A Power Day Comes In To Play

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, one of the most profound spiritual dynamics will occur for the world and for the USA in particular.

When a person, an organization, a business, or a country is born, there are planets residing in specific zodiac signs.

Pluto, the planet of dramatic transformations (sometimes via completely tearing-down old structures and concepts before regeneration occurs), has been in Tropical Capricorn (and Sidereal Sagittarius) since November 27, 2008, and it will move into Tropical Aquarius in 2024.

When planets return to the sign placements of a person’s or an organization’s or a business’s or a nation’s birth, this is known as its “return”.

On Tuesday, Pluto will reach 27 degrees of Tropical Capricorn—the exact sign and degree of the birth of the USA on July 4, 1776 when it declared its independence from England and that “all men are created equal” (which actually meant that all wealthy men of European descent were equal—not Women, not Native Americans, not Africans, etc.)

Thus, the USA will have its “Pluto Return”.

Everything that this nation has founded itself upon will be totally transformed—religion, political concepts, social structures, philosophies, economic programs, educational teachings that leave out other cultures, scientific notions, medical systems—everything that a so-called “civilization” is based upon.

This will also change the entire dynamic of Earth/Gaia’s other nations since most countries focus on what is occurring in the USA before they make certain moves.

All of this will change—not immediately—but the forces of change will arrive most likely with powerful solar wind streams, solar flares, and a magnetosphere that is pummeled with cosmic energy waves.

Several old sunspots have made their way around the Sun of our galaxy and are now again facing front, positioned for possible magnificent explosions.

February 22, 2022 is also considered as being a major numerical energy day.

However, it must be remembered that years are calculated based upon human conceptualizations.

Just because it is the year “2022” in the Gregorian sense (a change from the Julian calendar) does not also mean other cultures recognize the same numbering system, although they are aware of it.

In the Hebrew calendar, for example, we are not in the 2000s; we are in the 5000s!

The time frame of other planets is also different.

The entire space/time continuum is governed by SOURCE because no entity on any planet knows when SOURCE began creation.

However, having broached this issue of timing, Yeshua Ha Messian taught: “By your faith be it unto you.”

So, because collective consciousness all over the world respects the current year as being “2022” because the “Western World” said so, let us explore the Kabbalistic number of “22” because most people are seeing this number daily in various ways (on clocks, on sales receipts, on television commercials, on billboards, etc), and it is the primary component of February 22, 2022.

The number “20” is the letter KAF. Its message is: “There is a need for willpower and one-pointedness and the aim towards HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Therefore, our target must be to understand the LIGHT that is/and has been soaring into our planetary realm for many ages.

We must strengthen our resolve to remain connected to the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that is the ABSOLUTE—the ALL—the SUPREME CREATOR, regardless of the many names that “IT” has been given by various cultures and their languages.

The names are the aspects or the characteristics that the ALL comprises, and many of the names were Divinely revealed to ancient Prophets and Sages—both female and male.

The number “2” is the letter BEIT whose message is: “The entire cosmos, as well ourselves, is a dwelling place for the DIVINE.

Through our thoughts, words, and actions, we reach redemption of the planet and ourselves and connection to the DIVINE realms”.

We are to seek peace within ourselves first, and then send it out throughout the planet.

This is achieved via prayer and meditation—the most powerful of spiritual tools.” Thus, the number “22” holds the lesson of: “When we connect to the LIGHT, we begin the process of self and planetary redemption, and we continually receive knowledge and wisdom that is renewing and regenerating”.

For those who prefer to add all of the “2s” of the year “2022”, thus reaching the number “12” (the Pythagorean method) and then adding down further to the number “3”, this is the letter GIMEL in Kabbalah whose message is: “Correct work and diligence bring a reward, and this also includes having loving kindness for others.”

As can be gleaned, “2022” is a year of dramatic and major changes on all levels. February 22, 2022, opens a portal that will remain open until Pluto moves into Tropical Aquarius (as mentioned above) in 2024.

The COSMIC HOLY BOOK (the alignments of stars, planets, Suns, Moons—all other happenings in the vast cosmos that is also called the “Multiverse”), is a “multi-galactic” and “multi-universal” text that holds information of the past, the present, and revelations of the future.

According to individual and collective consciousness, the “book” unfolds.

So, the energies of the cosmos are potentials only.

If humanity chooses a HIGHER PATH when certain alignments seem to reveal dire situations, then circumstances of struggle can be dissolved.

If, however, the lower path of continual disharmony is allowed to remain, then consequences will occur because low vibrations are out-of-tune with SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Pluto is standing “at the ready” and will de-construct what is not good and will help to continue to build an Earth/Gaia of SOURCE LIGHT.

The question is: Who will be enveloped in the LIGHT and who will not?

The true “chosen” are those who have “chosen” the LIGHT.

Our Souls are repositories of energy.

A repository is a place where something is entrusted.

We are the “Tihar” (“Brilliance”) of SOURCE and have been given enormous powers. Will humanity still wander in wilderness?

The Habiru (“Hebrews”) wandering in the wilderness for 40 days is a metaphor for humanity being in spiritual confusion and thus in lower consciousness for so very long. YOD—the cosmic messenger of movement and change— has been among us for an untold time frame—it is the LIGHT of our creation and our becoming.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


7 Replies to “A Power Day Comes In To Play”

  1. John

    What a wondeful article thank you Dr Schavi M Ali. however on the above comments i say this I am british but i am of the opinion that The president of the United states president trump is the leader of the free world not just america, i belive he allowed Biden to win the election so as to show the world the reality of dark politics so it all had to come out into the open after all we enlightened souls really do know who is dark and who is light purely by their actions if trump had won as we know he did maybe much would have remained hidden or the masses would not have belived it as i see it now much is being revealed what with the present criisis in canada australia france and austria to name a few and of course ukraine all is coming to light god bless all freedom loving people worldwide much love to all

  2. Harriet

    The USA was created to lead the world out of the 3rd dimension. That is why it became a democratic Republic in the first place…. to represent freedom in all respects. Granted it wasn’t done all at once, nor perfectly, but it was a start that all nations can aspire to.
    The USA didn’t invent ascension, but much of what is written and spoken about it is directed here. When ascension gets a foothold here, the rest of the world will know it will become world wide and will be our future.

  3. Dan

    Typical of you Yanks. You think it’s all about your country, and your country alone, like you think huge changes are for the U.S.A. and only the U.S.A.
    Look around you. There are many more countries in this world these changes will effect, not just the U.S.A.!
    Oh, btw, G’day from Australia!

    1. Maria Eksteen

      That’s exactly what’s written in the text, Dan. And, whether we like it or not, the financial system worldwide is governed by the dollar. So, whatever happens in the US will have ripple effect around the world.

      1. John

        Actually its governed by the pound but we pretend its the doller the center of the monetary system is a square mile in london and by the way its a den of iniquity

  4. Mike Ohira

    The “Pluto Return” which will happen today on Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022 is the date for the birth of a new nation “the New Republic USA.” The USA Corporation that was formed as a Commonwealth of England in 1871 (a colony of England) went bankrupt around May, 2021 and actually does not exist any more.

    People, we are living in VERY EXCITING TIMES!! Trump should be making the announcement very soon. Everything will change dramatically!!