Shifting Into 5D Frequency Bands

We are now shifting deeper into the 5th dimensional frequency bands, as the 7th dimensional state is already making itself felt, as the pyramids, sphinxes and sacred sites fully awaken, as they were programmed to, many ages ago, especially just before the final fall of Atlantis.

What this means is the insurgence of the Cosmic Energy Updates will increase, and now being amplified by the fully activation of these ancient centers, technologies and indeed 7th dimensional consciousness – the consciousness and dimensional state the earth was originally created in, and thus returning back into, with the New Earth.

It is going to feel very challenging at times, as you need to now navigate your way through all these dimensions on an ever upward curve, as more and more of the old simply disintegrates and thus you have now risen above it. You have raised your own vibrational frequency, into the 5th dimensional frequency band, and some of us are already operating on the 7th etc.

With this, the old earth and Old 3D, is of course still there to be dealt with, even though it is now in holographic form and disintegrating. You need to realize that you have had so much ingrained programming, from the old Earth in you, and all around you the people may still be ingrained in the Old Earth and way of living and being, which get you involved in some form or another.

I am most certainly feeling this, as on the one hand I am accessing higher and higher knowledge, and on the other hand need to tend to every day and business matters in the 3D, the very low and slow. What I am finding is that when I feel myself getting pulled down again, I then consciousness become quiet and still and get centered again, with very deep breathing, and then affirming in the I AM Presence, the truth of who and what I AM. I ask that I AM lifted into the Highest state again, and then affirm that I AM in that highest state.

Archangel Metatron is over-lighting the Ascension process with Seraphim Seraphina. We can call upon him, to assist us, to keep us disciplined and focused and to assist us through this process. I work intensely with the High Order of Melchizedek and with Lord Melchizedek, and I always call him in, when I need to be helped or get clarity about something. Seraphim Seraphina will sing over you, if you ask her and indeed assist your ascension process through the use of the sacred tones.

More than this the triad of the Universal Angel Mary, Mother Mary and Isis, are all here now to assist the opening of the higher heart, with Mary Magdalene, who is deeply involved in the not only the heart opening, but the return of the highest Sacred Teachings, with the Triad, of the Divine Feminine.

Ask and it shall be given.
Knock, and the doors shall open.

Yet, you need to open your heart and soul, to ever greater levels of love and loving unity consciousness and the Highest Christ Consciousness to emerge and grow within you.
No one else can do this for you.

You have free will and choice.

In the 5th dimensional state and higher Divine Will becomes our will, as we are in highest alignment with All That Is, as we fully embrace our own Divinity.

To be on this earth – but not of it!

To me this is the time of immense soul growth on all levels. The opportunity to explore beyond the beyond, the adventure of a totally new life unfolding within, and then co-creating this without! Indeed when we embrace our own infinity, we realize that indeed the higher one’s own vibrational frequency bands, the more one moves into limitless space, where all things are possible – whatever one conceived in the heart and soul and with love, sprouts into form and being! What a gift this momentous time is to just expand, explore and become in ever greater and more infinite degrees, with unconditional love and joy!

**By Judith Kusel


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