Tucker Carlson: Canada’s Leaders Panicking Because Citizens Now Defying Their Tyranny

Far-left leaders in Canada and the U.S. are in a “hysterical” panic because the citizens are finally pushing back against their tyranny surrounding COVID restrictions and vaccines, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“We’ve been covering this truck strike in Canada all week and at the end of the week there were a couple of different images that kind of floated around your head. Picture the cops stealing the fuel from the freezing truckers. Picture the smiling trucker talking about love and waving the Canadian flag. Totally non-threatening,” Carlson said Friday during his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“But above all, you remember the hysteria of the people in charge as they look out on the sea of working-class people who are sick of being pushed around. The people in charge are extremely upset about this. Hysterical. It’s hilarious. You can just picture a transportation secretary, little Pete Buttigieg jumping up and down, shaking his little hands, screaming at the truck drivers, ‘get off my bridge, you guys, get off my bridge right now!’”

Carlson noted the head-spinning hypocrisy of leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Trudeau and Joe Biden lecturing about “the law” when they break it every single day.

“That’s the funniest part. These people don’t care about the law at all. They believe they make the law,” Carlson said. “This is the prime minister who ordered the cops to steal people’s fuel. There is no law that says you can’t have fuel in Ottawa. He just made that up. Now he’s lecturing about the law.”

“Joe Biden, who was violating federal law on the grand scale every day by importing two million people illegally without your consent, he’s upset about the law,” he continued. “Justin Trudeau is so upset he is threatening the truckers’ children. ‘It’s time to go home especially if you have your kids with you,’ Trudeau said. Wouldn’t want something to happen to them.”

There’s also loads of irony in the fact Trudeau is freaking out about Canadians blockading the border when he did exactly the same thing for unvaccinated citizens.

“Trudeau also attacked the protesters for closing the border. Only Justin Trudeau is allowed to do that. Which he has done for more than a year. So what are we watching here? It’s more than hypocrisy. What we are watching is panic,” Carlson explained.

“Justin Trudeau knows that nobody joined the protest because they are ‘tired of COVID.’ They are tired of tyranny. They are tired of being told to inject something into their bodies they don’t want, whose long-term effects cannot be known. Sold by companies that are protected, that have immunity from public recourse.”

The people are tired of the tyranny, in large part because they now know the COVID lockdowns and restrictions did nothing to prevent the spread of the China Virus.

“We also know that what they told us to do didn’t work. The lockdowns didn’t work. Johns Hopkins came out and said it the other day. Pretty conclusively,” Carlson noted. “That is what people are mad about. They want their freedom back. They are not tired of the virus, they are tired of the leaders who have used the virus to give themselves more power. And they’re still doing it.”

Carlson pointed out that the police will try to remove convoy protesters from the Ambassador Bridge connecting Michigan to Canada on Saturday.

“There’s going to be a showdown in Windsor, Ontario. We’ll see what happens,” Tucker said. “But the rest of the world has already learned the lesson. Which is, if you resist, if you say you’ve had enough, peacefully, cheerfully, with love, they have to pay attention. It’s the only thing they pay attention to.”


6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson: Canada’s Leaders Panicking Because Citizens Now Defying Their Tyranny”

  1. Holistic mind

    Trivializing the Covid virus scam by calling it the China Flu and other such racist words lends no weight to any argument. In fact, the so called Covid Sars virus was an American production with Fauci heading the chimeric creation that weaponized what scientists recognized as the Sars virus as far back as the early 2000s and even further back before it started to infect people. American are clearly either ashamed to admit they have evil minds like Fauci and Gates orchestrating a planned covid lie or they refuse to admit the depth of their own evil empire. Or both. They now want to jab mRNA spike protein into babies and toddlers to further their eugenics agenda. So ask yourself—whose evil empire are we really blaming for this global horror?
    PS Klaus Schwab was educated at Harvard and other USA seats of learning. Get the picture?

    1. Daedalus

      You think that China isnt involved ? China has the only regime that killed around of 60 million of its own people through starvation in so called “Great Leap Forward”. Thats a massive number of people.

      Western and Eastern Cabal are into this together. And you calling it for “racist words” tells everyone everything they need to know who you really are and what is your real agenda here…

      Stop thinking youre “invisible” – you stick out like a sore thumb.

  2. J

    I think they are all connected somehow. Klaus Schwab, Soros, Fauci and many more. they are evil demented sick men.

  3. J

    These so called leaders are just a bunch of spoiled little brats that never grew up. Its like their playing a game and they are very poor losers, throwing little tantrums. Laughable really.

  4. Denise G

    I know this is kinda outta left field here but it’s been bugging me! Am I the ONLY one who sees Hitler when looking at Fauci?
    I have always seen a melding of their 2 faces from the first time I’ve seen him years ago and I just assumed it was some left over Monty Python sketch running around my skull but now I’m not so sure. There’s also something in his facial expressions…🤷‍♂️