before me was revealed a realm of sight and knowing that was breathtaking. I saw that great beings, whom we have known as Goddesses and Gods and other Masters, dwell within those realms.

I also saw that within those nested realities were evil realms. So it was also a very frightening passage, and it took me two full decades to integrate the fact that there are what we might call demonic forces that are also having their way among us.

What if everyone on earth had the support they needed to navigate through those initiations and get to the other side? What if we could be empowered in the seeing of those negative forces? And what if this could happen very quickly, in far less than two decades?

What if everyone really opened to perceive the domain of the Faeries? What if everyone really opened their heart? What if everyone really cracked open to their griefs, their wounds, their traumas, and had full holding and support to move through that terror, that confusion. What if we could come to a new realization that it’s not so much that we’re trapped in the Matrix but that we’re in a third dimensional reality and there are simply other, deeper dimensions?

And what if everyone realized that the answer will not be going into virtual reality as a facsimile of those realms, but that the best approach is to use natural expansive means to go into the authentic realms, and understand what they are and how to navigate them?

That would be as huge an initiation of a planet as could be possible, this moving from 3rd to 5th Dimensions.

This mass opening of the Third Eye would bring us into One World, a Unity Consciousness of understanding. No more bifurcations and splits of the kind we’ve been seeing over the past few years as people have been grappling with the question of “What’s really going on?” and “What’s the truth?”

And yes, it would mean that people would have to look into the pits of evil. It would mean that we would have to understand realities around ETs, UFOs, interdimensional creatures of all sorts.

It would also mean… taking a new look at what’s behind the mass plague being inflicted on a planet, the whys and wherefores, and thus… the true solutions. In this way, the “Vs” would be the very things to propel our full awakening.

So I put this out there for Planet Earth. What if we could do the opening, this ascension, without trauma, without panic, without breakdowns, but rather breathing our way through it? This is part of my vision for the people of Mother Earth.

I invite you to join me in your own deeply held “What ifs…?” Dare to think them, speak them, write them. Dare to… IMAGINE.

**By Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D


3 Replies to “What If Every Human Opened Their Third Eye?”

  1. Aaron

    This would be great! Yet this is what it govts fear the most is people being able to see everything and know everything, nothing hidden from the public. They fear us and consider this a threat to their existence and humanity which is laughable because everyone would be at a better place in their ascension. Yes it could have negative effects but if there was a extensive effort to assist people then it wouldn’t be as scary