Ottawa Police Armed With Assault Rifles Close In On ‘Freedom Convoy’

On Friday morning, Ottawa Police Service began arresting “Freedom Convoy” protesters in the downtown district.

There are disturbing reports some officers wielded military-style weapons as they closed in on the three-week-long demonstration.

Twitter users report police officers (or maybe even special ops) outfitted in full combat gear with assault rifles equipped with silencers approached unarmed protesters.

One Twitter user reports “snipers are on the roof” of multiple buildings.

There are reports protesters are “holding the line” as police begin mass arrests.

Police were spotted in armored tactical trucks.

Even mounted police were called in.

Every American watching the events unfolding in Ottawa should be very afraid because Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has chosen to unleash what looks like the military on unarmed civilians who are only asking for their freedoms back after being taken away during COVID.

Keep in mind, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has condemned Trudeau for invoking the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau is now creating a political emergency.

* * *

Update (0943ET): AP News reports police have begun arresting protesters at the trucker demonstration in Ottawa’s downtown district.

CTV News Ottawa’s Graham Richardson says there’s a “beefed-up police presence.”

Images circulating on Twitter show police vans (commonly known as “paddy wagons”) have assembled as arrests are being reported.

The government doesn’t want the world to see what’s happening in downtown Ottawa.


7 Replies to “Ottawa Police Armed With Assault Rifles Close In On ‘Freedom Convoy’”

  1. world+peace

    If the Authorities were so convinced they are in the right why are all the videos removed from every platform?

  2. John

    Truckers are leading the way the wholw free world should start supporting them with their own truckers or whatever the time is now to stand up and demonstrate you are free, students firemen ambulance police delivery mum and her tot teachers people everywhere just stop what you are doing sit down and quietly demonstrate for an hour or as much time as you can afford this would cause quite the disruption as well as show solidarity long live freedom my brothers and sisters violence will always be a tool of the oppressors much love to all

  3. Wanderer


    Armed forces threatening peaceful citizens are committing an act of terrorism. Terror is what frightens people, what puts them in extreme fear. The word’s origin is Latin, meaning fright, fear, dread.
    Policemen who terrorize innocent people, women and children included, are guilty and shall be prosecuted!

    They will face punishment. At the end they will punish themselves, because the evil they emit will come back to them by universal law.

    “Just following orders” is no excuse. It never was, and it never will be. Under the Nuremberg Principles “Just following orders” is NOT considered a valid defense. Everyone is responsible of what he does, whether in uniform or not.

    The Canadian government has declared war on the Canadian people for exercising their constitutional rights. This is a crime. And it is a war crime.

    Anyone who serves a criminal becomes a criminal himself.

    Remember that!

  4. J

    Truckers should stop taking shipments for awhile!! See how they like that at the Parliament! No TP, no food for the chefs to cook etc etc. See how he likes that. Truckers run this whole country and World and you treat them like that over a peaceful protest over tyrants demanding we get needles stuck in our arms with something that is, as we all know “experimental” 5G must be screwing up everyones minds because the way I see it? The human race has lost its F’ing mind!! Atleast half of them anyways. Time to fight back with us quitting working for awhile, see how they like that!!. what? theyre going to arrest the whole country?? for not going to work, fire every person at each company? Doubt it…., more of us than there are of them. Hey if thats what it might take, do what we need to do. They better start thinking about what they are really doing. Us little ones as they see as “Slaves” still, can stop working anytime we want and take a little vacay. LOL Time for humanity to show them whos really Boss! Only one in charge of this planet is God. No one is in charge of any individuals, We are SOVEREIGN beings on a small planet in a vast Universe. They seem to forget that…And can someone tell me why these police and whomever the rest are, are obeying orders against these people just trying to get a point across?? Stop the Mandates, Stop the BS. Get another job. Geeez. they cant be proud of what theyre doing. unless theyre insane too. This makes me and so many others so damn angry we cant see straight!! Now we WILL do it here in the US too. Whether they like it or not. Trying to scare the truckers into not doing it here in the US…thats laughable….Its happening all over the World. 🙂 Go Truckers thank you and stand firm, and keep standing up for our rights. I dont know why they want to piss off the people who are the ones who pay them….Boggles my mind. Truckers We love you for what you are doing to help humanity. Thank you for reading. 🙂 Im speaking for many, so its a long comment.

  5. Just Turdeau

    I guess if the truckers said they were from antifa or blm and burnt a bunch of stuff down, Turdeau would be bending a knee to them instead of trampling them with horses.