Commander Erron: On Ottawa Canada Trucker Convoy

Hi guys. I thought I’d ask Commander Erron what he’s seeing because his ship is flying over Ottawa, Canada. Ivo’s ship is more north flying over Northern Ontario, but Commander Erron is flying over Southern Ontario.

All mother ships are hovering above the world, presumably near or over our cities in a flower of life pattern.

Me: So, Commander Erron, tell us, what do you see?

Commander Erron: Hello Sharon, how are you?

Me: I’ve been better.

CE: Yes, your liver is acting up. You could hold off on some of the juices you’re drinking and it wouldn’t be so painful.

Me: I’m beginning to like the juices, like beet juice and kale juice. Never thought I’d see myself doing juicing in my life but I’m determined to clean my body out and to detox it.

CE: Then you would lose more weight. So then you realize that taking the birth control pill, taking anti-depressants and taking big pharma drugs are polluting your cells…

Me: I’ve got that. Yes. And sugar. And they’re also throwing the endocrine system out of balance.

CE: Yes, that one too. They’re all drugs and humans don’t need drugs to heal. You’re starting to look into light as a healing therapy and that’s a good idea.

Me: Yes. So, tell me Commander, what are you seeing in Ottawa?

CE: Speaking of polluting your bodies, Canadians certainly like eating pizza.

Me: LOL Yes, I saw video’s of donuts being distributed as well. What are you going to do? People want freedom and they don’t realize that these foods are making them sick, making them more beholden to the system even.

CE: You didn’t. You gave up on doctors after it became obvious the test results were incorrect.

Me: I did. I just went on youtube and never looked back.

CE: So, I see lots of pizza, donuts, beer and smoking. LOL Oh well!

Me: I assume there were some tussles between the police and the truckers or people there partying as well…

CE: There were but it was nothing outrageous. This is a peaceful organization.

Me: I’m getting an intuition that the Deep State is going to kick it up a notch. They want us fighting because then they can bring in the military to suppress us.

CE: Yes, they have plans. As soon as they learned that there was a convoy, they set about making new plans. They have removed players from the area and hidden them in safety, and yes, this was a white hat operation.

Me: Ashtar had told us that there are white hats in every government, including the Canadian government, and they have more power than we know, but why would they protect Trudeau?

CE: He’s not the real Trudeau. That one’s been arrested, Sharon. This is a double. They’re protecting their own man. They allow him to look like he’s afraid because then the people will feel more empowered.

Me: But the real deep state is planning a counter attack, then? What do you think it will be?

CE: They are. It will be something like a bomb was planted at the capitol and the truckers have to move for their own safety. It, again, will be made to appear to be done for the sake of the people, but it’s not. Because they’re the ones planting the bomb.

They still have access to the DUMBs underneath the area and they can come and go freely without detection.

Me: So it’s like there’s the Patriots, the white hats and the black hats all figuring in on this event.

CE: Yes, it always is. You’re dealing with three parties, not two. Sometimes when the patriots take on the black hats, the white hats step aside and watch but this time with the patriots approaching the government, the patriots are approaching the white hats’ puppet – Trudeau. Really? Do you think the real Trudeau would have backed down and left town to protect himself? He wouldn’t have because he knows who’s behind him. He was just made to look as if he was afraid of the people, and that’s fine.

Me: Really, both white and black hats are manipulating us. Now, do the white hats intend to keep an eye out so that the black hats don’t get a chance to plant a bomb?

CE: They do. They’re carefully watching this, bringing in more of their own people. Look at the people walking around… do you think they’re all members of the general public?

Me: LOL I did!

CE: Well, they’re not, Sharon. There are many white hat agents walking among the crowds. They are also planting intel into the public there.

Me: Oh that’s a good idea!

CE: And your intuition was correct… you did see fire at the capitol buildings.

Me: So someone started a fire? That’s what I saw.

CE: They can’t get that close to the actual buildings because they’re guarded, but there are some slippery types that will try.

Me: Basically, what you’re saying is this is going to blow up and the DS are probably the ones who will do it.

CE: They want you off of their backs, Sharon.

Me: Not gonna happen. This event is going to make people even more determined to gain their freedom back, at least their old freedoms. But they may not realize that that system is what allowed this to happen, so change has to happen. I’m feeling there may be deaths, maybe some truckers?

CE: That’s possible.

Me: How long will this last for, do you see?

CE: Possibly for months, Sharon. It will lead to a stalemate and there will be acrimony on everyone’s part. People will want their food and supplies that the truckers have trucked in for them, and they will blame the truckers or the government for not resolving the conflict.

Me: So Canadians, stock up now! Get your supplies for a couple months anyway. I’m stocked up, I’m not worried about it really.

So we should keep sending light energy to the truckers and the region in general in order that the best resolution can be obtained.

CE: Yes, that’s a good idea.

Me: It’s garnered a lot of attention, not the least of which is the surprise many people have felt because the Canadians got up and took on their own government. Canadians are noted for their apathy so I guess we can just chuck out that unworthy appraisal. There are lot of people backing the truckers in any way they can and more and more are going to rise up around the world. It’s great! People are unifying! It’s wonderful!

CE: It is but don’t think the DS will allow the truckers to keep the upper hand. They will come back with retaliation. That’s the way they are.

Me: You guys are watching for this, aren’t you?

CE: I have another mother ship here monitoring alongside my ship. We are listening to Deep State communications all around the world. Yes, we can hack any conversation we want to. We can understand what is happening, and what needs to be done about it at every level. So far, they are only planning worse weather for the region, and from the looks of it today, it’s either a fail or they will come up with more later this week.

Me: Yes, it’s snowing lightly. Not that snow is anything to fear even when worse. It’s just boring because there’s no sun. Is it possible that you can change the weather as well?

CE: We could intervene, we don’t typically do so when it comes to Canada because nothing really happens up there that’s so extreme. Just a blizzard now and then.

Me: True. But you intervene in the States, don’t you?

CE: We do. We have to because so many would die if we didn’t.

Me: So, to sum up, this will create a big stalemate in Canada, presumably sides will be polarized, there will be political arguments and perhaps the Conservatives will rise up and do something about Trudeau and the DS, maybe Canada will actually get one province liberated from the agenda: Ontario. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes, I’ll keep thinking positively. Just like the States has Florida, we need one province that’s free of the agenda and back to where we were.

CE: You have to change it. The people have to change it. You are the key to all of this. You have to change and to show you are changing.

The White Hats have kept up the charade as long as was required for the people to rise up. They’re doing this in many countries which they’ve already liberated. Not all are liberated, though. When the people rise up they will be dealing with who they believe are black hat operators but it will be the white hats disguising themselves as black hats they will be negotiating with.

Me: So the patriots have to renegotiate with the white hats disguised as black hats, while the real black hats are trying to disrupt all of this progress.

CE: Correct.

Me: What about Trudeau, not that I care about the man, but will he finish his term in office?

CE: No. The dark hats throw their own under the bus so the white hats would be expected to do the same in order to mimic their behaviour.

Me: Okay, well, we’ll take this one day at a time, then. I’ll have high expectations of a new prime minister.

CE: Your new system will come from this. The government will be stripped of many of the people who are running private companies that work with the government, the government will be changing its acceptance examination of new candidates and it will exclude those who are satanic and indulge in the rituals satanists enjoy. The people will set up a system of ombudsmen that will keep a close eye on people in the government. Personal expense records will be made public at any time. And of course the QFS will monitor all transactions and reveal dirty business deals. Government will be simplified because there will be fewer transactions as profiteering, ponzi schemes and illicit business deals will be disallowed.

Me: About time!

CE: It is the People’s Will. So it must be.

Me: Thanks Commander.

CE: You’re most welcome, Sharon. Adieu.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


10 Replies to “Commander Erron: On Ottawa Canada Trucker Convoy”

  1. Deb

    Ordinary canadian here. Boots on the ground. The freedom convoy was/is a herald for canadians, and thanks so much to them. The reality is no one sees those canadians, standing in front of their house or on the street or everywhere really. Every town every city. I have. Millions of them. White hats black, sorry folks but that is not going on in canada to any degree that matters to canadians.The stalemate was a while ago and its done. No whats happening now is the people. The power is always with the people. My beautiful canadians thanks for the love and sending you all love too

  2. John Robbins

    That was totally uncalled for behavior, what in the UK one famously calls “pot calling the kettle black.”

  3. Ben

    Look at these morons coming in day after day expending energy telling us what they think is fake and what we should listen to.

    We will read and decide for ourselves, IDIOTS

    All you are doing is using this website as your personal diary broadcasting to us the (very low, very 3d) state of YOUR consciousness.

    1. Daedalus

      To someone who doesnt even know you, your reply tells them everything about you, or how you represent a foulmouthed, hypocritical “love and lighter”. And I have seen such examples many times, especially when its about hypocrisy.

      Yeah, keep believing into channelers if that makes you happy, noone is forcing you not to. But there are many other people (as seen below) who are fed up with your typical passive nonsense. And noone of them will going to be silent about it, just so that your fragile ego could be at peace.

      Youre disgusting.

  4. John Robbins

    I’m tired of this narrative, change your tune for heaven’s sake. We still have secrecy and control big time. One by the White Hats, the other by the DS. Looks like two sides of the same coin to me. Is it by design?

    A surgical MSM hack will do the trick. Or did you not figure that out? Critical times call for critical decisions, not half hearted flowery talk as evinced by this post.

  5. Susla

    Some of these channelings are from the “channelers” own imagination, and the person doesn’t even know it.
    Some of these channelings are from people using their imagination to make stories, because of donations (money scam).

    Maybe we should just stop being hungry for stories about the future, as we feed greedy trolls and/or crazy people, and maybe even run with a fake story.

    We can never verify if there was a bomb, or if the white hats removed the bomb, so that is an easy drama to present. Nor can we verify is Trudeau is himself or not. A very thin story IMO, as most people could predict most of what this one does.

  6. Daedalus

    To me this “channeling” sounds funny … even completely uninterested into what is happening.

    Its like “meh, people are protesting, it will be what it will be, whatever”. At least I got this impression.

    But heres the thing and how you know this is fake channeling – real “white hats” dont use clones in their agenda. Only the “black hats” , cabal , does. Clones are soulless puppets … and what would be the point of using them afterall, to prevent the shock to people ? The shock is unavoidable whichever path one takes and whenever this unfolds to public truth.

    So, its better to unfold very soon, as soon as possible, than prolong something completely unsustainable for billions of people. Humanity has shown numerous times during the course of these last several years what is their direction clearly.

    And, please, stop with hopium nonsense – “soon”, “will” , etc … everyone is tired of this nonsense. Imagine how many people lost their hope that way and were pushed even lower, just because they bought to the lies and hopium. Sure, its their problem to believing into it, but also only partially.

  7. C. Berst

    Let get this straight, you mentioned this will go for months and end in a stale mate – so when people run out of food and are starving, they rise up. Yet the DS just goes under ground to move about freely and feast on their massive storage of food while they create ground blizzards that affects both humans & animals yet we fight back to a puppet – and I missing something here? Did I miss How To Progress to Peace????

  8. Steve

    I have lost all respect for the White Hats, they are in charge but continuing the same agenda, refusing disclosure of anything. They are looking down on normal people with the argument “they can’t handle the truth, you are not ready and your vibration is too low”

    Seems to me that the White Hats are just as bad…

  9. kieran laffan

    ok lets be clear about this. the good guys have removed a cabal leader, and replaced him with someone that looks identical, speaks identical, and acts identical. if this is the white hat ,cunning plan, we will be in this status quo for a long time. maybey if you jus took over the main media outlets and told the truth about the vacines ect, and let humanity get on with it. sorry about the spellings ,im weary.