Saul: Very Soon You Will, Once Again, Be Fully Awake

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are watching with delight as humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate towards its complete accomplishment.

I know you are all very tired of the word “soon,” but by using it regularly as you think, write, or talk about awakening, you validate it.  So know that humanity’s awakening will happen soon!  You are ready for it, you are tired of waiting, and you are, collectively, bringing it to fruition.

There are amazingly large numbers of you who are daily resetting the intent to be only loving whatever arises as you engage with your necessary human routines, and even doing only this is extremely effective in intensifying humanity’s awakening process.  You are truly fulfilling the much loved and honored phrase from the Holy Bible: “to be in the world but not of it,” (John 15:19.)

You are going about your daily lives sharing and extending Love, and refusing, for the most part, to engage with your egoic impulses to judge or condemn any one.  Everyone is doing their best, even if that does not appear to be the case.

How it appears to you, or to others, is a judgment, even if it is not expressed or shared, and remember that none of you, while in form, have the necessary knowledge or wisdom that could fairly and evenly validate any judgments you might wish to make.

When you leave behind the limitations that form imposes upon you, even thoughts of judgment will no longer arise, because as One, Source, Love, there is always total acceptance, absolutely nothing to judge, and you will know yourselves as you are – LOVE.

Love is All.  It is all embracing, It is all enveloping, and It is constantly being fulfilled and expressed with never a moment’s pause or interruption.  Love is what you are, and as you awaken you will know the wonder of It and know that you have never ceased, even for the briefest of moments, to be separated from experiencing your natural and eternal state, the Oneness that is Love.

There will be no disturbing, painful, or unsettling memories of your lives in form because they never occurred, there is nothing to remember, there is always and only now.

The idea that there is only Now, is one that you can almost accept intellectually, but your physical senses believe in and experience the past (as memories!), the present (Now!), and await the future with either enthusiasm, anxiety, or something in between those two states.

And of course, it seems that the present is always past, because now, although it is always present, never lasts!  However, the more time you choose to spend in your holy inner sanctuaries, the more Real the Now becomes for you, demonstrating that it is ever-present, even if only momentarily.

Being in human form is not easy, and it does tend to be confusing and uncertain for much of your lives.Uncertainty is something most do not enjoy, but it is constant because form is change. Many changes may seem minor or unimportant, and then some major event or catastrophe occurs, intensifying the anxiety of uncertainty.

However, there is one certainty, the only one – Reality/Love.

Do not allow yourselves to forget this when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by events in your personal daily human lives, or by larger events at a national or international level, or even Earth changes – storms, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc.

You are, each and every sentient being, aspects of and inseparable elements of the One with Whom you are eternally One in every moment of your eternal existence.  What you are experiencing as a human in form is temporary, momentary, even though, while you are undergoing it, the time for which it lasts can seem interminable when it is unpleasant, and quite fleeting when it is very enjoyable.

To awaken is to fully delight in the eternal wonder of Now, the eternal joy and satisfaction of life, which can only be Now.

You are all-knowing, not because your infinite mind is filled with knowledge, but because you have full access now – not later, or next week or next year – to whatever is of interest to you.

There is nothing to learn, because you are all knowing.  In form you have to learn how to operate your form (your own bodies), and the forms with which your forms interact, living or non-living – other people, animals, cars, computers, phones, thoughts, everything – all your skills and abilities have to be learned.  Awake you are all-knowing, unawake you are uncertain, confused, limited, lost.

To be fully awake, fully conscious, and fully aware is your natural state.

You do not need rest or sleep, and you cannot be distracted or drawn away from this moment, the only moment, and your awareness is always fully attentive to All.  That is why you receive an instant response whenever you call on your spiritual support teams, saints, or guides in the non-physical realms.  They are always there for you, for All.

When you are awake there is nothing to which you are unable to attend instantly, nothing gets missed, delayed, or forgotten, all that you choose to attend to is always attended to Now!

There can never be a state of circumstances or a situation in which a response from you needs to be delayed, adjusted, limited or refused, you are always instantly able to respond fully and perfectly to whatever arises.  You are utterly at One with Source, with All That There Is, Now.

That state is unchanging and eternal.  It is infinite JOY!

So, as you make a point of going deep within yourselves daily to open your hearts to Love, remind yourselves that this illusory or unawakened state of life in form that you are presently experiencing most realistically, with all its doubts, fears, and uncertainties is drawing to a close.

Very soon you will, once again, be fully awake, and the dream or illusion will be no more, because it never was!

With so very much love, Saul.

**Channel: John Smallman


10 Replies to “Saul: Very Soon You Will, Once Again, Be Fully Awake”

  1. Tammy

    Gratitude to John and Saul for the reminder to remember our true divine selves during a time to easily emerse be ourselves in 3D acts which we collectively create. Hard lesson but well worth learning.

  2. Harriet

    Stop complaining. How are you going to reach the 5.0 dimension if you are constantly displaying characteristics that are so 3D? You are so negative, exactly the opposite of what you should be. There are millions of people who feel like they have reached 5D some of the time if not all the time. It’s strange being a love-being in a 3D world, but man, it is so much more pleasant and even joyful at times. We have all suffered greatly, you aren’t the only ones. Forgive yourself, forgive others, live a loving, kind life and think positively. Please!

    1. Daedalus

      “… of what you should be …”

      Its an irony that I find those who claim theyre of “love and light”, the most judgement, most blind faith and especially “holier-than-thou” attitude where they claim directly or indirectly theyre better than others.

      The “love and light” folks are similar variation of overly religious folks. “Follow blind and dont question”. “Youre ruining our blind faith with your questions…” . “If you dont thing A then you wont get to place B”.

      Well, heres the thing … Ill follow what I want … Ill question what I want … Ill put my opinion on board, in still respectful and polite way.

      Freedom of thought is important, as long as its put in polite way.

      1. Steven

        Agreed. Your comment was insightful and displays your independence. Keep commenting here if you feel like it.

  3. John Robbins

    Spot On Daedalus. Something is amiss here as usual. They ‘upstairs’, need a paradigm shift in their communications because they are not reaching/getting us at all with that verbiage.

    1. Daedalus

      What I think it is with vast majority of channelers – many are distorting the message, unawarely and unintentionally to one extent. Some are distorting intentionally, because their intentions arent benevolent.

      But imagine it like this, channel is a medium, and pull analogy to an “apparatus” that operates on specific frequency range. It cannot operate outside of the range. And every human medium-channeler has their own specific unique frequency range.

      The higher force, even when fully benevolent and willing to help, it doesnt mean necessarily that message will get through in full form. Because of specific ranges of medium, there will be more or less “holes” in message. Or the medium would distort the message to fit into its frequency range.

  4. Daedalus

    If there is “nothing to learn” – then why are we here ? To make ourselves suffer intentionally ?

    And if the word “soon” is used extensively, and so extensively that “soon” doesnt validate itself because the expectations do not meet the reality, then what happens next ? Disheartenment, yes ? Demoralization, yes ?

    Its better to be leaning towards more neutral state, rather than any expectations. And thats something that Im fairly sure many “channels” simply do not comprehend. They do not fully comprehend human life experience here, they do not understand the continous bombardment of garbage that humans are exposed continously.

    Many channels had it wrong. They think that just making “happy thoughts” and singing Kumbaya is enough (and thats definitely not just channel talking, but human channeler also, and distortions are made regularly). But the human experience is about heavy push through the most dense stuff, its about overcoming seemingly unsurmountable. Its about heavy, burdening choices.

    But also, when the push is finally made, many do see through triviality and continous garbage energy bombardment within their lives. They have the capability to detach partially, but even that is enough.

    And when enough people do that, the reality adjusts and changes.