Pleiadians: We Are Waiting For You

Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I AM KALIGHAL!

It has been a long time since I came here to chat a little with you. But no, I didn’t leave. I was worried? no, I wouldn’t say worried, busy, getting the house ready to receive you. We are all very much looking forward to the big moment. For the moment when we will open the doors of our ships for you to be with us.

Honestly, I would very much like this to be a moment of just a lot of joy, of exchange of love, of exchange of friendship, and it will be this way for many. Of course we can see, we can feel the heart of each one of you. And we know exactly those who, after the fright, will welcome us with open arms. No, do not claim that you will not be scared. We are different, the vast majority are different from you.

We, the Pleiadians, are the closest to the earthly forms, but the other races, within proportions, some are even similar but many are not, have almost nothing to do with the human form. So don’t say, don’t claim, that you will not be scared. I can tell you, going back a little bit in time, that when all of us, the commanders, were assembled by your master Sananda and Ashtar Sheran, we were a little bit uncomfortable with the closeness that we were going to have to you.

Understand the following: In the whole universe, the inhabitants of the same planet are almost all the same, with small differences in each one, but there is not the variety that exists on this planet. Here it really is like a big parade of the races of the universe together. And in fact you are exactly that, the mixture of various races of the universe that generated the bodies you have today.

The mixing that has happened over time has created new forms, new combinations. But each person on this planet, has in his or her origin, cells, DNA, of galactic beings. So we were frightened by this great variety that exists on the planet, and we were a little fearful at the end of the process of how we would be received, because you are nothing like the original beings anymore. But the love of Master Sananda filled our hearts with faith, strength and joy; explaining to us that the human race was not responsible for everything that happened on the planet; that you had been induced to many things and that it was up to us to free you from this judgment of evil and unloving.

And because we vibrate only unconditional love, we accepted the challenge and have been in your skies for a long time now. And I can tell you, that the vast majority of the commanders that are here, have never regretted it. The battles have been hard, they have not been easy, and there is still much to do for this planet. And we are extremely excited about this moment when we can help you in many ways; when we can bring healing to many illnesses; when we can bring balance to your bodies, and for sure, it will bring a joy to the hearts of many, and the necessary strength for the next steps of the process.

Now it is a pity that this will take a while, because many will not believe us. They will think that we are trying to change them, manipulate them, or even abduct them, as many believe on your planet. But today, at this time, many of you are participating in our treatments and have seen miraculous healings, especially the soul healings that end up by themselves, healing the physical body as well. So right now, that’s what we are hoping for the most, to be able to land a big ship, you call it a hospital; so I’m going to call it that, a big Hospital ship where each one of you who wants to, can come in and undergo a healing treatment. And we will stay there, as long as necessary, until the first one has the courage to enter. Because we are sure that, after that first one goes in and out, all of you will go in, because you will see that he came out healed, normal as he has always been, and that we have done nothing against him.

So my brothers and sisters, we are preparing all this. These healing Ships are ready now, ready to work on the planet, on you, and on everything else. Ready to clean up the garbage that you have accumulated on the planet for eons of time, and that with the technology you have today, you could never do. This all has to be transformed. There is no energy that is eliminated, everything is transformed. So we have to transform all this garbage into something productive for the planet. For example, we can transform the garbage into small seeds that you can plant back on Gaia’s surface, eliminating the holes that you have made over time. We can do this.

So just wait. You are anxious and so are we, but not the anxiety that harms and makes you sick. It is a good anxiety, that the moment is very near. We keep giving you “Hello!” in your skies, you just call us by heart and we’ll send you a little flashing light, a “Hello! We’re here, it’s us!” Many have an urge to recognize which ship is whose. There is no standard, a ship is a ship; but soon you will be able to know whose ship is whose.

We are standardizing our transmissions, and then you will be able to know who is answering you. We are working on it. The more crystalline we are, the easier it will be for you to recognize us. When you see a landed craft, you will know what race it is, this is very good for you, because there will be no doubt. There will never be ships of those beings who enslaved you; these no longer exist. So there will only be on your soil, ships of the friendly beings that are around your planet. And we will identify ourselves; soon you will know us in form, in manner, you will know our history. This will come to you in a very easy and simple way, and you will learn to know us.

To tell you just wait, I am already afraid to say this. I’m kidding, I’m not afraid of anything, but we notice when we say soon, soon…; your heart fills with doubt, it fills many times even with anger because we say soon, soon, soon, and this soon never comes. So I won’t say soon anymore, I will say when it is determined by Father/Mother God, we will be there on your soil, landing our Hospital ships to be able to give to this humanity the cure, to practically all the diseases. Practically, why? Because much cannot be done by the lesson of each one, but we are asking the Father/Mother God for a dispensation of the physical lessons, so that we can heal everyone.

We hope to succeed, and then yes, humanity will be free of this dependency on medicines, on remedies, and everyone will be balanced to live in the New World, to live in the new form. And this will be very important, because the balance of body and mind, brings health and brings elevation. And we are sure that in this way, a large part of humanity, which today perceives nothing, sees nothing, feels nothing, will begin to understand what unconditional love is, and will begin to live it.

Unfortunately, we also know that a large part of humanity will collaborate against all of this, slandering, setting us against you, so that you will not be helped. It will be up to each one’s heart to decide who to believe: us, who have fought for you all these years to free this planet out of pure love for this race, or those who have only deceived you for so long and have taken you further and further to the negative side. It will be up to each one of you to choose.

So, wait for the Father/Mother God’s decision, and the moment He authorizes us, we will be there, posing our ships and introducing ourselves. With much love, with our impeccable uniforms, and with much celebration. Because we will have a party in our ships and you will be invited.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


16 Replies to “Pleiadians: We Are Waiting For You”

  1. Douglas A James

    Thank you let the ships land now!! Millions took the vaccines if not billions they need help now. Thank you

  2. Franciely

    I see and FEEL that most of these channellings have become a mess, full of nonsense.

    Where would Sananda have to explain such situations so that they could understand? And then to open their hearts? Wtf?

    Channeling is now synonymous with carnival

    1. Brazilian

      Not channeling, but the ships landing surely will be Carnival for brazilian New Age community.

      1. Brazilian

        Even just a message like that begins a Carnival among the readers here. Anything is motive to begin a Carnival here in Brazil.

  3. Harriet

    When I was a baby in 1953 I could understand English but wasn’t talking yet. My mom held me over her shoulder and I watched two ETs working, moving cardboard boxes in my bedroom. They looked vastly different than us and each other, but were friendly and well mannered. One whom I call ‘Goldy’ (dark yellow gold skin, humanoid) came up to me and said to me and his friend “I love human babies, they are so cute” and he touched my nose and gave me a big smile. He called his friend over and his friend hesitated because he knew I would become frightened by his appearance, and he was right. He looked like black, silver and blue lightening in human form, sleek, shiny, beautiful and threatening. Goldy convinced ‘Sleek’ to come over and say hi. I was a little uncomfortable and they talked a little more and then another ET, (who looked completely different than the first two) came into the room to talk to Goldy and Sleek about their work.
    While all this was going on, a tall, hairy, humanoid being with a big black hat walked by to my left. He reminds me of Chewbacca in the Star War movies but with clothes on. I saw another ET on the sidewalk when I was two, who looked vastly different still. He reminds me of Gollum with blue, white and grey skin and a much nicer face.
    I’m telling you this because children from the age of newborn babies up to around 7 yrs old can think, feel and experience different dimensions while a 3D Mother is holding them in their arms. That’s why children have invisible friends, see fairies, etc. Most older children and adults here on our 3D Earth do not because we think and feel in 3D. 5D is right there next to us… right there!
    Neither I nor Goldy were hurt when he touched my nose. And I need to mention I only felt love and kindness from them.
    Those of us who think and feel in 5D are living the better life but we’re living on a 3D planet. How is that? It’s because we are at a very low level (percentage) of 5D. The higher percentage of vibration you attain in 5D the less tolerant you will be of 3D. That is why eventually, probably in the next 50 yrs or so, hopefully sooner, 3D will be gone and we will have a higher 5D reality to live in. And we won’t need to be young children to see it.
    This tells me that our interactions in different dimensions is subject to a huge number of variables. And to tolerate the 3D vibrations might require protection for some but not others, and as said before, how low in vibration are you willing to go.
    I for one and I’m sure for many, find any negativity makes me extremely uncomfortable now-a-days. I find sometimes I lower my vibration so I can be more comfortable in this 3D world. They say it will become easier to live here as the vibrations rise. I can hardly wait. Perhaps this information will help in understanding how beings in other dimensions exist and interact with us.
    You could say I imagined the ETs that I saw, but I will disagree till the day I pass on, as any human who has had an interaction with ETs will agree.
    As for feelings in 5D. You and I do not lose any of our feelings in 5D, including discomfort, which I felt when I saw Sleek. Beings in 5D quickly dismiss the negative feelings and don’t dwell in them. We are still human in a material world in a material universe and need those basic emotions/instincts to navigate all the planets we will visit.
    I hope this helps. Please tell everyone to join now in light, love, truth, peace and kindness and join the 5D world of happiness. They will not regret it, and really, I love you all and want to see you there.



    1. kelly

      Dearest Kalighal and other peladian Ancestors, I am tgrilled to get to know each and everyone who are helping to save Planet Earth and to join us in living the light,golden,brilliant,life of Love and oneness. I will gladly walk into your ship and welcome you to earth. I hope to gether enough good humans to also not be scared, as if we have God in us we are never alone or scared. I love all of my brothers and sisters. I look forward to our meeting. Love and light, your friend. Kelly Hastings

  5. John

    Dearest KALIGHAL thank for the lovely message and i want to say here and now i want to be through the doors of the hospital ship as soon as it lands, much love to all.

  6. AlwaysLight

    “…and we were a little fearful at the end of the process of how we would be received”. When does a 5D and higher race ever get fearful of anything? Especially when, to get to 5D, you have to face and heal your fears? I have always been very cautious of this channel, there is often, as I find it, a great deal of personal filtering and personal perspective overlaying the message, often heavily. This leads doubt as to how much or if any of this is genuine. Fear is and has always been the tool and energy of the lost ones, so again, yet to see a clear and genuine message from this channel

    1. Brazilian

      Just a matter of translation. The better word would be concerned, or worried.

      Further in the message he says ” I am afraid of anything ” and a better translation would be ” I fear nothing ” . He is a great warrior.

      I read this channel for some time and have read most of its messages. It is one of my favorites, I feel it is genuine. Sometimes I disagree with some minor thing it has been said, but the overall theme I perceive as authentic.

      Of course we should use our discernment always. This is something I do all the time.

  7. Viktor

    1) In order to operate in 3d and 4d, appropriate methods are sometimes needed. Therefore, military support is needed to work in 3D and 4D.
    2) When opponents are in 3d and 5d, they cannot affect each other. Therefore, those who are in the 5d have to go to lower dimensions in order to effectively influence others.
    3) The Law of Free Will is one of the cosmic laws established by Father/Mother God (Source). The light forces respect this law, but the dark ones do not. In addition to this law, there is a cosmic law of cause and effect. According to which, the dark forces that sow the wind will reap the storm.
    4) The Federation does not set the rules, but only serves the Father/Mother God(Source). Federation is the result of the cooperation of thousands and thousands of virtuous civilizations.

    1. Mike Ohira

      Basically what you are saying is correct but there is one misunderstanding I like to point out. Father/Mother God is not Source. Father/Mother God is in the 12th dimension. Source/Prime Creator is above that (352 Dimension?)

      The Laws of the Universe (Universal Laws) are established by the Prime Creator, not Father/Mother God.

      1. Viktor

        When I asked a question within myself about your remark, the answer came to me – “We are One.” Thank you.

  8. Wanderer

    Dear KALIGHAL,

    If in 5D everything is about love peace and truth, then WHY IS THE FEDERATION SO HEAVILY MILITARIZED?

    If 5D-beings are able to shift frequency in order to make them visible and invisible as they wish, and if the Darkies are stuck in 3D, unable to ascend, then HOW CAN THEY BE AT WAR WITH A SPECIES THEY CANNOT EVEN SEE OR FOLLOW?

    If the Federation does not intervene because of respect of free will, but the Darkies do not respect free will at all, then ISN’T IT THE FEDERATION, THAT PROVIDES THE PLAYGROUND FOR THE DARKIES, SO THAT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER PLEASES THEM?

    Wouldn’t the galaxy be far better of without such a Federation imposing rules which are rather obstacles for the unfolding of freedom?
    And wouldn’t a sort of cooperation between benevolent races be a much better bet?

    I’m only asking (inconvenient) questions.

    … looking forward to see You “soon”!

    1. Brazilian

      Viktor has answered satisfatory your question, I just add that Federation has to lower the frequency of their ships from 5D and above dimensions to 3D or 4D (Astral Plane) to combat the dark ships, and therefore this is a risk task for then as well.

      Free Will zone was not set up by Federation but by the Creator.

      But now this entery section of the Universe will no longer be a Free Will zone, since only Love will be allowed.

      Those who choose otherwise will be taken by Federation to another regions of the Universe to continue their lessons there.