The Arcturians: Cellular Recalculation

Greetings, we are the collective energy of the Arcturians. We come forth with information and understanding that we believe is essential for you to grasp and acknowledge within your own being and reality. We wish to speak of Cellular Recalculation, it is something that is occurring within your being.

Many of you experienced the Cellular Treatment that we brought forth previously. Many of you have been experiencing the Over Lighting Project, the current and river of light that is flowing from the Creator into all beings, penetrating all cells. Its purpose is to anchor wisdom and enlightenment. Wisdom that may not have been recognised upon the Earth before and that brings forth a great illumination and enlightenment to your being and your reality. As this wisdom begins to activate, we can imagine it as popcorn popping within your cells or fireworks exploding, allowing you to recognise and acknowledge the wisdom  that is present. Something else is also taking place, your cells are recalculating. They have been filled; they have been bathed in light. There is much wisdom activating within every cell of your being and so your cells are recalculating, they are releasing, they are dissolving and letting go of unneeded programs and allowing for new programs to dawn, to activate.

You may not believe or even contemplate that the activation of wisdom within your cells changes the purpose of the cells, it is possible. Let us explain in a very simple way. The cells that support your skin are filled with a program that supports the manifestation and the health of your skin. As the light emanates into your cells and as wisdom activates even in your skin cells, new programming will activate, and old programming will dissolve. An example is the aging process, the skin ages, it becomes wrinkled, it becomes less radiant, and this can be due to many different things. However it is also due to the programming, the beliefs, the intentions set within the skin cells. This can now be transformed and recalculated. Programming such as the deterioration of cells can be released, let go of, and recalculated to anchor the programming of rejuvenating cells, healthy cells for the skin radiant cells. This can be the same in any part of the body and it is occurring now.

Your body is experiencing a tremendous flush. Your entire energy field is also experiencing this. You may especially experience energies and emotions coming to the surface that have been hidden for some time. You may experience little niggles in your body, little painful areas, cuts or bruises appearing. This is the flushing, the releasing, the recalculating of your cells. Your cells are letting go of all old programming. There isn’t necessarily a need for you to be consciously involved in this reprogramming because the light and the wisdom is creating that merge of light, recalculation, the reprogramming of your cells, this is aligned with the ascension process.

In the ascension process the body, especially the energy fields are immensely important, the health and well-being of the body and the light fields, or the energy fields will be a priority. Your guides are especially close at this time because they are guiding the Cellular Recalculation Process as well as your soul.

You are in the driver’s seat and so this means that you can place into your cells new intentions, and new programs. We, the Arcturians, are very equipped at creating light technology and light programs. You may have an intention for your body, for your energy field. It can be connected to your health and well-being or your spiritual evolution, or a manifestation or creation of something in your reality. When you create that intention, you can call upon us the Arcturians to come forth to surround you and to create the most appropriate light program, with your soul in complete synthesis, synchronisation and harmony with your soul. The light program filled with your intention will be placed into your cells. You can achieve this as many times as you wish, it is a simple intention, request and an openness to receive during meditation or quiet time. You have the ability to create tremendous transformation at a time when your being is being flushed, and a new light is dawning,  with new wisdom, new programs, and new intentions at this time of great transformation.

You can create even more transformation; you can maximise the transformation taking place for you.

Your cells are ready, the Cellular Treatment that we brought forth before prepared you for this. The Over Lighting Project prepared you for the Cellular Recalculation, it is something that you can achieve as many times as you wish for as long as you wish, your cells are receptive.

It is an important time to acknowledge the shifts that are taking place.  We, the Arcturians, wish to encourage you to celebrate even the smallest of shifts and transformations that are taking place within your being, even if it’s a moment of self-care, celebrate it because we wish to encourage the positive impact that this transformation is creating. We wish for you to fully recognise and be grateful for the transformation that is taking place, and its impact upon your entire being. Celebrate, recognise, acknowledge the transformations and their impacts upon your being, the positive and loving outcomes that are manifesting.

We love you dearly, we thank you,


**Channel: Natalie Glasson


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