Matthew Ward: Effects of Acceleration Mode

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by citing part of an email my mother recently received: “I thought I’d feel elated because Earth is in acceleration mode, but I’m even more distressed than I used to be.”The dear soul who wrote that also mentioned what is causing her to feel that way. We want to address those matters because many others are feeling somewhat the same as she. They may not know about accelerated energy or actual causes, but they are apprehensive about the same world affairs.

First we say, this is the first time in eons that Earth has been immersed in such an abundance of light, and this increased intensity is magnifying all feelings, positive and negative, and quickening the pace of all undertakings.

Many, many millions who are living and dying in dire circumstances are completing their third density karmic choices much more rapidly than they could have without acceleration. When they transition to spirit life, they will know this and feel grateful for the swiftness.

The effects of disastrous storms and fires caused by technology are the same as if those were Mother Nature’s doings—they are cleansing the planet of negativity so it cannot accumulate. The sooner that technology is used benevolently instead of malevolently, the sooner there will be no need for any large-scale cleansing.

There will be no WWIII.  Mainstream media reporters are publicizing the fearful-sounding information they are given instead of what actually is happening. National leaders who are Illuminati or their puppets are being unseated and populations that were forcibly separated after WWII are being reunited.

Although mainstream media still are controlled, other efforts to rid your world of darkness are moving faster than formerly.

The “pandemic” is continuing because the energy of billions of thoughts and feelings about it is “feeding” the illness and “refueling” the individuals who knowingly are lying about it. The backlash against physically, psychologically and economically destructive requirements that is growing by leaps and bounds is undergirded by the new level of energy and will hasten the end of the “pandemic.”

During the few months since the acceleration mode was initiated, action to rid your world of Illuminati has been increasingly successful. Some in the remaining high ranks of this pyramid of evil who went into hiding are being found, others have defected and are cooperating with principals in the movement to end impoverishment, corruption and warring and restore the environment. Energy intensity is prompting the slumbering populace to waken and feel inspired to participate in transforming their world.

Dear ones, when frightening thoughts are changed to optimistic, confident and peaceful, like feelings will follow—please do this for yourselves!  And remember, peace in the world begins with peace in each heart.

This also is an ideal time to be introspective and ascertain if your characteristics, behavior and perceptions are serving your best interests. For instance, are you afraid that upcoming changes will negatively impact your employment, financial assets or other resources? Are you allowing others’ expectations of you to determine your decisions? Are you feeling resentful toward persons you feel treated you unfairly or guilty about having caused stress to others?

Are you assessing others’ ideas as meritless when they differ from yours?  Are you giving any of your energy to trivial issues and forgetting to use the law of attraction to your advantage? Are you letting yourself be drawn into the drama of world affairs instead of being an observer? Being an observer doesn’t preclude compassion, empathy and caring assistance in ways you can offer, it includes them because they are “love in action.”

If you recognize in yourself any of those attitudes and approaches to situations and want to make a U-turn, the fast-rising vibrations of acceleration will be your strong ally in so doing.

“I hope this new speed will wake up the entire population so they can ascend with Earth!”  That would be a glorious outcome indeed, but it isn’t likely to happen. Awakening isn’t a matter of speed, it’s a matter of absorbing light, and even though light is pouring into the planet in unprecedented measure, puppets of the darkness are adamantly refusing to embrace it.

“How will acceleration affect the tides? Will minor health issues become major problems too quickly for treatment to be effective?” By divine grace and extraterrestrial aid, tides are not affected by acceleration, and health issues will be affected the same as they always have been. Bodies’ cells in chemical, electrical, hormonal, metabolic, circulatory, respiratory and immune systems and all organs and bones are strong or weak in accordance with the amount of light the person absorbs, and that’s determined by whether their thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions emit high vibrations or low.

“Matthew said ‘revelations will emerge incrementally.’ How can people advance consciously and spiritually if they don’t know the truth about everything?” That is indeed a logical question. Let us answer by asking you to imagine how you would feel if you heard all of the following in one fell swoop:

You are a divine immortal soul and alternate between hundreds or thousands of physical and spiritual lifetimes. You are not a person who has a soul, you are a soul made of pure love-light energy living in a body designed specifically for the kinds of personal experiences you chose in a contract prior to birth. Your contract is part of an agreement with other souls sharing your lifetime, but all of that is forgotten when you and the others incarnate.

The origin of everything in existence in the cosmos is the love-light essence of Creator, Source, I AM, Oneness of All, the Totality. Creator chose the gods and goddesses who would manifest their respective universes and rule over them. There are seven universes and in this one, there is no heaven or hell. The universal law of physics automatically takes individuals’ etheric bodies and psyches to the area of a spirit world where energy is the same as the individual’s lifetime energy. Akashic records, which are inviolable, contain every moment of each lifetime of the soul.

Everything that exists is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, nothing is solid. Like everything else in existence, thoughts, feelings and words emit vibrations. Science and spirit are one and the same, cosmic consciousness. Earth is one organism that comprises humankind, animals, plants and the Devic kingdom, and all are inseparably interconnected souls as parts of the Supreme Being of this universe. Rocks, soil, fire, water, air, wind, and even manufactured items have varying levels of consciousness.

What happens anywhere in this universe affects everything else everywhere else. What you think of as time actually is differing energy planes. The reality is the timeless continuum where everything is a series of events happening simultaneously. The universal law of attraction brings back to you from the collective consciousness whatever is the focus of your thoughts and feelings. That is how all individuals co-create their lives and collectively co-create the world. Co-creation is using Creator’s energy to put your ideas into form or action.

Countless civilizations are far, far advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically from people on Earth. Some live on motherships that have highly evolved consciousness and are miles in diameter. Earth is surrounded by small spacecraft and some extraterrestrials are living on the planet. Many times in the planet’s history people from other civilizations have resided there.

Some years ago a powerful light grid built by evolved civilizations forced the dark forces out of the Milky Way. The dark forces is a massive energy force field that meanders throughout the universe and is attracted to individuals and civilizations with tendencies toward greed, cruelty and power. Those individuals and populations become the forces’ puppets.

The puppets on Earth have controlled governments, global economy, banking, religions, western medicine, education, commerce, transportation, communication, corporations, entertainment industry, legal and judicial systems, agriculture, energy sources, military forces—everything that impacts life in your world. They start wars, commit atrocities, cause disease, poverty and famine, create divisiveness and bigotry, and put falsehoods in religions’ holy books.

Two kinds of ascension, planetary and personal, are underway and so is world transformation. The battle between light and darkness that is happening in linear time already has been won by the light, and in the continuum, Earth’s civilization is joyously flourishing.

That jumble of information is not in order of importance or well expressed, and no doubt we have forgotten numerous areas wherein factual information must replace blatant deception and mass ignorance by intention of the darkness. But surely that would be enough to overwhelm even the strongest mind if all of it were presented in one seminar.

Beloved brothers and sisters, if you didn’t realize before how extensive your knowledge is and how limited Earth civilization’s is, now you do. And if you ever wondered why all light beings in this universe would honor you for steadfastness in your mission, surely now you know.

With the unequalled power of unconditional love, we support you in every step of your Earth journey.


**Channel: Suzanne Ward


11 Replies to “Matthew Ward: Effects of Acceleration Mode”

  1. Douglas A James

    We need something visible and media taken over.. no more anecdotal …law of one had the wave coming 2011 ie harvest we are plus 11 years now …neg ETs are cleared I keep hearing.. dark cabal were summoned to Antarctica and surrendered .. Dec 14!!! I don’t know .. who is who I don’t know …let’s end this movie and pull back the curtain

  2. Aaron

    This is the end of this civilization. Mother Earth is graduating to 5D after billions of years. She took on Lucifer to be his jail planet after he destroyed countless other planets. It was decided by Lucifer for Earth to be his jail planet and he had a certain amount of time to capture humanity and make them all turn from source. This was his time limit and he has been uncreated. However his minions still think he’s alive so they keep on with his plan waiting for his help. They have built massive underground cities with unlimited supplies. They think they will be safe when mother Earth flips in her axis as she has done 20k times before at the end of each civilization but they will not survive because as she graduates, there will be a push of higher frequencies that their like vibration cannot exist in. In 5D no evil can exist because of their frequency. Many are aware of this and are trying to take as many of us with them to the void as they can hence the va-xx push. Also the va-xx is meant to separate and neutralize the soul so you cannot ascend with the rest of society. They also have patents on their technology once it enters your body and they want to own us like they do GMOs. Congress has already approved this and granted them the patent on us. The capture of the milky way you spoke of was part of the Satanian empire as this isn’t/wasn’t the only planet under their control and there are many petitions being said to liberate this planet and all others and is doing much good to release those stuck in the astral realm as well as many animals that have been extincted. When mother Earth flips on her axis, the many space ships outside our atmosphere will safely extract us as they have done many times before. From beginning to end, it will be over in fifteen minutes and all light workers will be saved first and then the children and then humanity. It will be important not to have any fear for as they pick us up with the light technology, it requires us to be at a high frequency or else you may die or be hurt in the process in which case you will be given a life review and choose another planet to continue your soul lessons upon where you left off here. Do not worry about your kids out family for they are very skilled at this and everyone will be reunited on board.

    1. Susla

      The space ships is a trap IMO. Just remember, you have free will, and you are a sovereign being, and no one can interfere with you, without your consent.

      1. felton broussard

        I can see the trap side of it as well. I AM over the “truth” at this point and just want peace!

  3. Wanderer

    The Earth is in acceleration Mode?
    The day still has 24 hours, the months are as long as always.
    What acceleration mode then?
    Do the channelers propagating this try to take us for a ride?
    Sorry, I won’t buy a ticket!

    There will be no WWIII. Really?
    We are already in it. Since two years we are being constantly bombed with false news putting people all over the world in panic and survival-mode.
    People are dying from broken hearts, because children are told that they are responsible if granny dies. Such horror is a kind of war that never occured on Earth before!

    “… are you afraid that upcoming changes will negatively impact your employment, financial assets or other resources?”

    These changes already occured and have put an end not only to my business, leaving me without income. They have ruined my social environment, split my family into factions of covidians and non-covidians, and travel restrictions through test and mask-mandates separated me from my beloved friends who live long distance away.
    What else can happen to make it worse?
    The only thing left for me to do is waiting for the end to come. Not my end but the end of the tyrants. I hope that my savings will last that long! If not, I would have to go for a “revaxx with blue beans”.
    No BS, I mean it! If I have to leave this world, I will take some of the covid-priests with me. Definitely!

    “The origin of everything in existence in the cosmos is the love-light essence of Creator, … ”
    So the Darkies are an aspect of this love-light?
    If they are, what kind of love will it be? – Hatred?
    The creator created this? What is the name of this “creator”? – De Ville?

    “If the light you carry is darkness, how dark in your life will it be?”


    1. Philippe Goor

      This is the typical thought pattern when you think with your brain instead of your heart! Also because you are still in the third dimension. Simply put, a dimension is a bundle of thoughts in which you are stuck, if you are not yet ready for the healing next step.

      1. Steve

        Very judgemental post Philippe, you come across as much more 3D than the person you are responding to.

        1. Susla

          No. Philippe has a point.
          To me Philippe is just observing and responding.
          To Wanderer: Yes we have a WW3, but not a war like most people think of it, no guns and bombs is allowed.

          The weapon is a jab, and is a choise, mostly.

    2. Dubious

      Wanderer, time is moving at a remarkably fast pace and has been for some years now. Getting faster and faster. I doubt there are any who could reasonably dispute that at this point. I certainly don’t know anyone who does. I recently heard someone say that a week is now three days long, and to be honest that seems and feels about right. I think that that is what is meant by ‘acceleration’, or at the least it is verification of ‘acceleration’.

      You are right, it is frustrating right now, I have had many of the same thoughts that you posted. Certainly recently, as my brother is now dying of the shot, which he took despite the rest of the immediate family’s pleas to him to not do so. And of course there is the financial hardship. I haven’t been able to legally enter a cafe, restaurant, hotel, campground, public facility or travel at all for many months now, so I can certainly relate to the limits on social life. It is criminal, what has been done to us.

      When they say,’ there will be no WWIII’, I think it is refering to what everyone has been saying about there being a ‘scare event’, a false flag about a WWIII nuclear war. In which case, it is nice to have verification that this WW war posturing going on right now in the Main Stream Media is just that, ‘posturing and fake’, and won’t lead to an actual WW.

      Essentially we are all hanging in there by a thread right now, but I really think and feel that it is worth hanging in there a bit longer right now. Change is happening, there are a lot of signs that change is actually ‘finally’ afoot. Though I share your cynicism and always said since this started, that if it doesn’t change for the better then it plain won’t be a world worth living in. I also long to see those responsible actually held responsible, especially the lying sacks of crap MSM.

      That all said, when it comes to channelled info we have to be cynical and careful, and I think that is a good thing. We have to take the information that feels right and dismiss that which doesn’t, as either not intended for us or just plain false information.

    3. Lightworker

      “The Earth is in acceleration Mode?
      The day still has 24 hours, the months are as long as always.
      What acceleration mode then?”

      Acceleration mode doesn’t mean that days now last say 22 hours. It means that days are still 24 hours, but time moves faster hence 24 hours isn’t as long. And there’s no conventional way to measure it because seconds tick by faster too.

      The easiest way to get your head around acceleration mode is looking back and observing that during covid times, months just seem to fly by and you’re like “huh, it’s already month x? Where did the last month go?”

      My heart goes out to you. Sending you love.