Yeshua: A New Awakening

Beloved and holy and only Child of the one heavenly Father, I greet you in love. Always in love, for it is your true essence. And in this time that we spend together, you will find yourself coming Home. You have asked for Home many, many times. You have said, “Where is Home? I want to go Home again, because I feel that the world is not my Home.” And in truth, it is not. It is of your making, but it is not your Home. So in this time that we spend together in this evening, beloved ones, we will touch upon Home. We will breathe Home. We will allow ourselves to feel at Home.

Now, I have been feeling much of your energy, much of the questions rising to the top as the bubbles in the soup will come up to the top. You have been having questions. You have been asking of yourself and of anybody who would attend to you, “What is going on? What is happening in my world? Why is there so much energy in this world?

And why is it not peaceful? Why am I not feeling the love that truly I know is my nature and is the nature of my brothers and sisters? I’m not feeling it. I’m feeling much of the ones coming together not in a loving way, but in a way that would be quite divisive and quite knocking upon each other.”

In truth, part of you loves drama. That is why you have your square box, and you turn it on to see what is happening. It gets your energy. You feel you’re in one camp or another camp, and you are into great judgment. I would say unto you in this evening, I would say unto you right now, do not rush ahead into judgment day. Take that to heart. You do not have to be in judgment. Allow yourself to take the deep breath when you feel yourself moving close to judgment. Take the deep breath that erases the energy of judgment.

Any time you are feeling constricted, any time you are feeling, “What is happening, and what position must I take on this,” take the deep breath. Allow yourself to come Home, to come to that place of peace within that says, “This too shall pass.” Because in truth, it does, and will, and has already, if you will receive it. That which you feel in judgment of has already come and gone, and you do not have to try to remake it in the next moment.

Allow yourself to be at peace. It is good for the body, it is good for the mind, and it is good for the soul to be able to breathe. Breathe often the deep breath. Feel the deep breath down to the toes. Feel yourself energized in peace. For when someone will come up to you and say that which you feel is antagonistic perhaps, asking for judgment, first of all, breathe. They will wonder what you are doing and will say to themselves, “Did she not hear me? Did he not hear me?” And you say to yourself silently, or out loud if you want to, “I must breathe.”

It is a good thing to breathe. The body needs it, enjoys it, and it is your allowance in that moment to come Home. Yes, a deep breath does a body good. It also does the soul a bit of healing, allows for healing, allows you to come to a place where you are not right in each other’s faces having to explain yourself or having to listen to the explanation from the friend. And they are friends. They are asking, in truth, for information. They are asking, “How can I see this differently?”

Then, unfortunately, they do not pause long enough to take in the information that you would willingly give to them, and they do not feel that ease. However, if you will example unto them that which you are trying to find, taking that deep breath and coming Home in that breath, it will after a while—it may take a while—it will sink in to them that perhaps they can breathe. With that one deep breath comes a pause in all of the energy, and that heals. It heals all of the rampant thoughts. It heals all of the energy that would be confrontational. It heals even the energy that is at war with itself. For truly, that is where it is at war: with itself.

So breathe. If you want, you can make up some cards for yourself, and when someone is asking for your opinion, you look at your cards and say, “Ah, this; I like this one. You hand it to someone, and it says, “Breathe.” “I thought I was breathing.” Take a deep breath.

Have some cards printed up. All of you, as you are in the world—not of the world, but in it—allow yourself to have the calling card that says, “Breathe”. Ones will thank you for it in time; maybe not right away. They will say, “Oh, he’s in judgment of me. I’m not breathing.” But it will suggest that which is healing.

These are times—you have a quotation—that try a man/woman’s soul; comes in there and says, “Hey, what do you really feel is important? What do you really feel that you want to know, display, live within? And you will say, “Well, I know I’m right.” I’ve seen you do this. “I know I’m right. There’s this reason and this reason and this reason. Oh, they’re not listening to my reasons.” Well, of course, because the next thing they’re going to do is tell you their reasons, etc. But what heals in the next moment is the deep breath.

So I know you have been wondering, “What is happening in my world? Why is everyone feeling so edgy about everything?” There has been a growing feeling of needing more space, more breathing, easy breathing. Allow yourself to be in that space.

What is the first thing that a baby does when it is born? It takes the deep breath and screams sometimes, but definitely takes the deep breath. What is it that a body does when it has left the body? Exhales, finished. And meantime you keep on breathing in peace.

There is a good meditation that you can do, a walking meditation, and you can even do it when you are sitting. It is the meditation of the breath. As you breathe in, you will count. And when you feel perhaps in the beginning, “Well, I can only count to five, and then I have to exhale and breathe again,” you will find that over time you will be able to extend the number to holding the breath longer; not because you are consciously thinking about it, but because you are relaxed.

Start with the deep breath. Take one now. Feel the peace that comes with the deep breath; not the hurried breath that says, “Oh, I have to breathe, I have to breathe, I have to breathe,” but the deep breath that you can hold, because you do not have to exhale right away. Feel yourself at peace with the deep breath.

I will share with you that the deep breath feels whatever may be troubling you or is coming between you and your peace. The deep breath is all that you need, and it is supplied from the very beginning when you take incarnation. Remember, and breathe. Yes, often and deeply.

When you want to relax, when you first allow the head to go on the pillow to sleep and you relax the body, maybe not consciously even, you do take a deep breath. It is what the body calls for. Allow yourself during the day, or nighttime when you are seemingly awake—I jest with you—allow yourself the deep breath.

Now, in this evening I would speak with you about that which we have been talking, truly in ancient times, but also in this lifetime, about coming awake again, coming to the place of peace and the place of knowing wholeness. Now, in what you term “ancient times”, we talked about holiness as if it would be something sacred, and in truth it is. But it is not something just practiced by the holy ones in your priesthood, or priestesshood— there’s a word for you. It is something that you do to allow the knowing of the sacredness of you, the wholiness—w-h-o-l-i-n-e-s-s; that wholiness; to come once again to that place of peace, that place that says, “I Am.” Not necessary to finish that sentence.

You can if you want to, but to know that “I Am” is sufficient.

You have agreed meantime that you will take incarnation, that you will activate the molecules of the body and that you will allow yourself to go about in your world and to have discourse with the brothers and sisters in holiness. Now, this is what you agreed to before the incarnation. Upon the incarnation, you have a short-term memory.

You take that deep breath when you are first-born and you activate the body and say, “I’m here, world. Pay attention to me.” And all the time you are One with the energy of the divine, the energy of All, the energy that says, “I Am, period.” That is all that you need to know, all that you need to be, because you are. Everything that you are creating, everything that you are feeling is of your creation, and the blessing in that is that in any moment you can change it. If you don’t like where you are and you don’t like what the other person is exhibiting, what do you do? You take the deep breath, yes. Wow, that feels good.

Most of the time you go through the world on a very shallow breath, because you have heard from the ancestors—who in truth were you—that you had to be ready. You have to have your sword at the side. If there was someone coming at you, why not hug them instead? “But Jeshua, I tried that. And you know, he used his sword on me.”

Do you know? In truth, this is what I want to speak with you about in this evening.

You are creating in every moment that which you experience and then judge; not only experience, but you have great judgment about whatever is going on, whether it is helpful or it’s not helpful, dangerous, loving, etc. Immediately you have a judgment about something.

Take the deep breath. Stand back from it, physically if you want to, definitely subjectively, and feel the heavenly peace that is truly you. Each of you, as you have taken incarnation, have said, “Walk with me, Lord. Walk with me, Holy Spirit.” Not in words, but you have brought it in with you, the desire of your heart, the desire to know wholeness, holiness, the desire to live in the simplicity of knowing that you are One; full stop, period; One; loved of the Father/Mother/All That Is. And you are as the inheritor— and you are—of heaven.

What would it feel like…and truly for a first instant when you are first incarnate, you know your holiness. AND YOU’RE HAPPY ABOUT IT AND YOU ARE SHOUTING AND BREATHING. And then what happens? They tell you to be quiet. You get the whop, perhaps, so that you will take the deep breath. Well, you are already taking the deep breath. And you say, “This is a hell of a place. You come, and then it’s this welcome of a smack! Better”—and this does happen nowadays because there is new understanding— “better I should be held in the arms of love. And you are creating that more and more for yourself. The small ones, as they take the individuality and understand individuality, they are giving back a clue that we can be at peace.

When you get too much in the world—and this is happening now—you have your square box that tells you what is happening in the world. You have your written material that tells you what is happening and how you should feel about certain happenings in the world. You have your friends who are very happy about what you should know and feel.

And you yourself, even in your times of quiet, do you rest? No, you are making judgments. You are planning. You are saying, “I must be prepared. I have to be prepared. The world is a hard place to be.”

And all the time, beloved one, you are creating the world that you are experiencing. “Wow, Jeshua, if that’s true,” and I would not tell you a falsehood, “if that is true, then I can know peace and love anytime I want to know it.” Hey, I think you’ve discovered something. Anytime you want to know it. And how do you know it for yourself? It is to give it away. If you want to know love, give it away. If you want to know a hug, give it away. If one that you are approaching does not want to give a hug, then in your mind you hug them until they are ready for it, even if it takes lifetimes, and sometimes it does.

There are some of your friends that you create from time to time who are a bit armored, that they don’t want anyone in their space. That is okay. It is what you are creating as a truth of your existence. But it is not the truth of your Being. The truth of your Being is peace. The truth of your Being is that you are love, that you are that space that welcomes, because you know that if someone comes at you and says, “I don’t like you,” and they cut you down, either with words or with the actual sword—you’ve been there, done that—who is creating? You are.

Try it. The next time someone says in their anger, “You’re all wrong. You know, you’ve always been wrong about your judgment. You thought that other person was going to be your friend. They’re not your friend,” you take that deep breath and say, “So you say. I say differently.” And declare—there is power in declaring—you declare that they are a friend, because heart to heart, they are a friend; not only that, but they are you.

“They look different than me. They comb their hair—well, I don’t even know if they comb their hair—differently than I do. They wear different clothes. They have some fashions that I wouldn’t wear.” No? How do you recognize the fashion if you have not been there, done that?

Allow yourself the deep breath. If you need to, step backwards, and allow yourself to be at peace. If one wants to come up to you and give you a hard time, you don’t have to take it. You say, “Thank you, but I’m not accepting that.” And that’s all you have to say. Because, beloved ones, if you remember nothing else out of this evening, remember that you are the one creating that which you experience. You are the one judging that which you experience.

If someone comes rushing up to you and you think, “Oh, my God, he’s going to attack me,” no, maybe he’s just coming up to give you a hug. You see how fast you jump ahead. And you would say, “Yes, but it’s previous experience, because every time they came rushing, they used their sword or whatever.”

This is new. This lifetime, this incarnation that you are having, from this moment on, hear me well. From this moment on, everything that happens to you is a gift. It comes in love. Sometimes it doesn’t look like a gift at first, but everything you create from this moment on is a gift. “Oh, my God, Jeshua, really? I know some people who don’t want to give me a gift. They’ll give me something else, but it’s not usually a gift.”

Who is naming it? You are the one who puts a label on what they give you. You have power. Whatever they want to give to you, that is what they are doing. But how you receive it is your choice. “Oh, you mean I have power? Okay, maybe I just haven’t looked far enough to see the gift in it?” True.

“Oh, okay, well I thought she was giving me that s-h-i-t stuff and I was going to have to clean it up. Because every time she comes, Jeshua, she makes a mess. She comes in and just creates….” Yes, but you are the one judging it. The judgment stops here. “I don’t know if I can go that far, Jeshua. Maybe you can, but….”

I had opportunity in my lifetime to judge. When someone said, “Off with the head,” or on the cross, etc., I had opportunity when I identified with the body to judge it. But in the next instant I made real in my awareness—in other words, I realized—that I am not the body. And if someone—I have said this to you in your holy Bible—if one should destroy this body, in three days I will lift it up; arise. Now, actually, it doesn’t take three days. It doesn’t even take three seconds. It comes with a thought of knowing, “I am creating.” I have said to you, and I will continue to say to you, that if you do not like what you are creating, stop, breathe, choose anew. Choose to see it differently.

You are the one who has the power in your understanding of what your life is to judge it, to call it, and to change if you do not like what you are calling it. “Well, Jeshua, sometimes these things, you know, they’re kind of like manure, and I don’t really like s-h- i-t.” But, beloved one, what does manure do? It’s a fertilizer, and it helps things grow. And if you don’t like the slow growth, pile it on and you’ll grow faster and bigger and taller, because you will have to. Because if they are piling all of this good stuff on top of you and you have to breathe, you are going to get out from under it, and the best way to do that is to change your thinking, change your position.

And if it is causing you to feel pain, choose quickly. Everything. If there is nothing more that you take with you from this evening, remember that everything is a gift, even if it doesn’t look like a gift. And sometimes it doesn’t. “Why did she say that to me? That didn’t feel like a gift.” You don’t have to accept it. If someone comes and they want to give you a gift and you don’t want it, you don’t have to take it. Same thing with some of the holiday gifts that you get. You look at them and say, “What am I going to do with this?” I have seen my beloved friend and teacher look at certain things and say, “I don’t even know what this is.” And then with a little more thought and perhaps a question or two, she figures it out. “Oh that’s what it’s supposed to do. Okay.”

It is interesting what happens with the deep breath, with allowing space for an answer to come in. And sometimes…you have seen this happen even with a person who comes up and wants to be your friend, and they are exhibiting all kinds of judgment, all kinds of…even the clothing that they wear. You look at them and say, “They want to be my friend? Really?

You take a deep breath and say, “The Christ is in there somewhere.” And after a while, after all of the noise dies down—and I know that in the world there is much of noise—but after the noise dies down, there is the essence of truth.

Don’t be too quick to judge. You have found this already. Allow space for wisdom.

Allow space for grieving. That is why I say to you many, many times, “Stop, breathe, allow the inspiration, inspiring breath coming in, to let you see anew.” You are now in the very beginning of a new year, as you reckon time. You have a saying attributed to me, but it is also attributed to you, because you are creating this new year, “Allow the creation to come forth; not in judgment, but allow it to be seen in love.”

Whenever you get into that space that says, “I don’t like…you know, I’ve never really liked…breathe. It will do a body good, but it will also do the soul good, for you will have opportunity to perhaps see it from a different angle.

I have seen my beloved friend and teacher take this saying to heart and also into the physical world and say, “Okay, I don’t like what I’m seeing. I’m going to change my viewpoint.” Remember, yes, we did an exercise like this, where if we did not like what we were seeing, we physically turned around and said, “Okay, how does it look from this angle? Oh, I didn’t know that before. I didn’t see that before.” It may take a few times of turning, and then you get to the place where you’re dizzy. You sit down and let it all clear, and you can see it differently.

Eva: You had at one time given us the exercise of stepping in each other’s shoes, and that’s what we did in the book study. We went and physically put on each other’s shoes, and it was quite enlightening.

Yes, it feels entirely different, and it allows you that chance to see things from a new perspective. That is a very good exercise. If you live with someone and they are giving you a hard time, or a friend or whatever, borrow the shoes. Wear them for a short time and see how it feels. It will give you a new perspective. It is fun to do. We’ll have to try that sometime. We’ll do that again.

Allow yourself in this new year to cancel out all that has come from the old year. “Oh, my God, Jeshua. I have so many judgments of people who see things differently than I do. These Republicans, these Democrats, these middle-of-the-roaders. I mean, really, how can they be middle-of-the-road? I mean, isn’t it obvious, either one side or the other side?” To them, perhaps.

Allow yourself space to breathe. This is a new year. Make it anew. You have opportunity to stand in a new space. Why do you think you make what is called a new year? So that you can stop, throw out the old if you didn’t like it? Throw out the old judgments and start anew.

Say, “Okay, that which I have seen, judged, reacted to up until now, all done, all done. I’m going to breathe. I’m going to be at peace. And if someone comes up in my face and they have something that they want to share with me, I’m going to say, ‘Let us breathe together.’”  We will hold hands. There we go. Ah, strong. Thank you. Very good.

That simple gesture of meeting someone hand to hand in friendship, that moment of peace allows that which you were feeling right before that to dissipate. Especially if you’re holding hands, they are not going to haul off and hit you. I’ve been there. [Chit chat] It’s a little bit tricky, yes.

So in this new year you have a clean slate before you, a tabula raza. Erased; the tablet has been erased. If you will allow it—that’s the caveat—if you will allow it, see it as being of the old year and you have moved on. There were many, many heavy judgments in the previous year. I saw you. I saw what you were doing to the body; not happy about stuff. Well, the body reacts after a while and says, “Hey, give me a break; give me a breath.”

You are now into a new year, a new space gifted to you by yourSelf—capital “S”—to create anew; not to carry with you all of the old baggage from the last year or the preceding years before that. Let it be, let it go. You did enough of the feeling back in all those times of judgment. Let it go. Create anew. How do you do that? “Well, Jeshua, I don’t know how to do that, and it’s too hard, and you know, he/she/they are always doing stuff wrong.”

Breathe. Stop. Take a deep breath; I mean a deep one. “Okay, I took a deep one.” No. Slowly. Breathe. “Okay, I did that. Now can I judge?” No, unless you want to feel like you did in the past, all tied up in knots and ready to fight. You see brothers and sisters fighting with each other, and even if they don’t come to the fisticuffs, they’re fighting on the inner. That hurts your creation. First of all, it hurts the body that you are creating. But also if you start getting out there and doing this, it’s going to hurt somebody. Let it be in the past. A new year. Who are you going to be in the new year? What are you going to be in the new year?

“Oh, well, you mean I don’t have to bring all of those judgments with me into the new year?” Who says you would have to? You are the judge and jury of what you do with your life. You don’t have to. Even the ones who have been “sentenced” to a life in a certain building and can’t go out of the building—incarcerated it’s called—where you live is right here within you. Even if the body would be put into a box somewhere—a cell they call it— where you live is within.

And you have seen this. You have the dramas, the portrayals of one who has been sentenced to be incarcerated for the rest of that incarnation, and they have come to a place of love within themselves, to the place where they are happy. And ones are happy to be around them. You are in charge of your creation, and if you don’t like what you are creating, immediately take a deep breath and choose anew. You have the power.

“I don’t think I have any power, Jeshua.” Who is breathing? “Well, yeah, I’m not really breathing. It’s just maybe the body is breathing.” Who orchestrates the body? “Oh, well, yeah, I guess maybe I have a little bit of power; not much. I mean, it’s all these circumstances out here, and my mother, my father, my boss, my mate, they all tell me what to do.” Who is creating them, and who is judging? “Oh, well, you mean in truth? I guess I’m creating all of the drama.” Do you like the drama? “Well, sometimes.” Do you like it all of the time? “No, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes physically it hurts. My mom used to really hit me when I was growing up, and I didn’t like that.” Where are you now? “Umm, well, I guess I’m more in control of my life than I was then.”

Okay, what would you like in your life now? “Oh, I’d like people who are smiling at me and happy and telling me uplifting stories that are, you know, really good motivating stories.” Okay, start telling them to yourself. “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I’m not smart enough to do that.” You are. You are creating the very life you are judging, living. You’re really in charge, you know. “I’ve never been told that. I’ve always been told that somebody else has power over me. I mean, I even have to pay taxes.” If that’s the worst thing that can happen to you, count it all as good.

Take the deep breath, beloved one. Go forward in this new year with choice. In every moment you have choice. If someone comes and stands right in front of you, right up in your face, smile. They will wonder why you are smiling. Love them. Even say to them, “You know, I really like the way you smile. I like your mustache, you know, yes. And I love the crossed eyes. How do you do that?”

You can always, always find something to compliment them on. Whether they take it as a compliment or not, that’s not your power. But you smile at the same time that you are giving them a compliment, and they have to think about that. “Well, maybe he actually meant that. Nah, nah, he couldn’t mean that. He’s never said a nice word to me in all this time.”

Well, choose anew. This is a new time, a new year. You have freedom. With this new year, choose anew. Be happy. Come Home in happiness, in joy, in Light and Love. So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

**Channel: Judith Coates