The Telosians: The Big Change

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. We know that currently there is a lot of commotion in your country of France. You are approaching what you call the “presidential elections”. After what happened during the previous two years, many of you are wondering about the future president. Many of you ask yourselves the question of why give your power to a single human being, surrounded of course by a group of ministers, but you are still in this great questioning by wondering if there is would not have another way of managing a country in a way that is more respectful of human beings and their lives in this country.

From time immemorial on your planet and in all countries there has been the predominance of one being in the management of each country. This has led, many times, to great difficulty due to the personal desire for domination of these beings. Subsequently, they surrounded themselves with advisers who, too, eager to show themselves, to have power, only amplified the ego of these kings or heads of state.

We tell you this because in the New Earth that is coming, not in the next few months but in a few years and sooner than you think, there will no longer be the power of a single man in a country. . Gradually the small human power of your leaders will be replaced by a small group of humans, Sages as it is said on other planets, and who, respectfully, will take decisions not without having informed the people.

It may seem surprising to you that a small group of humans can make all the decisions necessary for the proper functioning of a country, but it is important for you to know that in the New Earth, there will no longer be all these administrations that divide the populations between rich and poor, who threaten you if you don’t pay this or that, etc. Money will no longer exist either and that will happen very quickly.

So what will those who lead you do if they have no more money? because we will do what is necessary so that it no longer exists.

Quite simply, your leaders will be disconcerted, they will no longer be able to manufacture for themselves the money which allows them to manage the entire Earth. Without money they will be nothing on the earthly human level. But they will still have, if they wish, the only way out of this decline, by understanding who they really are: divine beings whose Divine Power is superior to the small human power that they seemed to possess.

As you know, all that is outside your soul, that is to say your social life and all that you experience every day in businesses, in various stores etc…all of this will collapse. Only your Divine Force will remain within you which will allow you to live the New Earth, its new management, the respect which will spread in each country and each continent. Of course, this will happen gradually.

As you know, it is not impossible that some of you may experience the beginnings of the New Earth. It will start with groups of young humans who want to live a life that is much more respectful of the Earth, of humans, and of all earthly kingdoms.

These young humans will gradually set up groups to help the Earth: more pollution, more deforestation, more true ecology , more respect for the animal soul. It is the children of now and some who are already a little older, who will prepare this and it has already begun. Only, your leaders, who see it with a bad eye because it disturbs their plans, do not want the media to talk about it openly.

You can perhaps notice that around you, in your villages, in your towns, more and more groups are being created in order to help the Earth, to turn it into a clean soil free from all scattered waste, to cultivate local fruits and vegetables in order to eliminate pollution from transport, whether trucks or planes.

What you call the BIO currently is only very relative, this BIO will be totally in the New Earth. No more air transport as it is now, everything will be grown locally and each country, each region will live with what it produces.

Some will say: but we are going backwards!

We tell you: this is not a step back, no. It’s simply a respectful way to cultivate the Earth without pesticides that kill it, it’s a simple way to promote the cultures of each country and the humans who will live in the countries who will do so will be able to appreciate the evolution of their own country and the recognition it can bring to all of you.

It is important to understand that you are all entering, gradually, at different times of course, into this New Earth to which you are going to need to connect with Love to allow it to guide you in the most beautiful way possible on the path to Love and Respect towards each being and each thing.

This is how there will be no more religious quarrels, there will be no more rejection of those who do not have the same skin color, etc.

Dear children of the Earth, you are currently entering THE GREAT CHANGE that you can no longer reject even if it shakes you a little. It is important to go FORWARD, to let yourself be carried in confidence by what is happening, thinking that all of this is for the best and the rescue of the Earth and terrestrial humanity.

We accompany you with great love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


13 Replies to “The Telosians: The Big Change”

  1. AA-G

    There is just so much air I can put in this balloon. If we have to wait another few YEARS for the New Earth… I dunno. It’s been dangled in front of us since 2011. And before that people have been waiting for “The Second Coming,” or the “End of the World” for a long long time. I’m not the giving-up type, but we need some actual help to make this happen. We need a miracle.

  2. Emma

    “A small group op people”. I think they mean New world order. One government. A group of people governing the entire world. The so called elite, like Klaus Schwab and the likes.

    To me this sounds indeed like going backwards. Also the climate agenda is of the elite. The people actually cares for the planet, and the people buy more and more eco food and stuff. Cooperations and rich people are the polluters, with planes and yachts etc. You can no longer fly, but they can still. Believe me.

    Understand? The world means ‘You stand under me’. Under stand – stand under. So dont ever say yes to the word understand.

    THE GREAT CHANGE they say, with big letters. I bet they mean THE GREAT RESET. The evil plan of WEF and the elites.

  3. Nobody

    You have a mind that does not know that doesn’t know.
    You are so arrogant -obnoxious that you know exactly what is going on with my Life hahahaha:D based on what you perceived from my Facebook page hahahaha=D

    And what’s worse you forcefully turn into my mentoring your “savior” mental program hahahaha

    Believing that you are so enlightened that you can always >judge< all your self-protections using a "fucked up" … image projected on me as your mirror hahahahaha

    Judging Is.not.only faggy dude, it's atrocious because you don't understand anything about my current Life, yet you still judging.

    Being an editor using channellings to impress or to feel superior or more advanced, more evolved is ridiculous hahahaha

    You are.something else hahahahah I don't have to report nor convince you about what I do as a Light Warrior just

    Focus on yourself, stop trying to control

    Clean your vibration. Self-love is essential, be happy alone first and foremost. So you can now love somebody truly. And to share your happiness with other alike.

    Make peace with whare you are.
    And let go



    1. Mike Ohira

      James, let me clarify. The article is talking about the New Earth that will be rebuilt after the physical old 3D Earth is no more. That will definitely take a few more years and cannot be completed in days or months time.

      However, BIG CHANGES are in the process of taking place right now. RV/GCR and Nesara/Gesara has already started and when Donald Trump is back in the office in Feb or March this year he will officially announce to the public the “New Republic”. Then the Galactic Disclosure will follow immediately or around the time of New Republic announcement. Then what will follow next are “Healing Ships” and Grand Solar Flash and Rainbow Waves , etc. Cloaked Healing ships are currently parked in so many unknown places on earth and when the order is received these ships will uncloak immediately to perform their mission. “Gathering” will take probably a few more years to happen.

      Money will definitely disappear. Money and banks are tools invented by the Annunaki to enslave humanity on earth. Money and banks do not exist in Inner or Hollow earth or any where else in the Universe. Money is used only in surface earth and nowhere else.

      1. emma

        I am not doing a barter system. I will fight it with all I got. No way will I carry around 100 chickens to buy a car, only to be turned away, as they already have enough chickens. How many chickens do I need for a house, and how to transport them to the seller. Do I need a truck, and how many chickens does he need to do that?
        NO WAY!.
        Or are you a WEF-slave that believe we should not own anything, but rent even our clothe. Rent from whom?, the elite of course. They own everything that we need, and are we obedient, we can rent.

        1. Mike Ohira

          emma: Oh, you poor soul! You’re stuck in 3D. The New Earth I’m talking about is 5D. If you want a car or a house or anything, there is absolutely no need for payment because everything is free! All you need to do is ask your inner soul. Understand, you all are Gods and Goddesses and you are healers and have God-given powers to manifest anything you want. For further info, go to Era of Light homepage and search for: Quan Yin: Urgent Manifesting Refresher Yes, you can manifest anything you want (even your boyfriend or girl friend) by using your thoughts and feeling. If you’re still unable to believe me, you need to do further research. Google this: Jesus Sananda: The New Scripture In this writing, Jesus speaks about manifestation with thoughts and feeling. Anything that you can think with your mind, you can create. Anything!

          If you want clothes to wear, there is in 5D world what is called a “Replicator”. With a replicator, you can create clothes, furniture, cars, bicycles, spoon, forks, etc. and even all kinds of foods and vegetables with energy that is absolutely free (air) so you don’t have to farm at all. Why is all this possible? Because everything is energy! Unlike manufacturing in 3D world, manifesting in 5D is pollution free. There is no need to wash clothes too. Just feed back the clothes into the replicator and it will return to energy.

          1. John Sutter


            Where did you come by this information about Trump returning to office, manifestation machines called replicators, healing ships, everything free and so on?

            I’d also like a Harem of nubile Germanic females and an 88ft Viking Fishing Yacht. Is that possible?

            I’d like to spend a few hundred years like some Homosapien version of a Bonobo.

        1. Mike Ohira

          John, thanks for responding.

          Yes, everyday I am doing research with the help of my Galactic friends and I’ve been doing it for years. My interest is in 5D world.

          Like I said, anything that you can think with your mind you can create. But John, from my point of view you are a bit negative-minded and that is not too good if you want to live in a 5D world with all the powers you have. Manifestation works best for people that are positive and spiritually minded and have trust and confidence in themselves.

          1. Franciely

            I also believe in all of this because I have researched and also read many channelings that I felt were true speaking about this. But I also understand Jon because I’m also going through major cleansings and purifications and it brings out all our bitterness, hate, sadness, frustration, and even the lack of self-love and disbelief in our power is coming to the surface. Maybe that’s why many of us are still feeling bitter, because this is all coming and we can’t try to push it back inside.
            We’re not negative just everything is coming for healing, that’s how I see it. And it’s not easy, it’s very painful.

            We all want to live and be in this fantastic world of 5D and manifesting anything we want. And I can’t wait to be completely zero of these low vibration energies that still come from within and just feel 100% happy and loving myself and loving everyone and everything. For those who have gone through all these cleanings, you understand what I mean. But I imagine the entire planet is undergoing these necessary purifications.