From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Egregores Part 4

Working on egregores is exceptionally difficult. The main obstacle for Galacom is the huge variety of these field structures, their interweaving and interpenetration, their mega-scale on Earth, and deep rooting into space. Many races use them as power sources and channels.

Inside, the movement of energy flows is very intense, although, from outside, many global egregores in the form of pyramids, cones, and giant layers above the Earth look static and motionless.

One example is the pharmaceutical egregore. Dark and Light are closely intertwined in it in various manifestations: profit and selflessness, greed and healing, murder and salvation, immorality and heroic service, genocide and humanism.

The destructive part of Pleiadians, the races of Cygnus and Zeta, participated in the creation of its foundation on Earth for various purposes.

The role of Orions, in particular, the natives of Rigel, is mixed. Their main interest is in everything that concerns the monetary exchange in dealing with one or another egregore. They are present everywhere.

As soon as there is money, Orions immediately come into play. Darks added rigidity to the pharmaceutical egregore because it is highly dependent on many financial, manufacturing, economic, and political factors.

But pharmacology or pharmacy, as a separate egregore, is not of particular zest to them.

More numerous in this sphere are the Grays and other low-vibration races.

It was they who imposed, as the master vector of pharmaceutical development, the rejection of natural remedies and using made-up drugs and viruses (combat viruses are not within the scope of this post).

Such substances are alien to our body energetically and chemically, and therefore do not heal but slowly kill that fully corresponds to the Grays and Darks’ agenda.

Pleiadians oversee the pharmaceutical egregore for other reasons and purposes. This civilization has accumulated a lot of experience in this field. They’ve come a long way, from technogeek to highly Spiritual peaks, and are against synthetic drugs.

They consider, as the main, the energy transformation of human physical and Subtle Bodies. For it, they are trying to connect us to the primary Matrix of natural substances, to reanimate our genetic memory of the original creation (as do over a hundred other donors of earthlings DNA).

Thus, they give us back knowledge and understanding of what causes all our diseases and how to treat them. On Earth, they gradually implement their experience in the format and volume, strictly adapting them to the current situation and our perception and readiness to get the help.

All egregores, regardless of what quality or condition they are in now, will be replaced with highly vibrational mechanisms and tools. This is the general scenario of development, including in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is impossible simply to take and remove the pharma-egregore at one moment because its energy, accumulated in the form of knowledge, money, and ALL engrained structures, must be transformed.

It is easy, on one side, to destroy the pharma-egregore and simultaneously offer humanity a different way of healing without this field entity. On the other side, it must be consciously and in full awareness accepted by the entire population of the planet.

It’s a tempting plan. At the same time, Galacom and Pleiadians understand perfectly well: the released or non-utilized parts of the removed pharma-egregore are very tenacious, have deeply sprouted into all structures of the economy and society, and will carry destructive energy with unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, another plan is adopted. It focused on active and broad information about Big Pharma, as an important egregore’s stem. Maximum publicity is given to all the side effects and lethal impacts of the drugs and vaccines offered to us, on mistakenly or poorly performed med operations, facts of low qualification, crimes, greed, and venality in pharmaceuticals.

It turned out that this plan is very effective, launching the self-destruction of the egregore, still slow, through its complete discrediting. More and more people are cutting off energy ties with it.

In parallel, another egregore is gaining steam, the intermediate, although it has always been present on Earth. It is based on psychosomatics, knowledge about karma, Spiritual and energy practices, the use of crystals, plants, and other NATURAL substances.

When the pharma-egregore began to lose energy (money and vital power), Grays and Darks immediately put up a tough defense. Ponzi pyramids, biological additives, new drugs and vaccines, and their astronomical purchases by States immediately appeared in the pharmaceutical business.

No matter how hard the curators try to save their pharma-egregore, they can only slow down its death. The accelerated Transition of Earth and humanity to 4D/5D leaves no chance for low-vibration races, all their structures, and entities on the Subtle and physical plane of the planet.

The second (nascent) egregore is also a temporary phenomenon. It succeeded by direct all-healing interaction with the Source. This applies not only to those who have already passed into 4D and 5D but also to the growing number of awakened in 3D.

And that process, an integral part of the Transition, cannot be stopped by any egregores, or their Greys and Dark guardians and beneficiaries.

(To be continued)

**By Lev