Ashtar: Update on Storm

Boy! I must’ve been busy…. anyway, keep checking back on this channel, folks, to see updates from Implant Communications. See what Ivo and I have been up to lately. If this flies, it’ll be very exciting for all of us!

It is suspected that the Canadian government is after the ten million that was donated to the truckers on gofundme.

Because the Ottawa police department is now taking gas cans (jerry cans) away from people bringing fuel to the truckers, the command went out over social media for EVERYONE visiting to bring a jerry can, whether full or empty, to the capitol. That way the police will be slowed down checking those who have empty cans while the full ones can be used to fuel the trucks, supposedly.

Love this comment by this man that MKJ called out a week or so ago: “Canadian military tell their government that they will not be used against the truckers.

Canadian police now will have to do so.”

Canadian police should just stand down. They’re on our side most of them! I’m wondering whose side this person is on. Is this some kind of Freudian slip? Nothing like being happy for Canadians their army won’t be launched against them… hmmm.

Apparently I haven’t been looking closely enough at his comments.

Judge orders Ottawa police to return all gas taken from truckers. I love it! Just in: Watched a video from February 9th – police still taking gas cans in spite of being ordered not to.

There you go! Didn’t you know that was going to happen?! UK lifts all covid mandates and restrictions and Lassa fever begins to break out there. They own all the viruses, folks. They’re all sitting in their containment center in the southeast U.S. They’ve been developing them, testing them on animals and then testing them again in Africa. What do you think they were doing all that for? For now, that’s why.

Lassa fever is an acute hemorrhagic virus. A couple years ago, Ashtarr Sheran ruefully commented that, “You’d better hope they stick with covid because they have worse to unleash upon you.” Now we’re starting to see this. What’s more, there were a couple newspaper articles about the bubonic plague found in animals along the way.

And in news today, the 10th: police are taking the truckers’ firewood as well as their gasoline. A Calgary police officer spoke out differentiating between police action based on what is actually illegal and police action based on political will. The protesters are allowed to protest based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Which makes a point: Of course, they’re going to be in violation of what is our constitution.

Interesting episode of Michael Jaco’s show where the guest focuses on showing us how the demonic energies work to mess up our lives. I’ll link it in the description.

Olympians’ Human rights violations comments creating a stir in China.

Ontario government now freezes access to Trucker’s Givesendgo $8.6 million account. One of these days even the most brainwashed of us will realize that the government does not have our best interests at heart.

It also seems to be that Ottawa police are striking. Good for them if they are. Still have to confirm.

Some video’s coming out with footage of ANTIFA goons, pointing them out to the public.

I don’t believe that any of the rollbacks on the mandates, mask wearing, etc. that we’re seeing now is anything more than a manipulation attempt to get the truckers to stand down. They want to make it look to us as if the truckers are effective, but they have other plans. And the truckers are effective. What it will take, I believe, is their being blocked at every level, blocked, exposed and called out to the public at every level. I also believe that voting needs to be changed from once every 4 years until such time a majority complaint can be found to be passable in the courts. When this complaint becomes law, then these politicians will be kicked out of their jobs. We have to change the system! I believe incompetency or going against constitutional law should be debatable in court by the people, and that politicians can be found to be traitors to the people and the constitution and then released from their jobs and jailed.

Prince Charles tested positive for covid. Looks like he’ll be taken out.

Somebody needs to tell Trudeau: Nobody’s buying your lies anymore. They fall on deaf ears.

Yahoo news continuing to spout out the Agenda narrative: “The protest of commercial truckers swarming Canada’s capital in Ottawa shows how an issue can quickly be hijacked by extremist groups spouting themes of racism, hatred and violence.” This is part of their attempt to assign “domestic terrorist” labels to many normal citizens who are just awake and fed up of them, and they will begin arresting soon.

It will take a lot of time to completely stop them, if this even happens, and I believe earthlings will be embroiled in legal battles, strikes, walk-outs and protests until such time they overtake the system. That is the only solution for those on the lower timelines. For the rest of us, raising our vibration to a fifth dimensional level is one way of relieving ourselves of this mess. This is why there are two timelines that are splitting out: we are creating this timeline.

For those who know how to do this, continue to intentionally raise the frequency of the planet and those upon it. They use black magic on them, so we will change earth via our white magic, the energy of God.

Ashtar: You are indeed, Sharon. Many doubt that this is happening, but look at the doctors and nurses who are walking away from the corrupt system, look at the truckers who will not work under the mandates forced upon you now, look at the lawyers who are taking these criminals to court, look at the DUMBs that are being cleared out of riches, as well as freeing children and adults caught in their system and working as slaves. You are now seeing the beginning of two ways of life: their way and the way of the people. The people want all others to be free, so shall it be.

Will it take time? Yes. It is not an overnight job. It seems many people got this impression but remember the deep state works in impression management, also the people who relayed this information to others did not know what was to be done, and they did not know how it was to be done. Still many of you are not sure. It will be done when the people stand up, say no and begin to fight the Deep State by running for government office, by refusing to wear masks, by working despite the fact they are mandated to be vaccinated, and more. You see it happening now. This is the second timeline of freedom that will lead you to 5D. You are enforcing this timeline, as you are the creators of the events that will populate it. The timeline was already created – it was simply a case of your wanting to be on it.

And that is what has occurred and continues to occur.

The people are re-empowering themselves, and this power is love. The system is being re-created in a way that allows for true human intentions to finally be allowed to exist upon earth.

You will begin to know who you truly are.

It is wonderful.


**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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  1. alan

    Hello Divine Creators. We can be Creators of our experience or we can be Victims of our experience, what feels more powerful to you??